5G apocalypse – The extinction event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2Z_cSL24eo ‘these are military weapons, these are assault frequencies’

Short 17-minute video  https://www.brighteon.com/11d0f5e4-5cf3-463a-94b8-9efab49b15e6 on Radiation and children’s brains.

Malignant brain tumours have become the most common cancer amongst children 10-18.

The frequency being used in wifi devices, cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart meters, etc., is the same frequency used in microwave ovens (2.4 GHz or 2.4 gigahertz = 2.4 BILLION hertz) since it is the frequency that maximizes the absorption of radiation in the mammalian body.  This frequency has also been used by governments in the past to cause complete sterility in humans by the third generation of exposure.

For 60 Ghz frequency of G5, and what it does, SEE HERE.