A Syrian fake gassing claim, clearly using actors, is being used to try and kickstart WW3, with the usual ‘Axis of Evil’ UK/US/Israel behind the ploy. The Syrian government had well defeated the ‘rebels’ – or rather, hired mercenaries – and a 20-strong UN team had just arrived to investigate allegations of gassing by the Syrian government. Without intervention we may presume this team would soon have concluded that there was no truth to the stories of the Syrian government having gassed its own people –  whereas there is fairly clear evidence of the US supplying chemical weapons to the ‘rebels.’

Putin on ‘Unimaginable nonsense’ 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out for the first time on this matter (31 August).  Washington’s allegations about the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against civilians were he said “unimaginable nonsense.”

Common sense speaks for itself – government troops are advancing, in some regions they surrounded the insurgents … In such conditions, giving a trump card to those who have always been calling for a foreign military intervention is simply unimaginable nonsense.

I am sure this was no more than a provocation by those looking to drag other countries [into the conflict] and obtain support of powerful international player, particularly the United States.” The United States said that the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad were behind the attack, but these claims require solid proof, Putin said, marking the first time he weighed in on the topic.

“Claims that the proof exists, but is classified and cannot be presented to anybody are below criticism,” Putin said during a trip to the far eastern city of Vladivostok. “This is plain disrespect for their partners.

A sensible view was expressed by Russia Today (Brian Becker):

The United States and Britain are trying to find some provocation, some pretext to escalate their own intervention in Syria. It is completely ludicrous that the Syrian government would use chemical weapons at the very moment when the UN is launching its investigation about the chemical weapons and since the Syrian government has its advantage.

The alleged event happened at 3 am on wednesday 20th August just outside Damascus, with 1,300 supposedly killed using Sarin the nerve gas. there is evidence of videos of the alleged event having been uploaded the day before, on 20th.  The video fakery in this Syrian event suggests few or no real deaths.US news on Syria uses fake actors. A BBC news channel interviewed Paul Shaw of Kings College. When asked, “Was this or was this not a chemical attack on the ‘rebels’?” by the news anchor, he replied

It was either a chemical attack or a video mock-up of such an
attack because although we see people suffering the invisible effects of some kind of, presumably, chemical agent there are no visible wounds. We need to do chemical tests on the bodies of the victims to establish that there has been such an attack.

Syrian rebels have been supplied with Sarin gas and seem to have used it. Let’s quote from a Global Research article, The Syria Chemical Weapons Hoax:

  No verifiable evidence shows Syrian forces used chemical weapons against anyone at any time throughout the ongoing conflict. … Clear evidence proves so-called “rebels” used sarin and other chemical weapons multiple times. UN investigators confirmed insurgent sarin use. They did so before equivocating on their initial statement. Waffling followed heavy Western pressure.

In March, credible evidence showed insurgents used chemical weapons. Home-made rockets fired contained CL 17. It’s a form of chlorine. It induces vomiting, fainting, suffocation and seizures. People nearby were affected. Civilians are harmed most. So-called “rebels” target them. Assad loyalists are most vulnerable.

Fact: A no longer accessible January 29, 2013 UK Daily Mail report headlined “US ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime,’ ” saying: “Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.”

“A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.”

Fact: In late May, Turkish police arrested 12 suspected Al Nusra fighters. They were seized in southern Turkey. They were caught red-handed with a two gm cylinder of sarin nerve gas. Initial Turkish media reports said four and a half pounds of sarin were seized. Handguns, grenades, bullets and various documents were found.

A video posted on YouTube shows Free Syrian Army, or FSA, rebel forces launching a Sarin gas attack on a Syrian village.

Homs a suburb outside Damascus is the epicentere 0f this new war-pretext story.  Russia Today has shown captured rebel arsenals with chemical agents manufactured in Saudi Arabia and gas masks – supporting Russian claims that the rebels are the culprits in the alleged chemical attack. On Aug. 23, LiveLeak.com hosted an audio recording of a phone call broadcast on Syrian TV between a terrorist affiliated with the rebel civilian militia “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” in Homs, Syria, and his Saudi Arabian boss, identified as “Abulbasit.” The phone call indicates rebel-affiliated terrorists in Syria, not the Assad government, launched the chemical weapons attack in Deir Ballba in the Homs, Syria, countryside. The terrorist said that his groupneeded to buy weapons to attack Homs.This recorded phone call disclosed the cooperation between two terrorist groups in Syria to shift bottles of Sarin Gas around Damascus.

