Half an hour before the blast, at 10 pm The Sun put out an article ‘Jeremy Corbyn might not have planted a bomb but he made it easier for those who did.’ This is unlikely to be a coincidence and the Manchester police need to grill Murdoch about the indication here displayed of foreknowledge.

At 10.33 pm on May 22nd the Ariana Grande blast was reported with 22 dead – one hour before voter registration closed, for the forthcoming election. Then at 2.50 am the next morning this poisonous article also went up onto the Sun’s web-page.


I suggest that this article was NOT composed in two hours in the middle of the night, i.e. it was pre-prepared before the event. (It was gratifying to see the unanimous reader comment on this article – ‘disgusting filth’, ‘totally unforgiveable’, ‘a new low even for The Sun’ etc.  Also I doubt if it will work – Our Jeremy cannot be destroyed that easily.)

This Manchester event just happened to synchronize with the big NATO anti-terror conference in Vienna, ‘Preventing and Countering Violent extremism’ on the 23rd May. What a surprise!

Manchester firemen were banned! I guess the crisis actors didn’t want the real people arriving:

Firemen banned

This is an astonishing testimony, let’s hear it:

Firefighters have spoken of their shame and anger after they said they were held back by bosses from helping victims at the Manchester Arena following the bombing. No crews arrived at the scene until 90 minutes after the 10.33pm attack that left 22 dead and 120 injured. Five appliances were eventually sent, but by then the majority of the injured and dying victims had been removed from the scene.

In the hour and a half that they were waiting, all they could do was watch what was happening unfold on TV and social media.

In an email to County Fire Officer, Peter O’Reilly just hours after the attack, one fireman says: ‘The more I see of the news the angrier I’m getting! What are we employed for if not to help people? I always classed us as the best emergency service, the people who would put ourselves at risk before any other service. I feel ashamed today

Here is a picture of the foyer, with the bored-looking crisis actors hanging about – no real medics here:



 No wait this is a different image – 


Then another tweet had 60 kids being taken to Manchester’s Holiday Inn but this turned out not to be the case: the Holiday Inn had to put out a statement denying that any kids had been taken there.

Next day, 23rd: Police carried out a controlled explosion at the home of ‘the suicide bomber named by US officials as Salman Abedi.’ The suspect was ‘named by US security services in Washington, who said he had been identified by British authorities,’ the Mirror reported. 

They did tell us one thing about him: he was 22 years old. Uh-huh.

The police averred a bankcard was found in a pocket of the mutated body of the ‘terrorist’ to identify him. His torso was ripped apart in two but don’t worry the bankcard was fine.

The first, early reports stated that US security services in Washington had identified him. In the early hours of the morning of the 23rd May – approximately 02.35 BST   NDTV via the Washington Post firmly stated that:

“U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, identified the assailant as Salman Abedi. They did not provide information about his age or nationality, and British officials declined to comment on the suspect’s identity.”

So, 4 HOURS AFTER THE EVENT AN AMERICAN NEWSPAPER NAMED THE MANCHESTER PERPETRATOR (NB ths synchronized with the Sun newspaper article, above) 

The ‘official ‘ announcement as to who did it had to appear – of course – on the Rita Katz website  – at 4.44 am on 23rd of May, US time, i.e. the next morning. Later, a tweet of hers appeared as: 


For years the ardent Zionist Rita Katz has managed the go-to site for fake Islamic terror messages, e.g. it was her site that released or first announced the posthumous Bin Laden tapes.

All videos of the Manchester event show no sign of any explosion. In one, we hear the muffled sound of a slight boom.

Compare what has happened with last year’s terror drill on 10th May, 2016 inside the Trafford Mall in Manchester. The video of the 2016 Manchester terror drill looks a deal more realistic than what we have here! People commented on the uncanny similarities to that drill in May a year before.

Up to five thousand troops will now be a-prowling around the streets of Manchester. For the first time in ten years, Britain’s ‘terror level’ has been put up to its highest level – be very afraid! It’s now Martial law in Manchester.

A most appropriate time for my new book to appear: http://moonrockbooks.com/chronicles-false-flag-terror/

The Abedi family has been tied up with MI6 for last 25 years: his father Ramadan Abedi was sent to Libya in 1992 by Mi6, as part of the plot to assassinate Ghadafi. It failed, and he was recruited for another Mi6 plot to assassinate Ghadafy – this is the one exposed by David Shayler. See also here for how British Intel fostered a group of Libyan dissident ‘terrorists’ linked to Abedi, in south Manchester.

 The Number 22

22-07-11 Norway attack

22-05-13 Lee Rigby

22-03-16 Brussels attack

22-07-16 Munich attack

22-03-17 London Westminster attack

22-05-17 Manchester attack

22 letters in the Jewish alphabet, 22 cards in the Tarot, so what the devil is going on? Initially we were told that 119 were wounded (=9/11 in British dating) but then it went down, to 116 – how can a count of the number of wounded go down by 3?

