‘Deadliest Attack on Jewish Community in U.S. History’: Jewish Leaders Lament Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting.  ‘It is unfathomable that in the United States of America, Jews or any one else should have to live in fear of being targeted simply because of who they are and where they choose to worship,’ says World Jewish Congress president.

‘No bodies. No injuries. No ambulances. No stretchers. No blood. No video of a single victim. No interviews with congregants or rabbis present. No photos of a single piece of real evidence. Nothing whatsoever has been presented that proves the synagogue massacre even happened.’

  • – State of the Nation But there was this photo quite conveniently taken of a SWAT team member conspicuously carrying ‘the AR-15 assault rifle’ that was allegedly used in the mass shooting.’ – ie. the SWAT team was complicit.

    The FBI held an ‘active shooter drill’ in Pittsburg only 0.6 mile down the road nine months earlier from this Tree of Life synagogue –


“We have yet to see any evidence that the Synagogue shooting was a real event, there are no pictures of wounded, or medical teams rushing to the scene, much you would expect to see at a shooting event such as this is missing. Now we have this ‘coincidence’ of a shooter drill being held in the same place, which may be a strong indicator that the shooting event was yet another false flag.

both the drill and the shooting event centred around the local Jewish community, with the drill having been held at a Jewish community centre just over half a mile from the synagogue where the shooting allegedly took place.”

Here is a recording by police near the synagogue, while it happened. “in the audio the police kept referring to the shooter or suspect as ‘actor’ and the crime scene as ‘stage’ throughout the audio. “

Comment by Robert David Steel on 28th: “SHOW ME THE BODIES.  No bodies?  Day 2: still no bodies. In all probability the Chabad Jews did this to their own.  This is a false flag attack intended to disrupt the elections and arouse sympathy for the subversive Zionists. Fake synagogue, drills were held there from January of this year, no bodies, this  also seems to be a complete fiction.

ROBERT STEELE:  “Yes, there are a few crazies that might do this all on their own but no, they would not succeed at killing eight people (now claimed to be up to eleven) unless the people being shot are all morons and stand still. I believe this was a programmed event — a mind-control event — and it will be used to justify draconian censorship across #GoogleGestapo. …“Everyone knows” that mind-control is a COG / secret protected activity, legalized lying is explicitly condoned by Congress, and no one is willing to tell the President the truth or help the President get to the bottom of what has become a very sad spectacle of SCHEDULED mass casualties.  We even have  a procurement program to provide vehicles with “Mass Casualties” written on the side, clearly someone is planning for many more such events.

“No bodies will be shown.  There will be a burial spectacular worthy of Nero, with all the brain-dead pundits assuming a somber tone.

MILES MATHIS: “My readers are already intuiting this was a fake, and of course they are correct. It couldn’t be much more obvious, though I am sure it will get even more obvious as more information is released. We have seen that some in Government and the Jewish communities love nothing better than pretending to attack themselves. It has proved to be a fantastic way to generate sympathy. 

Some will say, “Why would you just assume this one is fake, without even studying it in full?” A better question for them is “why wouldn’t I?” I have proven that every previous similar story was a fake, so the chances this one is real are vanishing.

And here again, we have the bald numerology, with aces and eights all over the place. Eleven people were killed, and it was done during brit milah, which is circumcision done on 8-day-old boys. They make sure to tell you that in the reports, in case you don’t know it. We are even told the seating capacity of the synagogue’s main sanctuary, although I don’t know what that has to do with anything. Is that crucial information here? We are told the number because it is 1250, which adds to. . . eight.  The suspect Bowers is sure to talk a lot about his Glock 33. Bowers posted a webpage 17 days before the event. . . 1+7=8. Although he has been posting threatening comments about Jews for weeks—including pictures of his guns—supposedly law enforcement including FBI had never heard of him. 

At USA Today, I see they are already having a candlelight vigil. Didn’t this just happen a few hours ago? How can you organize a candlelight vigil so fast? Besides, there will be no real burials, since they have no real bodies. So they might as well run the candlelight vigil on the same day. It is just lucky they didn’t mix up their dates and run the candlelight vigil yesterday. 

Although we see footage of hundreds of SWAT team members who look like they are outfitted for war, somehow no one managed to shoot this guy? Was he wearing Ironman armor, or what? We are told Bowers was taken into custody within 20 minutes of the 911 call. That is blisteringly fast, especially since we are told he barricaded himself inside. Well, if he was taken into custody so fast, why were the streets of Pittsburgh brimming with SWAT teams and paramilitary? It couldn’t have been to create massive fear, could it? Why were schools shut down and people told to stay indoors? Because of one guy who was taken into custody within 20 minutes? It couldn’t have been to create massive fear, could it. I am just surprised they didn’t lock down the entire country.

We are told Bowers was posting on Gab five minutes before he went on this rampage. Does that sound believable? If you were going to shoot up a synagogue, would you go online five minutes before and post your thoughts? I am just surprised he didn’t send out Tweets every five minutes to keep us updated on his progress.

Trump said some very strange things today in response to this fake shooting. He said the guy should get the death penalty. Isn’t it a little early for that? Shouldn’t we try him first? No? Just lead him straight to the electric chair, eh? Trump also said this could have been prevented if the synagogue had armed guards. Really? Four armed policemen were allegedly wounded and Bowers wasn’t killed, but an old guy with a Colt sitting at the back of the synagogue could have prevented this? I am just surprised Trump didn’t suggest body scanners at the doors of all churches and synagogues, but maybe that is tomorrow’s script. You know it is coming to that. T

USAToday is admitting that active shooter drills had just occurred in Pittsburgh at the Jewish Community Center and nearby schools. These Jewish community drills had been occurring at least back to January of this year, with some of them nearer the current event site. That is the usual red flag. They are like dress rehearsals for the hoax. This is why reporters in Pittsburgh at first thought the synagogue shooting was a drill. 

