December 6 – More California ‘wierd fires’ – trees still standing, unstoppable fires, houses collapse and distintegrate. MSM try to say its wind-driven. so why don’t the trees burn? Many fire-fighters are at work, but say the fires are ‘too hot.’ Houses burn from the inside out, metal seems to be burning eg drainpipe on the roof. LA and Ventura district – comparison with the Santa Rosa fires. ‘Entire apartment complexes’ burn down.

Down to the ground.

Four thousand acres burning, over fifty fire-engines … but the fires are just too hot to put out. Fires started ‘early in the morning’ when people were sleeping. We see pictures of many houses burning, wildlife around is OK. 

November, 2017: reports of blue laser beams, blue lights blue flashes around the fires:

Weird fires

Does this remind you of the 9/11 event at all?

The film Geostorm is due to be released on 20th October.

Weird fires 10 October Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS – ‘Truth Warriors.’  Witnesses Confirm California Fires Not Natural! Weather Weapons Used! 

On 9th October, wrote:

At 1 am last night 60 separate explosive fires like never before seen hit Sonoma and Napa Counties up to Mendocino County. Around 11:30 pm last night winds began to swirl out of nowhere. There was no weather event predicted or forecast. At 1 am over 60 fires combusted but there was no lightning, and no warning. Mass evacuations in the middle of the night took place. many running out of gas heading West to the coast, since north 101 at Santa Rosa and East to Napa were on fire. This is Geo TErrorism, as evidenced by Hurricanes Harvery, Irma and Maria and Nate and now fires from the sky in the middle of the night out of nowhere. Hurricane Harvey came at 1:30 am and was downgraded to tropical storm and then the dams were opened to “flush the toilet” Here in N. CA, it’s burn, baby burn…. Are these fires being used to fuel more weather storm creations to the West? as Denver is today being hit with a large snowstorm? (Link given has been deleted)

inTruthbyGrace:   ‘The entire building disappears. There’s absolutely nothing left … The melting-points of glass and steel are double those of house fires’ Everything’s gone but the trees .. very, very little debris .. where’s the stuff that was in these houses?     She comments on the ‘weird fires’ that are still burning, then quotes Dr Judy Wood on ‘weird fires’ on 9/11.

 60 GeoEngineered Fire Storms in Northern California Out of Nowhere

She tells how, in Sonoma County – ‘The aluminium wheels on cars melted and dripped down driveways like tiny rivers of mercury before hardening. A pile of bottles melded together into a tangle so contorted it looked like a Picasso. Plastic garbage bins were reduced to mere stains on the pavement.

‘Lisa layman, who has lived in Coffey Park for more than two decades and raised a son there, had trouble finding which patch of rubble had been her house. ‘We couldn’t even find the street’ she said, ‘I didn’t recognise anything. It all just looked like junk.’

Police arrived in the early hours of Monday morning, with loudspeakers barking orders for everyone to leave.

Comments by ‘aplanetruth’

‘– Here are some initial pics I took. Cars melted to the core, yet trees not affected. An entire block torched, yet forests and homes just feet away, untouched… comments all say the same what I saw. Blue flashes in the sky before the fires.   This is geoengineering Weather Warfare …flash fires out of nowhere in the middle of the night. In Houston all said the same thing, the “hurricane” was like no other they had ever seen before. .. Orange County is now on fire and comments are very similar. …. Out of nowhere, fires that came from no lightning and no storm, just intense winds around the event areas while others were left completely untouched.

Exhausted firefighters have been battling these storms for a month. September in California: ‘Looking on Google maps, we could see every fire almost lined up exactly, dot dot dot along the mountain ranges, all wind blowing the smoke directly into the population. … it looks like man-made fires, nature doesn’t like up fires next to each other for hundreds of miles, blowing all smoke directly into the population.

‘You are in Santa Rosa?? The explosions were unreal … I didn’t leave, I’m still in Rincon Valley, didn’t leave. There was no wind I was working in my driveway all day …. Went to sleep woke up to a phone call and I was in the middle of a circle of huge fires and a gale blowing ….

