A white van mounts up onto the pavement of London Bridge, killing and injuring crowds and this is just after 10 pm on June 6th. Then it is seen to have crashed, people see its crumpled-up front, maybe from hitting a lamp-post. Three crazed killers emerge from the van with knives (or, on another version, these were separate from the van). This is the southern end of the Bridge, near to the Borough market.  They start killing people. The police arrive within two minutes and shoot all three of them dead within eight minutes.

Again a hired car has been used, from Hertz rental.  Seven people are dead, a couple of dozen injured. I spoke to some people about a woman who worked in Waitrose at the northern end of the bridge, who had been killed. 

The Manchester Ariana Grande concert is going ahead tonight Sunday 4th, in memory of the victims of the recent tragedy there: its message will be powerfully reinforced by this event. 

This is within the month of Ramadan, the holiest part of the year for Muslims, when they are faint with hunger and thirst, not being allowed to eat or drink while the Sun is above the horizon.

Facebook: Are you safe?

I woke up Sunday morning (June 4th) with Facebook asking, if i was safe? Here is Dave Shayler – somewhere out in the west country, maybe Wales – on Facebook, he is ‘not safe yet.’ (NB, click on it for full picture) Thus everyone is being asked to state whether, following the London Bridge attack, they are safe? That has to have been pre-prepared, before 10 pm on 3rd of June.ShaylerSafe

On Saturday the 3rd ISIL supposedly put out a call for ‘Civilians of the Crusaders to be killed’ showing a while van picture (Beirut, Lebanon).

There are several parts to this story: the van (‘travelling at 50 mph’ – Just like Westminster); then three ‘crazed killer’ with knives at the Borough market, wearing ‘fake suicide vests’ – the reason or excuse for the police to shoot them dead –  then gunshots. Here is The Sun:

Eye witnesses confirm that several bodies are “strewn on the ground” and people are receiving CPR after being stabbed with “12 inch long knives” while a bomb squad has arrived on the scene. Several gun shots have been fired amid the ensuing chaos.

A Sun journalist at the scene tweeted that he saw one man being led away by police in cuffs. There have been reports of two to three men armed with knives stabbing people at random.

The white van which reportedly crashed into pedestrians was said to be travelling at around 50mph.

The van story came via CNN news:“A van mowed down pedestrians as it sped down London Bridge, leaving bodies lying in the roadway, a witness to the incident told CNN.”  Probably the FRR in it

Saturday-night revellers suddenly found themselves being frog-marched by the police:


 Later on, after midnight, some loud bangs went off:


Were police staging the London Bridge event?  Police near the bridge at night-time are seen changing their gear, taking trousers off, behind some vans. This is some kind of play-acting. One of them puts on ‘camoflage’ trousers. Does he look similar to the ‘patsy’ terrorist lying on the ground? it! ‘Side Thorn’ and ‘fuggerfees’ argued this, while Russianvids has disagreed. 

London totalHoax

This event must surely give the election to the Tories.

She died in his arms

Tragically, C.A. was just on London Bridge with her fiancee , walking along, when she was struck by the van: ” He held her and watched her die in his arms.” They’s both from Canada, so don’t even think about seeking for a death certificate.

Good video pics here: 

Also, no casualties to nearby hospital (Guy’s?)