Many question-marks surround the shootdown of the Malaysian MH17 plane back in 2014.

A prime-time vampire series called “The Strain” began on July 13th 2014, directed and written by Guillermo del Toro. Its first episode featured a BOEING jetliner arriving at Kennedy airport from Europe with everyone dead on board,  drained of blood & already decomposing

See “FOX Network predicts MH17 bloodless, decomposed bodies four days prior to July 17th” 19th July, (1)

                 The Empire- or so they say – has to tell us in advance what they are going to do. Its called ‘predictive programming.’

Here are some of the anniversary dates for a start:

Russian royalty wiped out (Nicholas II and family)                                   17 July 1918

TWA flight 800 blown out of the sky, probably by a US Navy missile[1]  17 July 1996

Maiden flight of Boeing MH-17                                                           17 July 1997

Death of Dr David Kelly                                                                         17 July, 2003

BRICS bank signed into existence                                                      16 July 2014

NATO-Ukraine ‘exercises’  Sea Breeze and Rapid Trident                      17 July  2014

Putin flies back from Brazil to Moscow                                               17 July 2014

 A Boeing 777, flight MH-17, was shot down on 7/17.

Over the 100th anniversary of WW1 being brewed up – July 1914 – this attempt to provoke Russia with fake blame appears.

One eyewitness reported on how “[I] saw a spinning plane without a wing with something falling out of it. The plane was shot down,” (on RT), adding: “There were explosions in the sky. And apart from the loud sounds of the plane itself, I heard the buzz which fighter jets make.” NOBODY saw any sign of a BUK surface-to-air missile being fired, as would have been highly visible in daytime. An uncanny sight then appeared: local farmers saw bodies thudding down from the sky, even onto tarmac, with no blood spilt!

It saw soon evident that these bodies were stinking – they were old corpses!

All of the MH17 data has now been wiped from the offical record – however if you put this URL into the Wayback Machine ( you can still have the thrill of seing the original record, with ‘cancelled’ for July 17th daily flight – Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur! On that day only, IT DID NOT FLY. (or view it here

Old 9/11 truthers will recall the intense debates ove the BTS (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) having the two American airlines flights not scheduled on 9/11 – they never flew!

So what did fly?

We need to remind ourselves of the three characteristics defining a given flight – examining Malaysian Hospitality (MH) flight schedule.

MH 370 plane vanished over the Indian Ocean on 8.3.14 was a Boeing 777-200, with tail number 9M MRO. 

The MH17 plane blown to bits over Eastern Ukraine was a Boeing 777-200, with tail number 9M MRD – very similar!  Were they one and the same plane? Quite possibly!

WMalaysian_Airlines_Mossade were shown a sack of fairly new-looking passports which somebody pulled out of the back of a car, being scattered on the ground. For three of them we were shown names and dates of birth:

Sophie Charlotte,Netherlands, born 10 Oct 2001 and Allard Tornas, born 24 November  1997 Netherlands;

The nearest to these on the flight-list are “VANDERMEER/SOPHIE_MRS” and “VANKEULEN/ALLARDMR”  – could 12 year old Sophie Charlotte be ‘Mrs’?

We were also shown a Malaysian passport of Sanejio Singh Sandhu Juhar Singh, again  he could not be found in the flight lists could he?

Various lists of all the passenger names have been published – * here *, * here * and * here * – and those three names do not appear on them. ( I posted a comment * here * for discussion)

Here is Jim Stone’s hypothesis about What Really Happened:

Flight 370 was remote flown or flown out via pre programmed autopilot with a transponder identifying it as MH17. It then received two fighter jet escorts when far enough away from the originating airport to not arouse suspicion and these fighter escorts for the most part stayed close enough to conceal their radar signature and provide “pilot feedback” from pilot absent zombie flown flight 370. At the appropriate time it was shot down.

