Ten years after the London Bombings, what has happened?

First of all, state-fabricated terror appears as the main art-form of the 21st century. The patsies are used, framed and blamed, the perps walk free. We are made to live in fear. The new wars are thereby justified.

Secondly, the Muslims are normally the demonised ‘enemy’ Just occasionally eg at Sandy Hook they are not, but normally they are given ‘the blame.’

Blair immediately told the world that 7/7 was  an Islamic crime, on the same day – just as Cameron told us on the same day who had done the Tunisia shootings – it was IS he said, ‘Islamic State.’

Actors are used. They were present at Tavistock Square on the morning of 7/7, bandaged up much too soon, and were also spotted around King’s Cross, however the deaths were real. In more recent state-fabricated terror since  then, especially after 2012, the ‘visible participants’ have been mostly crisis-actors – as they are now called.

In all these events, the illusory narrative is put out by organs of state propaganda and then afterwards the truth or some  part of it is ferreted out by a few unpaid, unrewarded ‘truth activists.’

The people of London show no trace of desire to have a realistic narrative of what happened. Are they bothered? Not really. Will they believe a manifestly impossible story, such as three train carriages being blown apart by lads with hydrogen peroxide and black pepper in their rucksacks? Apparently.

The Edgware Road train was lifted off the rails by the explosion, and had three large holes in the floor, with no witnesses credibly claiming to have seen Mohammed Siddique Khan in the coach, and no hole in the floor next to where he was allegedly sitting. Loads of people with feet and ankles blown off. Do the people of London want to reach any special conclusion, about the explosive having been under the coach? Not really.

This whole narrative and its successful perpetration underscores essential attributes of a British journalist: to be credulous, obedient and amnesiac.

It was truly the ever-changing story: in the first week after the event experts surmised that C4 explosive had been used – which has to be made in NATO labs. That gives a pure blast with little heat. Then with the Leeds suicide bomber story developing that became TATP, made in a bath with acetone, peroxide and sulphuric acid. That second story lasted a few years, but by 2008 it was gone! Replaced by the final version by black pepper and peroxide. At no point whatever did we have any proper forensic evidence eg an analysis signed by a chemist of some residue. It was only ever .. a story.

A central issue in all the state-fabricted ‘fairy tales from Hell’ terror stories of this 21st century, concerns (I suggest) real identity. The patsy is given a bogus identity. Normally they are fairly clueless and not allowed to speak afterwards (an exception here semed to be Breivic, after the Oslo event). for example none of the four 7/7 patsies knew anything about chemistry, we may doubt whether they would have recognised a bottle of peroxide if it were put in front of them.

If Europe wants a civil future, without endless horrible and pointless wars, it needs an international truth movement, whereby the fictional ‘terror’ narratives  are compared and exposed. Who shot down the MH17, why can there be no enquiry? Who did the Madrid bombing in 2004, which happened within 24 hours of a huge NATO ‘anti-terror’ drill? In the Charlie Hebdo street-theatre event in Paris, did anyone die, or was it all done with actors? We saw fake blood on the street – rather as with the Drummer Lee Rigby event the year before in London.

Back in 2005, David Cameron in opposition said only a ‘full inquiry’ into the London bombings would “get to the truth”. That’s what he called for! That never happens with any of these state-fabricated terror events, because of the high-level complicity.

Instead, the perpetrators are rewarded – the military-intelligence agencies who are complicit get an increased funding: for ‘National Security’ reasons.

The elements of the British state complicit –  from Prime Minister Tony Blair, MI5, The Metropolitan police, the BBC -all guilty as Hell – did not necessarily will the event in the first place. Blair may have been told that, yes London can  have the Olympic Games, even though Paris had already halfway built their stadium for it – on condition it took this fabricated attack. Huge amounts of cash were involved, as the G8 summit was expected to forgive the debt for Africa, remember? All the Live-Aid concerts around the world were asking for that: successfully aborted by the 7/7 event.

My book ‘Terror on the Tube’ mysteriously remains the only textbook on the subject. That always baffles me. I’m just a science historian (or was, till my college UCL got to hear about the manuscript, and quickly chucked me out)

My book certainly underestimated the Israeli-Mossad role in the event. Halevi (ex Mossad chief) posted up an article on the Jerusalem Post website at 2 pm on the same day, which knew far too much about the event. It had quite obviously been written beforehand. That implies foreknowledge.

9/11 and 7/7 had in common, that it was only Israeli-Mossad sources that showed foreknowledge of when the events were to happen. Israeli nationals were warned not to enter the Towers on that morning, and Odigo the Israeli text-messaging firm more or less knew when it was going to happen. Likewise Benjamin Netenyahu in London on that day told everyone he had been warned beforehand, and yes it was Mossad who told him.

Suppose we review state-fabricated terror events starting from 1992, when Israel blew up its own embassy in Buenos Aires, to 1994 when Israel blew up its own embassy in London, etc., etc., right through to Charlie Hebdo and the Tunisia event this year: there is only one of these where I did not detect any Israeli-Mossad signature: the Drummer Lee Rigby street-theatre killing.

Funny numerology keeps echoing through these events. Does the date 7-7-2005 signify a triple 7 by adding two digits together: 7-7-7? At the Inquest in 2011 it was pointed out that the first blast occurred (at Aldgate) at eleven minutes to nine, and that using atomic time precision it was to zero seconds: 11 minutes 00 seconds – to give the 9/11 ‘signature.’ The previous year Madrid experienced its blast 911 days after the 9/11 event. There is a frightening evil wisdom here.

State-fabricted terror events tell us about who controls our world. Thus the Bali blast in 2002 was blamed upon Amrozi who had detonated an ammonium nitrate (‘fetilizer’) truck bomb – which killed no-one. Actually it was a plutonium micro-nuke, which vapourized bodies in the neighbourhood, had an EMP blast, had a mushroom cloud etc – and the perps knew in advance that not one of the world’s media would report that. They knew they had the contol. What is this Power? How did it get such control?


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