The victims list, all 11 are between 56 and 97 years old. The average age is 74. Of course this indicates they borrowed the names from other recently deceased lists. These people—if they exist—probably died of other causes in the past few days. I say that because the odds of 11 victims having an average age of 74 are very low. ..Why would Bowers target only the elderly? If you were angry at Jews, would you target a 97-year-old lady? No, she is going to be dead soon anyway, so why waste a bullet? Bowers also allegedly targeted an ancient married couple, 84 and 86; an 88-year-old man named Melvin Wax; a 75-year-old woman; and a 71-year-old man.”


If … Robert Bowers was willing to throw away his own life with an attack, why would he target seniors at an inter-faith religious facility? .. Aside from a vigil- at two days in, there’s not much to see on the Pittsburgh synagogue “shooting” at all. Hours of live news coverage from the scene only showed police and medical staff milling and shuttling around,..the gunman was reportedly disarmed and cuffed at 11:13 a.m. local time. This was nearly 80 minutes after the incident began at 9:54 a.m., which was before the doors of the synagogue even opened at 10 a.m. There were 40 to 50 people estimated to be inside the building…

Victims were apparently declared dead at the scene, although this is not standard protocol. Victims are normally quickly transported to a hospital. The bodies of the dead were apparently identified and left where they fell – although we hear that “a Jewish volunteer group from New York will soon go through the task of collecting all the blood and bodily fluids from the 11 victims “left inside” the synagogue.

Social media site Gab — where the Bowers is said to have posted comments — had its Paypal account yanked within hours of the event. The reasoning given was that Gab allowed “hate speech” and was unable to detect pre-crime intentions. Also within hours of the event, Gab’s hosting provider pulled its service, which removed the site from the Internet. The pre-crime narrative is definitely being pushed hard again with this one, as well as last week’s “bombs in the mail” story.

Meanwhile, in Gaza: Israeli Forces on Friday Killed 4 Palestinian Protesters, Wounded 232 in Air Strikes, Sniper Fire



Patrick alludes to the events of the previous week, when Democrats were sending fake bombs to each other in the mail and  trying to blame it on Trump:

This particular hoax seems more buttoned down than almost any I have ever seen. I hate to just keep repeating myself but we have been shown NOTHING, this is terrorism by press release. So how can NO evidence be refuted…………..it can’t but it is beyond mighty suspicious if this was in any way a real event that they present it in such a way that it is unnameable to any critique…but that is what we are dealing with here. So we can just have our suspicions actually  a lot more than suspicions based on knowledge and experience of years of false flags and hoaxes this seems to be reaching some kind of end point. They feel no need to put forward any evidence we are supposed to just accept it on their say so. I thought that Orlando 2016 was like that but they actually did try to show something and it was so absurd and easy to see through I really think this is now the new type of ‘terror event’, no evidence at all so what can possibly be seen through.

For people trying to look grief-stricken, see:


Last week we had 2 episodes the first one about the bombs in  the mail. This was a also a very hokey story no bombs even went off, I wrote this at the time


Is it just me………….or is there something very strange about this latest ‘pipe bomb’ story in America. Some people have pointed out problems with the story, no postmarks on the packages we have seen, what’s a timing device doing on a mail bomb that should be triggered by being opened? plus the fact that nothing actually exploded………..in what sense were they bombs at all? There are other things…the fake ISIS flag on some of the packages that is actually a parody of the ISIS flag but is a joke being made here on us the packages themselves contain on them a ‘false flag’ and not just any false flag but of the iconic ‘terror’ group ISIS. ISIS who itself in basically a ‘false flag’ and was what was blamed on the numerous actual false flags in the UK and Europe in 2016-17. Is a smart little inside joke being played on all of us here and also a kind of joke that pre-empts people calling this operation a ‘false flag’ in that this false flag meme is already built into the story. I suspect this story is both a false flag and a hoax, false flag in that it attempts to blame the Right on the eve of the midterm elections a hoax in that there is nothing there. Finally the culprit’s name we are told is Cesar Sayoc…………..that’s right say his last name quickly and it might as well be ‘Psyop’. So there you have it a ‘psy-op’ using the false flag meme to thoroughly confuse the public and continue to pump chaos into the American political scene.

The patsy in the synagogue event is very clearly being targeted and identified as a TYPE. The type that ‘spews hate online’ who parrots ‘anti semitic’ memes and again this kind of thing is becoming more common as more people wake up to the deceptions they are subject to everyday. The regular news even talked about ‘white genocide’ but of course not in any way as a real thing just the ravings of a person like Bowers who has now gone out and proved what a madman he is by shooting up a synagogue. Ergo ANYONE who talks about ‘white genocide’ for example just like the wacky homeless guy is ALSO potentially very dangerous. So in one week we have 2 demographics being targeted and identified as dangerous types of people who need somehow to be rolled up and controlled in I dunno FEMA camps or whatever.


So I think this is a very thought out ‘psy op’ with multiple agendas all being served. Aside from what I mention of course there is the ubiquitous talk about the danger of guns and also let’s not forget this is what is America is called an ‘October Surprise’ so called since their major elections are always in early November an October surprise is something that is brought forward just before the election with an attempt to influence them. Both of these events are of course that but they are also much more as I have tried to show.

For people trying to look grief-stricken, see: