Hardly anyone reads this site now, as Google has 100% insulated it from search engines. Well I should be grateful that it is still up. I want to add here anything going on in the realm of 9/11 truth.

My new book trying to emerge is ‘Who did 9/11?’ – with the wonderful cover designed by Simon & Jo

Phew, well I hope my text lives up to that! In a way it’s just a collection of essays but I’ve tried to update them. Let’s face it there has been nothing much published in the UK since the two books by Ian Henshall – on nice glossy pages that I can’t possibly afford – and those were years ago.

In no particular order:

  1. A  majority of US citizens no longer believe the Government’s 9/11 story: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/50902.htm

  2. The one important group still going is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (‘A&E’). Its membership has of late climbed above three thousand. These are professionally qualified people! It deserves our TOTAL support. (Obviously they are committed to the view that thermite brought the Towers down, which some of us tend to find a bit credulity-straining) It has 3,020 architects and 22,185 public as members.

3. A&E wrote an important letter to the Tehran government. Its ‘Plaisto’ building in Tehran came down in January 2017, ostensibly by fire but it was pretty obvious that explosives were used. https://www.ae911truth.org/plasco-building-collapse-in-Tehran . The point is, it had molten metal glowing in the debris a week after! No ordinary fire can do this. Reminder: white-hot glowing metal was seen at Ground Zero for a hundred days after 9/11. Alas the Iranian government just wanted to hush this up, as it doesn’t like the idea that some foreign power could do this in its capital city.


‘U.S. Attorney Takes First Step toward Prosecuting Explosive Destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11 – Lawyers’ Committee Announces Receipt of Letter from U.S. Attorney’.

Here is the lawyer (((Geoffrey Berman))) who is working on the case:  https://law.stanford.edu/stanford-lawyer/articles/geoffrey-berman-at-the-helm-of-the-u-s-attorneys-office-southern-district-of-n-y/ Seems a decent chap ….

On 10th April 2018, attorneys from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, together with more than a dozen family members of 9/11 victims, filed a petition with the interim U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey S. Berman, demanding that he present evidence of unprosecuted federal crimes at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, to a special grand jury.

I’ll report on this as it unfolds. Back in April, the Lawyers submitted a 50 page petition. Attorney Mick Harrison, Litigation Director, stated: “The failure of our government to diligently investigate this disturbing evidence has contributed to the erosion of trust in our institutions. The Lawyers’ Committee felt it was our duty as public citizens to submit this evidence to the U.S. Attorney for submission to the Special Grand Jury.”

4. Robert David Steel submitted a collection of short statements (one from me) to the US President. 

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Of the news from the Lawyers he wrote, to all contributors to the monograph (I’m sure he won’t mind me quoting it here):

We cannot claim credit for this utterly marvelous piece of news from A&E, but I earnestly believe that the volume that we put together, that has been downloaded and read online by hundreds of thousands — and that was of course delivered to the White House and to Donald Trump Jr. among others — could have played a small role.  Of course A&E and Judicial Watch and others have been supporting this specific course of action.

BRAVO!  I am very proud of the collection we put together, it is unique, and I believe that with time we will come to be seen as a group that helped put our President — who I suspect is very much a part of this decision by the normally arrogant and recalcitrant US Attorney for the Southern District, into play.

God Bless you all and God Bless our country, may we rid it of traitors and enemy agents forevermore.

Here is a statement by the ever-optimistic R.D.Steel on Amazon about this monograph:

On 15 February 2016, speaking to a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Bluffton, South Caroline, he [Trump] promised that he would find out — and inform the American public — “who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

As all engaged and informed citizens now know, the 9/11 Commission was a controlled cover-up at the same level of atrocity as 9/11 itself, and totally comparable to the Warren Commission controlled cover-up on the assassination of John F. Kennedy by Lyndon Baines Johnson, Allen Dulles, J. Edgard Hoover, and varied private sector participants as well as the government of Israel, which sent two witnesses to Dallas.

This collection of 27 memoranda, most one page but a few two pages and one four pages, provide the President all he needs to know to do three big things when he gives his planned speech on 9/11 on 11 September 2018:

1. Direct the Attorney General, Jefferson Sessions, to direct the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey S. Berman, to act on the petition for a Grand Jury and criminal investigation into 9/11 as delivered on 10 April 2018 from the Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, a 54-page petition with 57 categories of evidence about 9/11 crimes.

2. Support and call on Congress to pass — prior to the November 2018 elections — the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act, to be completed and reported out to the President and the Public by 4 July 2019.

3. Utilize the information in this collection to inspire the expelling of the fake news media from the White House, the creation of a two-way truth channel engaging all 200 million US voters, the passage of #UNRIG Election Reform Act to give all #WalkAway voters a fair shake in a broader political system that terminates the two-party tyranny; and an end, for once and for all, of Deep State and Zionist control of the Shadow Government including the secret intelligence community that persists in advancing lies inciting assassination, defamation, and impeachment proceedings against the President.

Authors represented in this volume, each of whom created an original work of public intelligence, include, in alphabetical order:
Kevin Barrett; Scott Bennett; Christopher Bollyn; Fred Burks; Steve De’ak; A. K. Dewdney; Gordon Duff; Aero Engineer; Greg Felton; James Fetzer; Richard Gage; Tom-Scott Gordon; David Ray Griffin; Sander Hicks; T. Mark Hightower; Barbara Honegger; Eric Hufschmid; Ed Jewett; Nicholas Kollerstrom; John Lear; Susan Lindauer; Joe Olson; Peter Dale Scott; Robert David Steele; and indirectly, Victor Thorn and Judy Wood. Contact information for all authors is available to alternative and conventional media outlets desiring to do interviews.

The two most shocking memoranda reveal that the WTC was condemned by 1989 and all parties including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Mayor of New York City knew the buildings would have to be brought down at a cost of $2B — this provides the commercial insurance fraud motivation and the foundation for the planning of a political false flag operation years in advance; and that 9/11 was used to launder $240 billion dollars used from 1998 to 2001 for a Gold War against Russia — an economic covert war not authorized by Congress or declared to the public, in which Buzzy Krongard, John Brennan, and William Browder appear to have been the principal actors, under the direction of George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and George Tenet.