Joe Rogan interviews Alex Jones, and, get this: it went up on 27 February – yesterday, and it has been viewed 3,079,576 times.

                      Yep, that’s THREE MILLION TIMES in one day.

                  – not to mention getting 42,798 COMMENTS in one day……

They kick off with Sandy Hook:

Alex Jones: ‘I believe [the] mass shooting happened’

 – Nope. No blood anywhere, no bullet marks, no pics of any dead bodies.

                 *** It was just a drill ***.

Actually – no dead kids, but I admit, that is the heavy number.

‘You believe Sandy Hooke happened? AJ: ‘Absolutely.’

He has suffered a lot of pain so I’m not judging him: ‘I have been branded as the Sandy Hooke guy’ and he adds:

‘People don’t know who Adam Lanza is, the guy who killed those kids’ 

Adam Lanza was a mockup, a photoshopped ‘living nightmare’ character. He DID NOT HAVE real identity.

The philosopher discerns the difference between what is real and what is illusory. Most people cannot do that.

For my comments, see:

Uncle Jim is presently in a lawsuit with Leonard Pozner, who claims his son died at Sandy Hook. Jim claims that no such kid existed ….

I’ve got a chapter in this book ‘The 20 Children and their Homes’ which looks at the families. A whole lot of them had their mortgages in Newtown (where it happened) paid off on the same day, just prior to the event. I’ve got one more section in the book, ‘Analogies with the London Bombings’, see below.

Sandy Hook: analogies with the London Bombings