The General Registrars Office provided this death certificate for MP Jo Cox:

We note the following:
1. Her death was in the ‘Market Street, Birstall Batley’ – so much for all of the accounts of her being taken to Leeds General Infirmary, even giving the minute when  she arrived.

7a. ‘inquest adjourned’ – i.e., nothing took place. There was not enough evidence for the hearing to continue.

8. Somebody has to see the dead body, and testify at the Inquest that they have seen it. That person is technically ‘the Informant.’ But here, there is no signature of the Informant. Was there indeed no body?

11. Signature of Registrar – it’s unsigned, i.e. the REGISTRAR HAS NOT RECORDED THE DEATH. There is no surety that the event took place.

For doubts about the Jo Cox story, see here, and here.

I’m not definitely saying she has not been killed. I’m just saying that, having attended the Inquest, I’ve seen no evidence of any death or any reason to believe that she was killed; no-one seems to have seen a dead body. She is not around any more, to be sure. 


Thanks to Helen Turner for getting this death certificate.