In 2005, Lisa French (LF) was having an affair with the married police-traffic officer David Rathband (DR) of Northumbria police. The 30 bus in Tavistock Square (see story here, of her on the 30 bus that blew up, then more recently here) she was kicked unconscious by the blast on the top deck of the bus, and was getting therapy. 

Then in 2011 she was obliged to play a starring role in the 7/7 Enquiry at the Royal Courts of Justice. She then told DR that she’d been told by MI5, that she had to say HH had a ‘barghaus bag’ that was a red color the same as hers. DR started to talk freely about this. so Special Branch contacted MI5, concerning how to get rid of him.

There as a big, strong doorman-bouncer and tree surgeon Raoul Moat (RM) who hated the police. He had earlier been stopped by DR for driving without insurance and DR took him to court. A year after than DR was in jail for an ‘extreme violence’ charge.  He was receiving psychotherapy treatment. 

RM was told that his partner was having an affair with DR. Upon release he obtained a shotgun and at once went round to his ex-partners house and through the window shot a male inside (Chris Brown). It was her boyfriend, not RD. 

He then phoned the police and was told DR was at the A1/A69 junction alone in his car. So RM went up to the car and shot DR in the face. He believed DR was dead. So the act was premeditated and he phoned the local police twelve minutes before doing it. He then went on the run for 6 days. He drove to Ashington police station and sat in the ASDA car park opposite looking for a policeman to shoot. Then he drove to Rothbury and hid. He lay there with gun pointed into his mouth but did not shoot himself. Police tasered him and the gun went off, he died.  

Two accomplices in car, protested they did not know – they got 20 yrs 40 yrs. they didn’t harm anyone. Bad lawyers? 

RM was getting psychiatric treatment in prison before he was released.

Rd was ‘depressed’ and is said to have hung himself in his garage.  A Paul Sainthouse (PS) attended a course where he met the wife of the PC who found DR, and told him he could not have tied the know himself. The police believe that he was hung by MI5. 

she had a husband, he had a wife.

wold she leave her husband younger than rathband to be with a blind man with face blown off, who was also married?

Sue Simms chief pc of northumbria also affair with Rathband (his book fantasy) –  suicide in garage? She was suspended.

As soon as RD died the story of his liason with LF appeared in the media.

Rathband had reputation as a bit of a womaniser. 

Lisa French lives in Cramlington where she grew up and won’t say a word to anyone. She told Richard D Hall when he phoned here, ‘Everything I said about David has been misrepresented.’

MORAL: MI5 should stop trying to do this MK-ultra-style mind-control. They’ve got blood on their hands here and a story that won’t go away.

Rich Planet comment upon the Lisa French story (2012):

Don’t know who she is? – do some research. French was probably the most important 7/7 bus bombing witnesses and was used to prop up the governments false version of events at the 7/7 inquest in January 2011. Her testimony at the sham inquest was vital, and in it she mentions seeing the “terrorist”. Previous to this in media interviews she had never mentioned seeing a terrorist, nor had any of the other bus passengers. Mainstream media first published details of the French/Rathband affair in November 2011.

the media story put out was:

The policeman shot and blinded by Raoul Moat has formed a close friendship with a survivor of the 7/7 terror attacks. Pc David Rathband, 43, has been photographed out with Lisa French days after splitting with his wife. Lisa French, 34, who was seriously injured in a blast on board a bus six years ago, was introduced to Pc Rathband at a charity event, the Sunday Mirror reported.

That’s incorrect they knew each other years earlier.

After he left his wife, averring she was separating from him, she she tweeted: Tweeted: ‘Slight inaccuracy in the tweet by @pcdavidrathband – He left us and refuses to come home.’ Just a day later Pc Rathband was pictured out with Lisa French near his home.

He he leaves his wife and pairs up with LF his long-time partner.

June 2010 a pre-inquest hearing, to rehearse for the Inquest. David Rathband would therefore have heard her story, and presumably sussed that she was being set up. MSM averred the two did not meet until August 2011 – a year after he had been blinded and disfigured.She was 35 he was 44. Richard Hall surmises Moat was a ‘Manchurian Candidate.’

The police know where Rathband was sitting in his car from their database.