There cannot have been some dead bodies plus other live passengers and live pilots on board, Jim Stone argues, (as Rense had proposed) because the storage department has the same ventilation, the same air circulation, as the main seating area – anyone would smell them and refuse to board.

It is very clear that there were dummies scattered on the ground amidst the ‘wreckage’ – ie, human simulacra. We see tourists wandering around the piles of junk, unsecured and unprotected. Then, a week after the crash,

Investigators have found a previously undiscovered part of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 along with more bodies…A spokesman for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe says the piece of fuselage “appeared out of nowhere.

Gosh, fancy that.

Can anyone check for the Netherlands? See if the allegedly dead had really lived and really died?

There were supposed to have been ten UK passengers on the plane – one wonders what they were doing on it instead of using the perfectly good direct flights from the UK to Kuala Lumpur.

We’re told of victim Ben Pocock from Bristol was who 20 years old – does give us a Benjamin Pocock born in November 1993 in Bristol, was that him? His parents commented, “there are still 700 body parts to identify” – which seems a stange remark. He was travelling from Bristol to Perth. Of another British Victim, “Liam Sweeney, noticed he’s also got a FB page started after his death…these accounts are blatantly bogus” – i.e it was just a vicsim.  (Vicsim – a simulated victim)  Italian journal Wired (not very conspiratorial) reported that false Facebook pages had been fabricated for MH17 victims.

Dutch Cover-Up

In October 2015 the Dutch Safety Board’s report came out, blaming Rusia of course. Here are a couple of comments. Firtly from gordon Duff of Vetetran’s Today:

Today, Dutch investigators came up with their long predetermined solution, that a BUK missile shot down MH17 no matter how impossible that might be.  Any other answer would have brought down NATO.

The Kiev-backed SU25 pilots following MH17 “from below” have never admitted to seeing anything though the plane, according to them, nearly fell on them.

Then again, the American AEGIS radar imagery, units, one in Constanta and two more on ships in the Black Sea, though they recorded everything, was withheld along with American satellite imagery.  Only one answer for this, because they recorded planes shooting down MH17 as is consistent with the German report.

Other than the simple issue of impossibility, there is rock-solid evidence that MH17 was trailed by two SU25 aircraft that Kiev claimed could not be responsible because they were not capable of flight at altitude.

In the below article, based on live interviews on Russia Today, pilots debunked this, pilots who have flown the SU25 to nearly 50,000 feet.

This is the crux of the story.  The other “crux” of the story is not only the predetermined insanity the Dutch have come up with – long expected – but the behaviour of the media, including the very weak Russian media, Russia Today, Sputnik News among others, who quickly lose focus.

This is a story all about control of the media.

And here is a rather bitter comment from Craig Roberts which may be justified:

The reason that the West has no future is that the West has no media, only propagandists for government and corporate agendas and apologists for their crimes. Every day the bought-and-paid-for-media sustains The Matrix that makes Western peoples politically impotent (The MH-17 ‘Report’ 13 October 2015)


Here is a comically-absurd-looking pile of ‘wreckage,’ complete with sausages and folded-up clothes.



Here is another absurd-loolking pile of wreckage, which has not fallen anywhere, especially not thirty thousand feet – nor has it emerged from a fireball explosion as we were shown when the MH17 plane hit the ground.

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1. Here is a first-hand Russian report of a couple who arrived withn half an hour on the scene: “just now I spoke with two people personally collected the corpses immediately after the fall (both – of Shakhtersk and arrived at the site in less than half an hour after the accident). With their words and writing. They stressed that the number of corpses were “absolutely bloodless” – as if the blood clotted long before the disaster. It is also noted, and the strongest smell of corpses, marked by many locals – this smell in any weather for half an hour could not be formed, and the weather yesterday was cloudy, not too hot.”




[1] It was a Boeing 747 that had just taken off from Kennedy airport, believed to have been shot down by a US Navy sub. It was full of passengers, there were no survivors. Many witnesses reported a bright object streak up from the ocean and hit the aircraft.