We’re become used to fake-terror events done by smoke and mirrors – and this new event was on the anniversary of the Brussels event last year, a State-Fabricated Terror event with dummies, fake blood, actors, etc.

Initially, this event did seem like real terror – as if a car had really run along the pavement of Westminster Bridge at 14.40 of 22.3 leaving a trail of bodies, with broken bones and some dead? Here is a credible-sounding young man in hospital, recovering from being hit. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a real-deaths and real-terror event – we’re all used to events like Drummer Lee Rigby with crisis actors and fake blood. The witnesses did at first seem very convincing. 

If the car drove along the pavement of the Bridge – a horror no-one had ever imagined before – then slammed into the House of Commons railings: did its driver get out brandishing a knife, ran around the corner, enter the House of Commons through an open gate, and stab a policeman? Did he stab him in the back?

MP Tobias Ellwood tried to save the life of murdered cop PC Keith Palmer, and he said, “He had multiple wounds, under the arm and in the back.” (Evening Standard, 23 March). He would have been wearing a protective vest.

At first, there were two perps: “The BBC understands from multiple sources that two assailants were in the vehicle on Westminster Bridge,” BBC correspondent Dominic Casciani said on Twitter. I heard Nigel Farage say on his LBC slot on the evening of that day, that he reckoned there must have been two of them. Early reports had two assailants: 

Two people have reportedly been shot outside the U.K. parliament building in London, in a developing incident that may have taken place on the adjacent Westminster Bridge. A parliamentary clerk told Reuters two people had been shot, but there was no official confirmation from the police.

Shots rang out, and the assailant was seen lying down badly wounded – but not dead. Who on Earth was he?unnamed (1)unnamed

First, it was said to be the ‘hate-preacher’ from Hackney, Trevor Brooks, here shown. Otherwise known as Abu Izzadeen – but no, he was still in jail! It DID look just like him … His videos have been watched 1.3 million times. Soon after he was named it was announced, that had been a mistake.

That suggests there was no ID in the car or in his pockets. That certainly makes a change. 

After all the hype we’ve had about security, could a knife-wielding maniac really just enter Parliament through an open gate, after smashing his car into its railings? Jim Stone doubted this: ‘How could you get out of an SUV and approach a guard with a knife without getting shot FIRST after crashing a gate in a place like that? I don’t think they are quite that patient.’ 

A very early tweet at 2.42 pm, said: “Shots fired outside Parliament. Loud explosion then shooting. Man lying shot outside gates to Parliament.” (by Christopher Hope) But, the only picture we’re shown of the perp, has him not dead, and about to be put into an ambulance:


No bullet wounds or blood and the guy is still alive and has stayed alive long enough for an ambulance to come: shot three times, or was it four?

Two knives can be seen lying on the cobbled pavement, outside the gates of parliament. The Mail gives us a close-up of one of them:knife

It’s in the wrong place and there is no blood on it – this has to be a stage-prop?

There is one other pic of the alleged perp:shotdead

He’s the top-left, no head visible. He’s just been shot.

Then at 2.48, “Reuters: BREAKING: Two people shot outside UK parliament, building in lock down – parliamentary official” The first Reuters report had two people – but soon that changed to a single ‘lone nut’.! ! ! ! ! SkullBones322

The US date is 3/22, as in the Skull and Bones Club motif.

Later in the next day (23rd) the perp was named as father-or-three English teacher Khalid Massood from Birmingham, 52 years 0ld – known to MI5. When they finally released pictures of him, he did not greatly resemble the shot perp we’d all seen earlier: 

EarlyPerpPic         Neighbours of Masood were incredulous: KM atlast2

One neighbour said she was “very surprised” that Masood could commit such an act of violence. His former neighbour Iwona Romek, said she could not believe her eyes when she realised the man who had lived near her was the same person responsible for the attack. She said: “I am very surprised, I cannot believe it. Because when I saw him, I couldn’t even see that he could do something like this. Now I’m scared that someone like that was living close to me.”

There is a BBC  interview with someone who knew him well, describing him as ‘the antithesis of a violent radical: he was a middle-aged man, focussed on his family and his career.’

His former wife did not recognise him in the picture:

The wife – 14 years his junior – did not recognise her ex-husband despite watching footage of him on an emergency trolley outside Parliament, where he had just been gunned down by armed police after killing four people.

Black-clad police officers smashed their way into his flat in Birmingham at 11 pm on Wednesday 22nd. They did that very quickly …

His original name was said to be Adrian Russell Ajao. 

Would you describe this guy as “middle-aged and Asian”? That was all we were told about the perp’s appearance, on the day.

The car was a black Hyundai i40, registered in Chelmsford six months earlier. The next day, we were shown a blurry video of the car driving fast along Waterloo bridge (with NB the woman jumping off the bridge after it has gone by). One could just see it overtaking other cars while driving along the pavement. 

 Could this gently smiling fellow be a crisis actor?


We see very little blood in this whole drama. If the only source of injury was a fast-moving car, then I’m having difficulty with this guy getting hit on the head by it then walking casually along. No blood seeps through his head-bandage.

Then what about this rubber dummy underneath a bus on Westminster bridge?


