Not even two decades ago, an American war still needed elaborately concocted justifications, but now, any throw away lie will do, for hardly anyone is paying attention. – Linh Dinh 

Japan’s prime minister Abe Shinzo came to Tehran for ‘extensive and friendly’ talks, and on June 13th he sat down with  Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.  

Synchronously, two “Japan-related” oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman were struck, and maybe one was torpedoed.

Iran was able to rescue the sailors from both tankers.

Iran’s Foreign minister Javad Zarif tweeted, “Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what likely transpired this morning.”

A month earlier there was a story of four tankers being struck off the coast of the UAE, with the US blaming Iran but providing no evidence.

The next day, the Japanese company that owns the ‘Kokuka Courageous’ tanker stated that its crew spotted “flying objects” before the attack in the Gulf of Oman, contradicting US claims that the vessel was damaged by a naval mine. The giant vessel was hit twice, first near the engine room and then on its starboard side. 

The tanker was carrying petroleum products to Singapore and Thailand when it was attacked while sailing through the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. All 21 crew members abandoned the ship and were reportedly rescued by an Iranian vessel.

Another tanker, the Norwegian-owned ‘Front Altair,’ also suffered some damage while passing through the Gulf of Oman at around the same time. There have been reports of a torpedo attack on the vessel, but it is not yet clear from the firm’s statement whether it was attacked.

It is quite rare for a Japanese Prime minister to visit Tehran.

Oil prices surged by 4% in response.

This is a very brazen attempt to sabotage diplomacy.

For videos of the burning tankers see here.

For a sensible comment we turn to Craig Murray: 

I really cannot begin to fathom how stupid you would have to be to believe that Iran would attack a Japanese oil tanker at the very moment that the Japanese Prime Minister was sitting down to friendly, US-disapproved talks in Tehran on economic cooperation that can help Iran survive the effects of US economic sanctions.

The Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous was holed above the water line. That rules out a torpedo attack, which is the explanation being touted by the neo-cons.

The second vessel, the Front Altair, is Norwegian owned and 50% Russian crewed (the others being Filipinos). It is owned by Frontline, a massive tanker leasing company that also has a specific record of being helpful to Iran in continuing to ship oil despite sanctions.

It was Iran that rescued the crews and helped bring the damaged vessels under control.

That Iran would target a Japanese ship and a friendly Russian crewed ship is a ludicrous allegation. They are however very much the targets that the USA allies in the region – the Saudis, their Gulf Cooperation Council colleagues, and Israel – would target for a false flag. It is worth noting that John Bolton was meeting with United Arab Emirates ministers two weeks ago – both ships had just left the UAE.

But, for a different take, see Moon of Alabama

On Friday 14th Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at a summit in Kyrgyzstan and reaffirmed Beijing’s willingness to develop ties with the country; telling TASS news agency that Washington is putting “extreme pressure” on Iran and the “situation is worrying.”  

Standing together, Friday 14th: Presidents Putin, Xi Jinping and Hassan Rouhani.

The USA released a video of alleged Iranians coming back to the scene of the crime to retrieve a bomb that didn’t go off! That has to be a totally staged event.

EVEN the New York Times is not believing the US govt’s story: 

Mr. Pompeo did not present any evidence to back up the assessment of Iran’s involvement. The assertion is certain to further fuel tensions between the Trump administration and Iranian leaders…  Given the widespread criticism over the Iraq War and presentation of faulty intelligence that led to it, the Trump administration faces great pressure from Congress, the American public and foreign allies to lay out explicitly any evidence of threatening actions by Iran.


He was responding to a statement by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), that it was “almost certain” that “a branch of the Iranian military… attacked the two tankers on 13 June.”

The Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ridiculed Corbyn’s comment as “pathetic and predictable”: “From Salisbury to the Middle East, why can he never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests?” It goes without saying that ‘British interests’ here means, trying to start another war.

EU and UN experts support Corbyn, however. RT: “UK ministers including the foreign secretary have been quick to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn’s call for caution over blaming Iran for two attacks on Gulf tankers last week. The problem is the EU supports the Labour leader’s stance…Painted as some kind of extremist by the UK government, Corbyn has found solidarity from EU nations and the UN secretary-general on this highly contentious issue. Ironically, Britain has been left isolated in their full backing of the US narrative, one that explicitly blames Iran for the events in the Gulf of Oman… Nathalie Tocci, a senior adviser to the European foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, saidBefore we blame someone, we need credible evidence….Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an independent investigation. He told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York on Friday: “It’s very important to know the truth (and) that responsibilities are clarified. Obviously that can only be done if there is an independent entity that verifies those facts.”

Let’s hear blogger comments on this: “Corbyn was right when he called the Government out on the Salisbury incident as they’ve still not provided one shred of credible evidence to support their narrative, and he was correct to do the same over Douma as that has since been proven to have been a false flag operation, so it’s my guess that he’s got it right again.” (Brian Living) “He’s got it right again in my view. Usually JC getting a lot of negative coverage in the MSM can be interpreted as him being correct.” (Julius 31) “HA! you can’t get any more unpatriotic than this vassal shower of clowns we have in government at present. The whole world & his dog know it’s false news from the lunatic asylum in Washington” (Wil214)

Here is a defence of Corbyn: ‘Haven’t we learnt our lessons? We, in Britain, made a terrible mistake when we backed George W Bush over Iraq. I find it difficult to understand why we should be so determined to uncritically support Donald Trump as he embarks on his latest nightmarish experiment in the Gulf.’

Prediction of the False-Flag event

White House insider David Goldberg predicted that the Trump administration was planning a strike on Iran, which would be preceded by a false flag. According to Goldberg this would probably entail “something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz.” He was found dead a week before the incident: “White House insider who predicted Iran False Flag, David Goldberg found dead in his New York apartment” Other sensitive documents remain in his safe, mainly about two rabbis who kept visiting Trump’s office, claiming they could pull strings to get him re-elected.

Who did it? A conjecture

It has been suggested that “The criminal state of Israel attacked these tankers using “popeye” class submarine launched cruise missiles fired from their German “donated” Dolphin class submarines….”