The British folk-musician Alison Chabloz had earlier been put in jail for 48 hours, for a song of hers ( . I was at one of her trials, and heard Campaign Against Antisemitism manager  averring on oath how distressed he had been by hearing her song. Obviously I did not believe him, and  like most people attending the trial could not see what his alleged distress had to do with any concept of ‘crime.’

For a thousand years crime has meant unacceptable harm or loss – but, it has also applied to concepts of blasphemy. Is doubting the story of God’s Chosen People the modern equivalent of blasphemy? I liked her songs – well, I would do, obviously. We have concrete evidence of people enjoying her songs and none of people being upset by them. She was banned from singing her songs and from posting on social media, for a period of one year.

As a singer and songwriter of satirical songs, on the Forbidden Topic, Ms Chabloz might have sensed that she was heading for trouble; thus, one may appreciate the way she made the ‘quenelle’ sign when being chucked out of the Edinburgh Fringe festival (NB this is a ‘not the Nazi salute’ developed by a French humorist). Do we in England value our tradition of satire, or can it in this era of political correctness be  just allowed to die?

Her blog described the shocking way in which the police kept hounding her and how the CAA Campaign against antisemitism were endeavoring to destroy her career. She disabled comments from her site in order that she could not be accused of social interaction – as was prohibited over the one-year period specified by the court. Then, in a shock judgement, on 23rd of September, the judge at t Chesterfield Magistrates Court declared that merely posting on her own blog, was a crime and she got eight weeks. The National Probation Service apparently reckoned, that she should be jailed for blogging – even though the ‘Social media’ section on Wikipedia does not include plain websites.

Her personal website has been her sole source of income, via donations, as she as been banned from singing. They are basically trying to extinguish her being. Note comment by fellow-musician Gilad Atzmon. Banned from France