by Patrick Griffin   August 6th

“But the lack of any real evidence like maybe even one drop of blood, a gurney, an ambulance something/anything is more than made up by relentless punditry on CNN about ‘white supremacy’ or ‘nationalism’ hour after hour of people railing about the evils of this ideology” – Patrick G.

“As with other staged events, cell phone videos show people running and being directed to exit the scene, but no evidence of any real gunshot violence, except for a few red-splattered victims. Although Walmart was filled with security cameras, store footage has not been released to the public.” – Jim Fetzer‘s blog

“I have gotten a bit jaded about all these mass shootings in America, I mean about the issue are the ‘real’ or not?   It seems beyond doubt that most if not all of the events of 2017-18 were bogus or at least the story told about them was false. I am thinking of Las Vegas (2017) Sutherland Springs (2017) and Parkland (2018) as being three major ones with so many questions un-answered that the official story is unsustainable in any sense. There were also two smaller events involving synagogue shootings Pittsburgh in 2018 and Poway this year and though they were smaller they loom large in terms of the agenda. There is always the question if there were any deaths at all or were there actual deaths but then a false story is built around that. Personally I tend to favor the ‘hoax’ idea usually rather than the ‘false flag’ meaning my judgement in these two events and several others were more than likely had no deaths but is some ways that can be a detail that may not be that important. What I mean is it is possible to get into debates about whether there were real deaths or not but what I think is more important is these events are constructed to advance a certain agenda and that is what needs to be focused on and whether they involved actual deaths is somewhat of an ancillary matter.

In any case I was sort of jolted out of my boredom about this issue by the fact we had TWO mass shootings in less than 24 hours. Did this really happen or is this some kind of ramping up of the psy-ops, are our controllers feeling that these events are losing their power so the dose has to be doubled to achieve a big effect? Well if that is what they are after it seems to be working, CNN all day yesterday had wall-to-wall coverage of El Paso and Dayton. It seems all regular programming was put on hold, Farid Zakaria had to wait while we are shown endless loops of the same repetitive coverage of these two events. And as usual there is very little actual ‘news’ in El Paso we see endless shots of the Wall Mart store where the shooting is said to have happened from the OUTSIDE. It’s constantly in the background and we can imagine all kinds of things and we are TOLD all kinds of stories about what transpired inside that building but we SEE nothing. We are told one policeman got sick from the overpowering smell of blood it all blurs and begins to sound a bit like ‘holocaust stories’ lots and lots of stories but next to no evidence.

But the lack of any real evidence like maybe even one drop of blood, a gurney, an ambulance something/anything is more than made up by relentless punditry on CNN about ‘white supremacy’ or ‘nationalism’ hour after hour of people railing about the evils of this ideology. And the feeling grows is all this just an excuse to push white people into more of a corner, to disallow any real concern about mass immigration. We have the Jewish moderator Jake Tapper (real name Jacob Tapperstein) egging on the more than willing politicians and pundits who all sing from the same song sheet. So it is clear now that ‘white supremacy’ is the new terrorism. We have had our years of the ‘Arab terrorism’ all the false flags and hoaxes, Paris (twice) Brussels, Nice, Munich, Berlin, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena and many more. Pretty much all them themed and anchored by the story of Muslim terrorism. Is that series over? Are we into a new Netflix season now? A new season with the constant promotion of the evils of ‘white terrorism’? It seems so…………the Big Kahuna here is Christchurch (the name not an accident!) but we also have had Charlottesville, and Charleston earlier and let’s not forget the two synagogue shootings. The one in Pittsburgh was explicitly done by a white nationalism with fears of immigration. The one in Poway was again done by a white hater who wrote a manifesto. A manifesto that showed him to be Jew-aware well beyond what is possible for a young man growing up in this culture. The NZ shooter also had a manifesto so now we see the whole script kind of coalescing into young white haters with manifestos who hate minorities of all sorts which of course also includes Jews. This is the new hate figure the one we are being trained to hate and fear. The funny thing is is one reads any of these manifestos they make a lot of sense but all the ‘sense’ they have is being demonized and made totally unacceptable in polite society.

Below is a sampling of some of the ‘wisdom’ of the pundits and politicians on what is going on

Speaking in his hometown of El Paso, the former Texas congressman recounted the president’s hateful rhetoric toward immigrants. “The only modern Western democracy that I can think of that said anything close to this is the Third Reich, Nazi Germany,” O’Rourke said.

