50th anniversary    July 2019: complete landing video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc1SzgGhMKc    Obviously it’s real!

Did America go to the Moon in the 1960s?

Hardly anyone I meet these days seems to believe it.

The few people I meet who do still believe it, addmit that the photos we were shown of astronauts on the moon were somehow fiddled or doctored.

I did a chapter in Jim Fetzer’s new ‘conspiracy’ book entitled “And I suppose we didn ‘t go to the Moon either?” My chapter argued that, yes they did really go!

There are four chapters in that book on this question,  three sceptical that any Apollo craft went  to the Moon, and mine ‘Did they visit the Moon? Doubts about Apollo’ claiming, yes they did.

I debated the issue with Jim Fetzer, on ‘Windows on the World’  – along with other conspiracy theories featured in his book – and as you will note it is by no means clear that I am winning the argument.

Some of tbe comments on that video were outrightly doubting my competence here. So please let me say: I’ve been paying my sub. for the Royal Astronomical Society for nearly thirty years, and have a PhD about the Moon – which is not a lot of use, as my partner reminds me from time to time.

Before I got chucked out of my College, I used to go to prestigious astronomical conferences, of the RAS and International Astronomical Union (IAU). I was a historian, an astronomy historian. I used to seek out any experts on space science and always ask them the same thing: how could the astronauts have been shielded against solar radiation? I never got much of an answer!

December 1968: did the Apollo-8 mission put three astronauts in orbit, sixty miles above the lunar surface? Prior to that mission, no astronauts, NO SPACE VEHICLES has ever been through the Van Allen belts. The Apollo-7 mission had just been in Earth-orbit.

Van Allen himself had warned that the belts he had discovered were potentially lethal.  These belts about a thousand miles above the Earth hold in their magnetic fields high-energy solar plasma – matter in a nonatomic form that has come from the Sun.

It was at a sunspot maximum, which peaked in 1969. So high-energy solar storms were liable to happen.

Would you not have expected some pilot study, an unmanned space vehicle, containing instruments and animals, to be sent up first?

Would any astronaut have agreed to go up into deep space, to the Moon and back, without any such pilot study having been done first?

This video is entitled, “NASA engineer admits they can’t get past the Van Allen Belts” and concerns design for Orion, which is NASA’s next-generation spacecraft. It is designed to withstand ‘extreme radiation.’

For its first flight, out into deep space-  ie the Van Allen belt region, ‘No astronauts wil be abroad.’ It will be equipped with sensors to record radiation levels.

This is exactly what we would have expected NASA to have done, before its December 1966 Apollo-8 mission.

It does one Earth-orbit before blasting off into deep space. It will pass through the Van Allen belt, ‘an area of dangerous radiation. Radiation like this could harm tbe guidance systems.’ So the ‘shielding’ on Orion wil be ‘put to the test.’ This does sound a little more realistic than the Apollo no-shielding approach.

‘We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.’

Were they not solved on the Apollo missions?

Comment on Wisnewski’s One Small Step, 2007, Amazon (This book argues it was all hoaxed): ‘What does the author make of the footage and pictures taken just last year of ALL 6 descent stages from low lunar orbit? One can clearly see them, with their gold foil still gleaming, the tracks of the lunar rovers, the debris and even the footsteps of the Apollo astronauts still clearly discernible?’

The LRO Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2012 ‘could easily see the lunar modules’ – also shadows indicating flags were still there. Sites of apollo 12, 16 & 17 could see flags.  see video here.

Book: Moonhoax Debunked – Paolo Attivissimo

Dutch ‘Moon rock’ shock     http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8226075.stm  A sample of ‘moon rock’ given by Apollo astronauts to Dutch PM in ’69 has turned out to be just petrified wood.

Buzz Aldrin (72 years old) ‘tweets‘ ‘…the Russians would have exposed by now if we didn’t land.’

Of this famous picture (on the right, here) he put on Facebook: ‘When Neil Armstrong took this photo of me during our ‪#‎Apollo11‬moon landing it was very spur of the moment. He said “stop right there” and I turned and he snapped the photo. It’s called the “Visor shot” because you can see the LM, Neil and my shadow in the reflection of the vAldrin-2isor. I have 3 words for why this photo is so great: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!’Aldrin-1

Picture on left:

‘As I made my way down the ladder I partially closed the hatch. Being careful not to lock it on my way out. ‪#‎Apollo11‬ (There wasn’t a handle on the door.)’

NK comment: all the light shining on Aldrin’s posterior – if you think this was all for real, it has to be reflected off the lunar surface.  He is in the shadow of the lunar module. There is no light from any atmospheric refraction so the shine from the lunar surface will be more intense.

 Buzz Aldrin comment on footprint photo: ‘I only took a few photos on the moon and this one was to show how the lunar dust was like talcum powder. ‪#‎Apollo11‬ (Neil had the camera most of the time as it was my job to set up the experiments.)’



Finally, he tweeted: “When kids ask me what it felt like to walk on the moon I say “squishy”! ” (21.7.15) – at last, an Apollo astronaut has answered the question, as to what it felt like!

I like reading the comments section:

A: “We can barely get a basic unmanned rocket into orbit today and we are expected to believe that we landed on the moon nearly a half century ago? Gimme a break.”

B: “I  know. The next thing they will be saying is that kids in the 1950’s actually did their homework and the schools didn’t have metal detectors. Can’t believe anything about the past.

I do not detect guile in the US astronauts. I read Buzz Aldrin’s account, Reaching for the Moon, it seems genuine enough. I loved Way of the Explorer by Edgar Mitchell, it would be very hard for me to doubt that it was totally genuine. From a TV bio of Neil Armstrong, again I would say he was a man without guile. He may have been no good at communicating what had gone on, but – as I read it – he had no skill in deception.

Jay Weidner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk03zcSVOWg  – points out that Edgar Mitchell had hypnosis treatment, to help him remember what it was like on the Moon – in vain…

Sand from Moon buggy does not fly up any higher than on earth. Why moving slowly on the Moon? Low g should move faster…. they never jump higher than on Earth. Speed up 1.5 times to get normal walking on earth. 2001 came out year before Apollo landing.

Wag the dog: Hollywood comment?  1996 Fox ‘We never went to the moon’ – Language of astronauts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G7fpELaIDw