more sea ice than average in southern-most Arctic first week of August | polarbearscience

but NB ice coverage for the Arctic ice as a whole is marginally lower than it has been since 1979 for this time of year
Acclaimed Israeli astrophysicist suggests the Sun drives Earth’s climate, not CO2 (NB, this was going to be published in Forbes – until it was pulled at the last minute for dubious ‘editorial’ reasons). Quote: ““Global warming clearly is a problem, though not in the catastrophic terms of Al Gore’s movies or environmental alarmists,” said Shaviv. “Climate change has existed forever and is unlikely to go away. But CO2 emissions don’t play the major role. Periodic solar activity does.” (NB, He also has been an Einstein Fellow at The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton) … the Trump administration’s position on global climate change is correct insofar as it rejects the orthodoxy of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)….“Solar activity varies over time. A major variation is roughly eleven years or more, which clearly affects climate. This principle has been generally known – but in 2008 I was able to quantify it by using sea level data.  When the sun is more active, there is a rise in sea level here on earth. Higher temperature makes water expand.  When the sun is less active, temperature goes down and the sea level falls – the correlation is as clear as day…We know that there have been very large variations of climate in the past that have little to do with the burning of fossil fuels. A thousand years ago the earth was as warm as it is today. During the Little Ice Age three hundred years ago the River Thames froze more often. In the first and second IPCC reports these events were mentioned.  In 2001 they disappeared. Suddenly no mention of natural warming, no Little Ice Age. The climate of the last millennium was presented as basically fixed until the twentieth century. 
And unfortunately the cold times are returning, in line with historically low solar activity.

Glacier still growing. 


 A Dr Willie Soon confirms Peter Taylor’s concerns about climate models; the sun drives climate (three thousand comments)