Here it is again, and one can also see a body by the pavement in front of the bus – also a dummy! This is on Westminster Bridge.A woman lies injured after an incident on Westminster Bridge in London

It’s clearly a rubber dummy – its bum has just re-inflated after the bus went over it! The URL of this image has got the date 2017.3.22:


Here is a vid about it:

I love the way the cop is just walking by … as you would! Just a double-decker bus driving over someone’s bum in black tights, nothing special. (Click this video to full-screen, see it properly)

What is the point, you ask? If you listen to this on-the-spot RT account(their London office is very near) at 1 hr, 4.30 minutes, they report one death of a PC inside the Commons, but also suggest there has been a civilian death on the Bridge – and they cite this body under a bus as their evidence. This dummy thus directs the narrative, indicating (to severely shocked persons) a real dead body. 

So that dummy was enormously important, here it is being covered up:Cover-up thedummy

The pavement here seems a bit short of blood or evidence of damage. Can you see any emergency services or ambulance people around? The empty bus has become a stage-prop.

One last picture of the dummy posterior – the cleavage has now gone, and we see a stain on the bus wheel:Bum-2

Question for London transport

One woman is supposed to have been killed in this terror incident – Aysha Frade (‘Are you afraid?’). Does London transport accept that she died due to being run over by 53 bus? Can we have the driver’s account of what happened? How come that bus was left immobile and empty on Westminster Bridge? Was the driver not neglecting his duty in disappearing just like that?

There was no CCTV because – they’d switched it all off. Just what you’d expect around the seat of government, with high security alert …

Case Destroyed

There is one small detail which completely demolishes the official st0ry of what happened at 2.40 on that day. Here is a video by a BBC journo right after the event, walking along the now-deserted bridge. He comes up to a big yellow sign on the pavement. It was still there today (29 March) as a group of us walked over the bridge. There is NO WAY a car could drive along the pavement with that in the way. And no you cannot have the car drive up onto the pavement after it goes past this sign, it’s too far along.Yellow sign


If this country had any real journalists left, they would notice this sort of thing.

The Advanced Trauma Team brings you …



The helicopter landed at 2:50, that seems rather quick? Presumably this Masonic helicopter appearing, must be related to the 300th anniversary of the founding of the London Masonic Lodge in 1717?

London Eye

The ideal place to see what really happened was of course the London Eye. So police froze the big wheel and detained people there for almost three hours, and interrogated them as they left. Did they also remove any film?Frisked at Eye

Eye tourists frisked upon leaving – after three hours detention?


The credible-sounding witness Stephen was on the bridge (bottom of the Sun page, ‘Eyewitness who was on Westminster Bridge‘): ‘Suddenly a bus stopped right in front of me (the 53 bus?) and everybody started screaming. I saw a trainer in the road [ie a shoe] and I thought, somebody must have been hit by a car, then I saw a body on the other side of the road… Then I looked over the side of the bridge there was another body lying in the water.’

He is asked the question, any indication as to what had caused those people to be injured, had you seen a car come though or ..

Stephen replies, ‘No, I didn’t see anything .. ‘

        That’s an authentic interview – and STEPHEN SAW NO CAR ON THE PAVEMENT.

A young student interviewed alluded to a drill that had been going on that week: 

I was on my way to film a University project and we just got to Westminster abbey where a load of armed police officers jumped out of cars. I would say maybe 50 of them or so. I basically thought it was a training exercise, which they’ve been doing all week.

The Bicycle Lane

The car supposedly driving along the pavement  had to come off it once he got to traffic lights etc on that pavement, and did he then drive along a 2-way bicycle route, located next to the pavement? He would have hit several cyclists had he done this. Look now at the crash-point:CarHitWall You can see that cycle lane, separate from the main road that is full of traffic. There is no way a car at that angle could crash into those railings, had it been driving along the cycle route – quite apart from why it would do so. It could only come in at that angle, had it been out on the main traffic concourse – which was full of traffic. There is no way this story is feasible. and see how the whole front of that car is crumpled up: there is only a slight chip on that wall where it hit and I’m far from convinced that that would cause such damage to a car. If a driver was in such a bad violent smash-up, do you really want to believe that he would then come out with two knives and … etc?

Did the terrible thing really happen? It’s debated here.

 Happened to be there:  The guy who shot the attacker was Defence Minister Michael Fallon’s security guard, not a regular fire-arms officer. Video of wounded on bridge was taken by Radoslaw Sikorski, the former Polish Foreign minister, who attended the Bilderburg meeting in 2016. 

Attempt to rescue life of PC Keith Palmer by Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood – attempts to resuscitate, while paramedics ie trained personell stand around. How come he is out there, when all other MPS are trapped inside the Commons, unable to get out? He was at once promoted to the Privy Council. This is an elite group which advises the queen about using the Royal Prerogative, ie how to start wars. 

For initial responses of journos…   Testimony about KM  Talk by Ole, the one and only.. Car just hit railings

The Guardian on False-flag Terror

On April 3rd, the Guardian asked: Do false-flags happen? The terrible Metro blast in St Petersburg had just taken place with 11 dead and cynical Western sources were pretending to believe it might be a ploy or distraction by the Russian Government.  The ‘off-Guardian’ commented:

Not a single second of airtime was given over to even the faintest possibility that the Westminster attack was a “false flag”. And yet, on the very same day it happened, the BBC is already floating the idea the Russian government blew up a St Petersburg metro station “for a distraction”. 

It quoted Noam Chomsky, the great skeptic of any 9/11 ‘conspiracy’ theory , that – 

I think that we shouldn’t put aside the possibility that there would be some kind of staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly.

It concluded, 

False flags are done by one of them or over there, and never by one of us over here. That is a dangerous narrative to keep a hold of, and may end up coming back to bite the MSM en masse, just as their “fake news” epithet has done.

The comments under this piece are quite interesting.