Google is employing a ten-thousand strong army of web-fiddlers to try and stop the rising tide of Revisionism! Posts doubting whether the H-event ‘happened’ are now deemed ‘upsetting material’ – Google spokesmen are calling this an ‘improvement of ranking,’ using their new ‘raters.’ 

Google is paying a US Holo-temple to counter ‘Holo-denial’ sites, to re-direct viewers so these are not seen. Sites which doubt or deny that millions of Jews were gassed in WW2 are now alluded to by Google as ‘hate sites.’

NB, let’s be crystal-clear on this: No Jews were gassed  – not a single one – in WW2. Nope.

At last it’s happening, Amazon burns and shreds its books! We here appreciate  comments by Kevin Barrett.

My book Breaking the Spell was banned by Amazon – along with hundreds of other Revisionist books – on March 6th.

coverYad Vashem, the so-called ‘Holocaust Memorial’ shrine in Israel, asked Amazon, and they complied. It appears that, all books which the Jewish lobby doesn’t like have been banned.

At first, after Yed Vashem’s request, nothing happened. But then, some Jewish cemetries were vandalised (or rather, some wind blew through them). That soon did the trick.

Create Space, Amazon’s online publishing house, have deleted ISBNs and links for all the ‘un-books.’ My publisher Castle Hill Press commented, “The sweeping mass ban enforced within hours, and the senseless aimlessness and random nature with which it was implemented, clearly show that these books were not pulled because their content was checked and found impermissible, but because someone (probably Yad Vashem) had sent them a list of items to ban, and Amazon simply complied by checking off all the items on that list.” My publisher added:

After their success, the Jews are already eager to censor more books. And guess what? It is happening. As I type this, books not aligned with the orthodox narrative of the Second World War in general are being banned, and books which are not all-out negative about that war, like any book reporting in a neutral fashion about Axis personalities, weapons, organizations. Books critical of Jewish influence and power are in their crosshairs as well. We are talking about thousands of books being massacred! Here is a list of Kindle book ASINs banned from the account of just one other book dealer specializing on books about World War II. These are 727 titles! Want to see what they were? You can’t. They’re censored, for your own good.

AArgh, all those lovely reviews and discussions about my book, over 50 Amazon reviews, just gone….

This censorship goes along with the suppression of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” in English. A publishing house in Paris captured the rights to publish in languages other than Russian, and published it in German and French, but not in English. One can buy the book from Amazon USA – in Russian. Wikipedia offers a few reviews of the book. Some diligent people are producing an English translation, slowly.  The publishing house, Librarie Arteme Fayard may sue them, not because they are losing revenue, but to suppress the story.

Synchronously, the whole David Icke Forum has gone private, outsiders can no longer view it! Icke was being hassled by the CAA (Campaign Against anti-semitism) and maybe this was some deal. 

Issue 1/2 AFP 2011 Main Body

Jim Fetzer who co-runs Moon Rock Books has said he’d be happy to distribute my Banned-by-Amazon book, so hopefully that will become an outlet for people wishing to order it. (Their book ‘And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon either’ has also been banned by Amazon – it had a section on the H-issue!)

The Ban, on Kindle and e-books as well as published books (also Barnes and Noble), has the effect that of blocking the specific ISBNs and Kindle IDs, so not even others who want to offer the print book will be able to do so under that ISBN. Authors are faced with having to re-launch their book under a new ISBN – until that one gets banned also.

In the alleged ‘huge wave of Anti-Semitism’, not one hair on the head of a Jew has been harmed. A few gravestones have been kicked over, some prank phone calls, and presto!

As the world’s largest retailer, with a monopoly on e-books, Amazon is able to undercut ordinary bookshops owing to its successful tax-avoidance schemes. It presently has an IRS case in the U.S., which could force it to pay more than $1.5 billion in unpaid taxes.

It still hosts a number of novels and books dealing with incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and books that will generate hatred against Germans, Muslims etc.  – but from now on, books giving a correct or balanced account of WW2, are verboten.

March 9th was the Jewish festival of Purim. It’s one of their revenge-on-the-Goyim festivals, and is to do with the Full Moon before Easter.

This is not the first act of censorship from Jeff Bozos. The sister company to Amazon is the IMDB (Internet Movie Date Base). On 20 February 2017 all message boards were closed on that site. Holocaust propaganda films such as Denial, Schindler’s List, Judgment at Nuremberg, The Grey Zone etc etc, were taking a battering as members were making revisionist comments and linking to revisionist sites such as CODOH. They had a politics board as well and Donald Trump supporters were making themselves very well known. ‘

No mention of any of this in the MSM, not a peep….