Wisdom Keeper commented: ‘I felt a strange frequency prior to the wind and fires. So did 2 of my friends. It was like a switch that would turn the winds on and off multiple times. This has happened twice before. Once when Hartbin Hot springs burned down and once last year with the winds just swirling out of nowhere. Then a strange energy went through my house as well. It felt like a portal of some sort. This was definitely intentional, and probably something like the HARPSs or directed CERNS.

The pace of the burn took firefighters by surprise: the fires torched 20,000 acres in about 12 hours Monday, which Cal Fire’s Cox called ‘a phenomenal rate of growth.’ More than eight million acres have burned in at least four states, raising questions ….

Does a forest fire, at 2 am, look like this? has posted vid ‘60 GeoEngineered Fire Storms in Northern California Out of Nowhere’ –

‘all of a sudden blue sparks came out of the sky .. no lightning … at one o’clock in the morning, 60 fires just hit everywhere…. Mass evacuations at 3-4-5 in the morning. … This is geoterrorism folks, disaster capitalism at its finest.’   ‘The power went out as the flames crept closer.’  ‘It was surreal’ said Chris Thomas, who had arrived at the resort on Sunday with is wife for a wine-tasting trip… ‘When I started loading stuff into the car it was a Hellstorm of smoke and ash. There were 30 to 40 mph winds, I couldn’t even breathe.’  APlaneTruth adds, ‘There was no storm before this happened.’

The multi-million dollar homes were burning ‘combusted’. ‘That’s the word people keep using, they ‘combusted.’’ Gas stations are empty as people’s cars lie on side of road…. Smoke is all the way down past San Francisco. ‘We got hurricanes, we got floods, we got fires, we got earthquakes.’… Just like Hurricane Harvey comes in at 1.30 in the morning.’

(Nb, that was August 17th: ‘Hurricane Harvey was an extremely destructive Atlantic hurricane which became the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005, Wiki) 

Aluminium nanoparticles, which have been sprayed for decades in chemtrails, may assist the spontaneous fires. Toasted cars, bent metal .. remind you of 9/11? Baffled experts are calling it ‘dry lightning’ that ignites these fires…. 

The craziest *** thing I ever seen. There’s a fire and its going straight up the middle of a tree..Its hollowed-out the tree.’  For climate and weather-modifying (HAARP, DEW etc) technology in the US see here.

Eddie, of WorldTruth.TV:

Some of the neighbourhoods were burned so thoroughly there was only 2 inches of ash left of the entire house! Why are the trees not burned up in most cases? A firefighter reported to one of the radio hosts on Scott Bennet’s radio show there are over 700 are missing over the California fires! He relayed how many were burned alive in their homes or were burned trying to drive out their cars! Reports of people driving cars that were on fire!    

For an awesome Before/After view of a whole city being ‘taken out – the lovely town of Santa Rosa just deleted from the map – see here.  The fires are the worst in Californian history with over five hundred people still missing. The fires are expected to  keep burning for quite  while, no-one can put them out.


Of 9/11 and Toasted Cars

Fourteen hundred cars burnt on the 9/11 event – and this is the first time we have seen a comparable energy at work. There the paradox was, cars whose metal parts seemed to be burning, while paper bowing around was unburnt. West Broadway street goes south from Building 7. ‘On 9/11 nearly every vehicle along West Broadway lit with flames for several blocks.’ (Judy Wood, p.230) Firefighter Patrick Connolly stated that many  of these vehicles seemed to ‘light up spontaneously’ as he walked up that street.  Sometimes cars were seen  turned upside-down, as also happened at Santa Rosa. Here is paramedic Gary Smiley at North End Avenue, by the ‘toasted car park’: ‘The parked cars ‘were all on fire and those that weren’t on fire were exploding.’ Firefighter Kevin McCabe: ‘I remember seeing what turned out to be a 10 Truck flipped on its side, kind of twisted.’

THAT – whatever it was – returned: 

Those are California-burnt cars: whatever it was that struck at 23 am on 10th of October (Here, 60% of way down).

This has never been seen before on Planet Earth, has it?

Ah well, it was certainly one hell of a film preview.

I thought this stuff only happened in Stephen King novels?