On the District Line in west London, on Friday 15th September: a ‘one carriage train’ on which the ‘attack’ happened – most unusual in of itself? Were there any genuine passengers on this train?

Britain’s terror-treat level was raised to ‘critical’ following this event (Yawn). There would be more armed police on the streets – surprise, surprise.


Where’s the scorching from ‘the fireball’??  Just imagine ‘the fireball’ that flew down the carriage, from this terrifying plastic bucket, containing silver paper, and god knows what else?? LIDL bag too ! A LIDL bag that looks like someone’s put a drop of paraffin in a plastic paint bucket, inside of it??

Very low budget, this one..

I can hardly comprehend the ‘terror’ that this particular carriage, full of paid crisis actors, must have experienced?Especially this woman, the only ‘injury’ we’ve been shown? Poor crisis actor woman.. what is that bandage doing, wrapped round her head?

What injury has she sustained here?

We’ve still yet to see any real injured victims  from Manchester, London bridge, or Westminster? Are they having a laugh, or what? I think, after this farce, they are !

Chris Wildish, who was also on the train, said “a massive flash of flames” reached up to the ceiling of the train, and then the air was filled with the smell of chemicals.’ No, I don’t think so. 

‘Emma Stevie said people tumbled over each other as they tried to escape. “There were people on top of people. There was a pregnant lady under me shouting: ‘I’m pregnant’.’ – Emma should demand a better script next time.

The only footage we’ve been shown is of two females, approaching the closing doors of an empty carriage, containing a LIDL oversized carrier bag, with a white bucket inside of it, smouldering…

    Some flame can be seen. There is no charring, scorching, or blackening of the surrounding carriage interior? This is odd, given the ‘witnesses”(crisis actors’) reports of ”the fireball that erupted down the carriage” ??   

I suspect that the only footage we’ve been shown, of the two apparent females, approaching the closing doors of an empty carriage, may have been filmed at another time.  What were these women doing, approaching this carriage, after there’d been a ‘fire ball’ ripping down the (presumably full) carriage, moments before?This is what makes me think the footage was shot at another time. Where are the emergency responders in this footage? Where are the panicked, fleeing passengers?

  All of the ‘witnesses’ claim they heard shouts of ‘run!’ and so they ran. It’s easy to see how half a dozen strategically placed crisis actors could’ve instigated panic and fear.. after all, most people believe this stuff to be true??  The next thing, Police arrive, tape up the area and scare local residents, forcing them to evacuate their homes nearby, for this??

This TERROR EVENT was brought to you courtesy of the good folks who brought you ‘the shoe bomber’ and ‘the underpants bomber’. An absolute joke.

The terror suspect Ahmed (yawn) is being charged with ‘using’ TATP – let’s hope the court tells us how they reckon he got this stuff. Ahmed was of course well-known to the police authorities, indeed they visited him several times in the week before the event.

Plus, the obligatory pair of shoes:

On 12th September the mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat was in London, a few days before the event. Ben Felsenburg who was on the train wrote a gripping first-hand account of the event for the Daily Mail: “I’d been involved in a terror response training day just the day before and had been in Barcelona not long before the attack there last month”  What a coincidence, would you believe it?An entire packed commuter train had been suddenly transformed into a stampeding mini-tsunami of humanity surging along the platform” The City of London Police Assistant Commissioner Alistair Sutherland had been in Israel in early September 2017, it was his sixth visit there. For help fighting / promoting terror, London police are looking to Israel.

Thanks to J.H for this, also Aangrifan.