At a quarter past ten on July 7th, 2005, BBC news had its reporter Anna O’Neill reporting, on the very first eyewitness account of what had just happened in Tavistock Square. She described how she had just been shown some film of the bus blowing up! No-one else ever saw that film, it has vanished from the historical record. The bus blew up at a quarter to ten. Let’s quote her words.

The John Gaunt Show on BBC-London has its reporter Anna O’Neill at King’s Cross

Good morning, Anna  (N.B., this whole sequence extends from 1 hour 18:30 minutes, to 1 hr 21 minutes).

One man has shown her some footage that he recorded on his mobile phone.’of a bus exploding a few streets away’ – some ‘very devastating scenes there, it looks like people lying on the floor’ – she does not say ‘dead.’

John Gaunt returns her to the bus account at 1:19:40 – saying, ‘It was in Russell Square, I believe?’ Anna replies ‘The man himself wasn’t sure’ – he did not know if it was Russell Square or not [it wasn’t].   ‘HE SAW THE BACK OF THE BUS EXPLODE’  He had spent some time in Israel. It reminded him of scenes he had witnessed while living over there – i.e. he is implying to the reporter, that this is ‘Islamic terror.’

John Gaunt asks for clarifying of what exactly she saw on the footage. Did she see the bus exploding? She could see ‘THE BACK OF THE BUS WHICH HAD ALL SORTS OF SMOKE AND FLAMES COMING OUT OF IT’  No-one else ever described that. He (the unnamed photographer) had captured ‘THE SECOND AFTER THE BUS HAD EXPLODED.’

So in other words the Israeli does not want to be in the same position as the ‘dancing Israelis’ who set up to photograph the Twin Towers before they came down, ‘in order to record the event’ as they said on Israeli TV – no, he only starts filming ‘one second’ after.


Anna has not seen anything herself because ‘we’ have been told by the police not to move from around King’s Cross station. But ‘He’ the Israeli is able to walk around and has seen ‘at least a handful’ of people lying motionless on the floor, covered in blood.’ The Israeli ‘didn’t want to get too close.’

Let’s summarise. The only video footage of the bus exploding that we ever heard about, was shown to this reporter and then it vanishes. So does the Israeli. The person does not know London very well, because walking away from Euston into Tavistock Square he does not know that he is in it, he surmises he could be in Russell Square (a ten minute walk in the same direction). After taking that film, he turns back the way he had just come, and amongst the huge milling crowds he SOMEHOW LOCATES a BBC reporter, to inform her of what had happened.

How did he do that? She would not have been wearing any special uniform.

His mobile phone was all ready to record the explosion, as the bus blew its top.

Thanks for a comment from ‘BMS’ – No-one had noticed this vitally important part of the story – this is the one important thing to emerge from the 10th annniversary of the event! So, let us quote BMS’s conjecture:

 Now, we all know that there is no footage anywhere (except from the CCTV from the BMA building). So who is this mystery individual who miraculously managed to film the no.30 bus explosion? Drum roll … she clearly states that the man in question was Israeli.

Add this to the Netanyahu warning, the comments made by Efraim Halevy and the role of Verint systems in relation to the lack of CCTV footage .. it really isn’t hard to work out who or what was behind this attack. Let’s not forget the famous comment from Netanyu, as reported in Haaretz: “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon…”

I suggest that that Israeli was there to guide the narrative.

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BBC news report, rescued and put up by Tom Secker: , at 1 hour, 18-21 minutes.