Does this remind you of the 22/7 Norway event when a 33 year old Anders Breivik killed 77 people, 55 of them teenagers?22nd

Then one of the ‘dead’ turns out to have been killed several years earlier (angry mother exposes dead daughter’s pic being used in Manchester event’) – a common feature in state-fabricated terror events.

Details of remains of the bomb have emerged – after being shared with US Intel – showed ” trigger switch with a tiny circuit board soldered into the end, which experts say could point to a remote-control or timer built into the bomb” ie it does not look like a suicide bomb. Suicide would be totally pointless if you’ve got a remote-control bomb. 

If you were a crazed Islamic killer, wanting to commit suicide in protest at a sexy Western concert, would you really wait till the very end before doing it?

Review of the many ‘terrorists’ who conveniently left their ID behind.

Crisis Solutions

‘which simulates the real-world communications during an exercise’  – these are the words being spoken at 1.28 minutes of this ‘crisis solutions’ video – screen shot shown below (click to see full image).


                             Tories accusedLabouraccusesMay

He wrote:

“I’m going on record and saying that I would not put it past our establishment, our right-wing government or Theresa May to blow up their own people in order to continue to secure power for themselves.” Mr Ewen went on to claim that the attack had been timed to coincide with the deadline for voter registration. He has since been suspended from the party over his comments.

A pertinent comment was made by Ian Fantom:

“Last night the national news on the British general election campaign was terrible for Theresa May. In the beginning of the campaign no-one had any doubts that Therese May would be reelected as Prime Minister. She had a massive margin in the opinion polls over Jeremy Corbyn, and the mass media were constantly leading us to believe that Jeremy Corbyn would have no chance of being elected, just as they had done before he was elected as
leader of the Labour Party. But recently that margin had been gradually reducing, and Therese May warned that they would only have to lose six parliamentary seats for Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister.

I should explain that the reason that Therese May had called the general election can’t be anything other than that if she hadn’t called it Jeremy Corbyn could by now be Prime Minister. On the same day the police had announced that they were to charge thirty Conservative MPs on election fraud in the previous election of 2015. If that had happened, they would have had to vacate their parliamentary seats. After declaring many times that they wouldn’t call an early election, she did just that.

Yesterday she changed direction in her election manifesto, following criticism by people in her own party. The details don’t matter here for the moment; it suffices to say that the news was extremely negative, and that her campaign was in a state of crisis.

I said to my wife that it could be that Jeremy Corbyn would become Prime Minister.

This morning I switched on the radio news at six o’clock, and heard of the terrible terrorist attack, which had resulted in the deaths of at least 19 young people just after a pop concert. Both of the main parties halted their campaigning.

Within an hour one BBC journalist had said that he couldn’t remember another similar event during an election campaign. I immediately thought of the murder of Jo Cox during the EU referendum campaign. That happened just as the majority for REMAIN had been overturned, and the majority for EXIT was growing. Immediately after the murder, which they were blaming a local extreme right-winger, the majority for EXIT plummeted. But despite that EXIT won in the end.

The day after the murder the widower of Jo Cox launched a fund in memory of Jo Cox, to give to charitable organisations that she had supported. One was a local charitable group, one was White Helmets, and one was ‘HOPE not Hate’. The mainstream media kept on talking about hate, and linking that with the campaigning against the EU, implying hate on the part of the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage.

White Helmets is a dubious group, which is active in the rebel-held parts of Syria. It is not registered as a charitable organisation, and there are reports that it is partisan in the war against Assad.

‘HOPE not Hate’ is the group behind the raging and violent demonstration in London on the second of May outside the meeting place announced for the May meeting of Keep Talking. They were constantly yelling ‘Fascists’, but some of them didn’t even know who we were and what the topic of the talk was. They were brainless twats. To get some understanding of the level of argument, it’s only necessary to think of Ralph Dumain and Jorge Camacho here. There were just slogans and name-calling. A colleague of mine made a video of the affair at: https://windowsontheworld.net/video_type/fascists-uk-hope-not-hate/

Nigel Farage accused Jo Cox’s widow of supporting extremist groups. Judge for yourself.

Now we can expect Therese May’s majority to begin to grow again, whilst she presents herself as the voice of the people against the great danger of those Islamic Terrorists. She constantly talks of the need to bring in draconian laws to ‘keep us safe’. And the mass media continue with their undermining of Jeremy Corbyn.

She is already looking for a pretext to bring in her ‘Counter-Extremism Bill’, an initiative of David Cameron.

It will be interesting to see whether the police find some ID of the bomber on the spot, as often is the case in such events – even in 9/11 when everything else in those planes was pulverised!

That, increasingly, nowadays, is how British politics works.”

Doubtful stories of wounded.