Kees van der Pijl was the head of the Department of International Relations at Sussex University, until 2012. He  tweeted on Saturday, “Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in U.S. govt.”  

His tweet put in a link to This link now seems to be deleted… ?

Here is the Breitbart report:

In the past, he has claimed that the suggestion that there is anti-Semitism in the UK’s Labour Party was invented by Israel. He also said an Assad regime chemical weapons attack in Syria was a “false flag” staged by the U.S. and NATO. 

Also he has written a book about the Mh-17 hoax  . The English version will be out shortly, “The Launch: Flight MH17, Ukraine and New Cold War”. A Dutch view here will be most valuable.

Jews are calling for his emeritus professor status to be removed, calling his tweet ‘hatemongering.’ To this he replied: ““After my remark on Zionist responsibility for 9/11, the ‘Israel lobby’ is no longer an empty term for me. Yet we have to put an end to the murderous ‘War on Terror’ ((c) Netanyahu 1986) that now has Iran in its sights.” He thereby pointed out that the term ‘War on Terror’ was invented by Netanyahu.

Robert David Steel has written an open letter to the President of Sussex University, which concluded:

“Kees van der Pijl your professor emeritus, is absolutely correct in his assertions with  respect to 9/11 and the role of the Zionists… You are being pressured by a group that labels any criticism of it to be hate.  This is not so. They are culpable for the genocide of the Palestinians and many atrocities world wide including the USS Liberty and 9/11… I humbly and respectfully urge you to be on the right side of history and not be intimidated by people who are accustomed to smash people such as you with lies, innuendo, public pressure, and the standard Zionist hate and victim cards.”

Hear, hear!