‘I can confirm that eight police officers discharged their weapons.’Met report

       The death toll has now gone up to 8, on 7th June the day before the General Election, as Xavier Thomas’ body has been found, in the Thames. 

The white van crashed at 10.08. It apparently crossed over the road, then hit some railings by the Barrowboy & Baker pub. The drama ended outside that pub 10.16, when two dead bodies were seen outside it.vancrash

The railings hardly look enough to stop a speeding van – no speck of blood on the white van, of course.

So it all happened in eight minutes. In that time, did three frenzied terrorists visit eight or so venues, in Borough market just South of London Bridge – one per minute?

               * The Black and Blue pub

               * Wheatsheaf pub (one was shot wearing a vest with some canisters around his waist. Police rushed in and told everyone to get on the ground)

              * Katzenjammers

              * Southwark tavern

               *Barrowboy & Baker pub

               * Slug & Lettuce (no-one inside injured, bangs heard outside)

               * The Borough Bistro

               * Brindisi Tapas restaurant (gunshots heard near there)

 – plus, one girl was stabbed fifteen times, so this was pretty fast work. (‘Stabbed fifteen times as she begged for help’ – no blood on the street of course.) It would be worth doing a time-and-motion study of this speedy itinerary, ending up where they started outside the BarrowBoy & Baker pub. 

– and that’s not including the Bread Ahead bakery, where a chef told how he rushed out, hit one of the knife-wielding terrorists over the head, and then rushed away when the police arrived and  ‘threw a grenade’  Police threw a (stun-?) grenade onto the pavement on Saturday night???

Presence of the SAS

The SAS landed in an unmarked ‘Blue Thunder’ helicopter on London bridge around midnight – they had been practicing for a terror-drill that day, fortunately, so they were all ready

 Special Air Service (SAS) counter terrorism team landed on London Bridge in the aftermath of the attack and had been “rehearsing terror scenarios,” that included taking out rampaging jihadis, according a Daily Mail report.

The Telegraph expanded on the SAS report:   ‘The elite SAS unit nicknamed ‘Blue Thunder’ is understood to have arrived after the attack had been ended by armed police, and sources said they played no role in confronting the three terrorists.’BlueThunder Helicopter

This has to be the sequel to the Masonic helicopter landing at the Westminster Bridge event.

Fifty gunshots heard, and five loud bangs, but no pictures of any ‘terrorists’, no-one with a knife and OF COURSE no CCTV footage. Here is the only pic, (turned 90 degrees) of allegedly-shot ‘terrorist’ wearing daft mock-suicide vest. It’s very  low-resolution as we expect.terrorist

Does he look dead? Gabriele Scioto, the professional photographer who took this ‘iconic’ image, just happened to be there.. 

The whole area is in lockdown now (7th) none of these pubs can be visited. Here is vid of ‘real horror’ on the Bridge

Witness statement: ‘There was a period of quite intense gunfire. I hid in a restaurant basement for about an hour, the police told us to get out, and then there was more gunfire…’

Distraught relative: Here, the close relative has not been invited to identify the body, as the Inquest, coroner’s report and post-mortem proceed. normally that should happen first, before the body is cut open by the coroner. I noticed this feature with the 7/7 London bombings, that distraught relatives would only see the body a week or so later, if at all, made up and in a coffin, with a police officer standing by.

Ariana Grande concert:

The next evening 23rd in the huge Manchester arena, her huge sell-put concert was probably the most hyped musical event in the
UK since the Beatles and she is being called a national heroine. ‘ They have called for her to be formally honored by Queen Elizabeth and the city of Manchester.’ Her songs dealt with themes of inter-racial sex bonding, and being hardly able to walk due to too much sex (in ‘Side to Side’). The audience sung along to the refrain ‘Wrist icicyle, ride dick bicycle’  – where  ‘wrist icicle’ alludes to post-ejaculation semen on her wrist after a ‘handjob.’ There were of course a lot of young kids in the audience.


 Here is the Crisis Solutions website (found by Ole D.)- probably organizing these events –  The clue is in the name ‘ ‘Isis’!