The editorial board of another conservative outlet, National Review, argued that the El Paso shooting showed the need for America to root out white supremacy.

“In America, as abroad, we see our fair share of inexplicable violence,” the board wrote. “But the patterns on display over the last few years have revealed that we are contending here not with another ‘lone wolf,’ but with the fruit of a murderous and resurgent ideology — white supremacy — that deserves to be treated by the authorities in the same manner as has been the threat posed by militant Islam.”

The Democratic chairman of the House judiciary committee, Jerry Nadler, compared Trump’s response to the shootings to Nazi Germany:

So I can only conclude that we are now into this new ‘series’…………..as to how long it lasts or what it achieves or what the ultimate goals are only time will tell I suppose. The other agenda which is related if of course ‘gun control’ especially in the American context. Was it that they needed TWO events to encapsulate these TWO agendas. Maybe any one event could not really contain both agendas so to really push it home they had to have separate events but very close together. And viola! that is what we got this weekend. So now any way you turn you will be faced with the need for gun control and the realization of how bad and ‘hateful’ white supremacy is! And to keep it simple it seems that of the three branches of the Abrahamic religion both the Muslim one and the White Christian one are capable of ‘hate’ and terrorism with no bounds. Jews on the other hand are just innocent victims, both of these hate groups specifically attack Jews as they white haters did in Pittsburgh and Poway ‘synagogue shootings’

I can only conclude this is a massive psy-op we are in the middle of another Jewish maelstrom of deception and disinformation. They control the media and we will have to listen to this nonsense for quite a while yet……………….maybe until they have disarmed all of American and it will be illegal and punishable by death to make any hostile gesture towards Jews and Israel and that included opening your mouth to criticize them. So I do this while I still can.”


More comments from Jim Fetzer’s website: “Finally, as with other staged shootings, the participants amble around casually, with no sense of urgency or fear… A drill or “training exercise” for a “mass killing” had just been held at the Del Sol Medical Center, which is allegedly treating 11 of the “injured.” Witnesses are not credible, and actors were involved. Blood donations were solicited, and pizza was served. Funeral homes have offered their services free of charge. Some Go Fund Me accounts were set up for the “victims” before the “massacre” actually occurred, and news reports were written up days before the event. “

To sum it all up: “As the evidence suggests, this was a drill gone live, with multiple gunmen shooting blanks and Crusius playing the patsy. Contrary to Mike Adams’s assertion, there is no indication that anyone actually died at the Walmart in El Paso. This alleged shooting looks like a piece of (poorly) staged theater, calculated to push the gun control agenda, bolster illegal immigration and enhance the rights of “undocumented citizens,” reflect poorly on Trump, give the Democrats a boost for 2020, and further terrorize the US citizenry with another freakish psyop”

 – the usual stuff! But people still fall for it. 


The second closely-synchronized event, in Dayton, Ohio. Jim’s blog again: “As with other staged mass-casualty incidents, we have fabricated accounts about the suspect as well as unbelievable witnesses, officials, and relatives, who behave inappropriately for a tragic event. We have a massive exercise and drill program scheduled to take place in Ohio during the week of August 5-8, with the Dayton drills occurring on August 6-7. We have stories about the “shooting” written before it happened. And we have SHOES – lots and lots of shoes, which show, I don’t know – that this was another psyop?”  (picture of a big pile of shoes – well they work in the Holohoax museums, why not try ’em here?)


Further comment by Patrick: “In the US it’s what I call ‘terror by press release’ you are simply TOLD what happened you SEE nothing so there is nothing to criticize. It’s quite a clever way of doing it and really makes it impossible to critique… The other problem is there is so little on youtube now of a skeptical nature you have to dig around quite a bit.”

Don’t miss interview with Uncle Jim: the ‘gunman’ was a satanist and Antifa guy who hated Trump.


 Here is video of the Del Sol Medical Center: at around the 3:00 minute mark the guy says clearly they had massive drills for this event. PG comment: “On Sunday on CNN this same guy was talking with Dr Flaherty who is in the beginning of this video… and they talked quite a bit about the drills they had and how ‘helpful’ they were but how at the same time the ‘actual’ event was very challenging. I cannot find that interview anywhere I only saw it on CNN on Sunday but here we have the director of the Medical Center explicitly saying they had drills. “

Here is the doctor (Flaherty) who again says they trained specifically for this kind of event. at 0:30 seconds mark 

 Here at around  the 1:58  mark we have the doctor again contrasting the ‘drill’ with the ‘real’ event.