Ms Aysha Frade, born in the UK, married to John A. Frade?

She does not seem to have any birth certificate.

Was it her posterior protruding from the rear of the  53 bus? Bum-2

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, you’d have to have a heart of stone to hear this story without laughing.

Aysha3Something strange about this face?Aysha4Aysha1Aysha2

Search engines such as, and Genes Reunited can’t find anything much on her. Her date of birth is given as 1974, and no-one of that name was born in the UK around then – for her maiden name Ayshe Ahmet Caldelas.

But then, as her husband remarked:BeAfrade

I paid for a spot of background on her doubtful identity, mother of two – from

 Age: We have not been able to locate age information on public records for the name Aysha Frade at one or more of the selected addresses.

Mortality  There is no record of a person called Aysha Frade at any of the selected addresses being deceased. (Source: HALO Mortality File)

County Court Judgments  There are no recorded County Court Judgments for a person called Aysha Frade at any of the selected addresses.

Property Information   A person with the name Aysha Frade is not registered as being an owner of any of the selected addresses.

Ditto for her flat-mates, all reports are negative

It does give street addresses where she lived: In 2105, she lived with John A. Frade at 2nd Floor 27(d) Lancaster Road London W11 1QJ. Then 2015-7 the Electoral Roll has her living at Flat 2, D Lancaster Road London W11 1QX, with a strange crowd of 16 other named ‘co-occupants,’ not including John A. Frade.    

A fundraising appeal was immediately set up for her name, on the same day, by some convicted fraudsters.  It’s up to 140k right now.

Sob Stories

The charming Andrea Christea had come with her partner from Roumania, so he could propose to her that very day on Westminster Bridge, but alas she got bumped over the side by a terrorist-driven car, and fell into the river.

Fortunately, she had time to pose for this shot on Westminster Bridge, with the *evening* lights of London a-shimmering –  Andrea2

She and her boyfriend were pictured on the same spot THE DAY BEFORE, Uh-huh.

Kurt and Melissa Cochran had come over from the US, to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, for which they just had to be on Westminster Bridge, but alas they both got hit by the car and only Melissa survived. 

Aysha Frade was just going to collect her daughters aged 8 and 11 from school (at 2.40??) when alas she mysteriously ended up under the back wheel of a number 53 bus, with only her black tights on.

Ah, how tragic! I’m sure you will want to contribute to the online fundraising charities set up for them.

Bridge closed

On 24 September 2016 Westminster Bridge was closed for filming. This was done by ‘E 75   High Command Production Ltd.’ in ‘Stanley Kubrick Building, Pinewood Studios’. Cars were seen driving backwards over the bridge, but what was the film?


Reuters live feed news of event at 2.47:    They’ve already solved the crime ‘man with a knife has been seen within the confines of the palace according to eyewitnesses.’ [the Palace of Westminster’?]  This has two people shot, heard a loud explosion. Police clearing MPs away from Portcullis House. Then Reuter’s witness saw around six people injured on the bridge – NB ,this early estimate does correspond well with the various groups of crisis actors on the bridge. – so, a Reuters eyewitness on the bridge?! 


Ayshe Frade is/was  Ayshe Ahmet, who married John Anthony C. Frade, born in Paddington in 1976 (his parents were Portuguese). Their child is Luena Frade. Ayshe’s birth is registered as 1972 in Paddington.