Its the usual mirror-logic,  with the US,UK and Israel accusing the Syrian government of doing that which they have aided ‘rebels’ aka   mercenaries to do,viz use chemical weapons.

Assad interview

The UK has got a Real Liar from Hell as its Foreign Secretary, William I-lie-for-a-living Hague. After hearing his version of events I suggest reading the sensible interview with President Assad of Syria with the Russian newspaper Izvestia. He confirms what I’ve here alluded to, repeated Israeli attacks on Syria this year.

Remember how arch-liar Tony Blair endlessly claimed that Saddam Hussein ‘even gassed his own people’ as a prelude to the Iraq war? – that was never verified. Britain actually used poison gas against Iraqi tribes in the 1920s.

Syrian military have discovered rebel warehouses containing chemical weapons agents and have documented rebel chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian civilians – reported  by the Syria Free Press.

Immediate Israeli claims of the alleged gassing of its own citizens by the Syrian government arranged to coincide with the arrival of a US team of inspectors, to investigate several such claims made over the past year – of the Syrian government allegedly using chemical weapons on its own citizens!

On 22 August British newspapers blare headlines about this allegation. Immediately after 9/11 the US news started telling its citizens that ‘Bin laden had done it’ – and so likewise for this Syrian  event: ‘On Wednesday – just hours after the massacre of hundreds of Syrians with chemical weapons – Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Yaalon claimed he knew who did it: The Syrian government.’ – Kevin Barrett.

Quoting further from Kevin Barrett, “many experts, including the BBC’s Frank Gardner, former UN weapons inspector Rolf Ekeus, and Swedish chemical weapons expert, Ake Sellstrom, ridiculed or cast doubt on the notion that Syrian President Assad would launch a chemical attack at the exact moment weapons inspectors arrived in Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry came right out and called the chemical attack “a provocation planned in advance” ‘…

Christopher Bollyn reminds us: “Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9/11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of  the Israeli military’s covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world. Barak, the real mastermind of 9/11, was the first person to call for a ‘War on Terror’ – and US intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East.”

Israelis want the world to swallow the unlikely notion that the Syrian government is crazy enough to launch a massive chemical weapons strike at the exact moment weapons inspectors are entering the country. They want the world to believe that the Assad government would risk all of the huge gains it has made in recent months by launching a poison gas attack designed to provoke massive Western intervention against it.

Like Ehud Barak minutes after 9/11, Moshe Yaalon stood up just hours after the Syrian chemical weapons tragedy and provided an apparently pre-scripted narrative…

Shortly before the false-flag chemical attack against Syria, the Israelis orchestrated a fascist coup d’état in Egypt. General al-Sisi, an Israeli pawn throughout his career, spent the days before and during the coup on the phone with his Israeli handlers. .. The people of Syria and Egypt must stop falling for Israel’s tricks.

The chemical weapons pretext is being used to justify further military aid to the rebels, which in large part have been decimated by Syrian government forces. ..

The Western media is feeding disinformation into the news chain, casually refuting its own news reports. Confirmed by various sources including CNN, the Western military alliance has not only made chemical weapons available to the Al Nusrah Front, it has also sent in military contractors and special forces to train the rebels… The training [in chemical weapons], which is taking place in Jordan and Turkey,involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials, according to the sources. Some of the contractors are on the ground in Syria working with the rebels to monitor some of the sites, according to one of the officials.

The evidence amply confirms that the chemical weapons are being used not by Syrian government forces but by the US supported Al Qaeda rebels. In a twisted logic whereby realities are turned upside down, the Syrian government is being accused of the atrocities committed by the US sponsored Al Qaeda affiliated rebels.

a United Nations independent commission of inquiry confirmed in May 2013 that the rebels rather than the government have chemical weapons in their possession and are using sarin nerve against the civilian population: U.N. human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria’s civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday.

The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, said commission member Carla Del Ponte.

That ‘twisted logic’ is the normal process of mirror-delusion, whereby the Enemies of Mankind promote their Eternal War doctrine.

But, Ha! they were foiled by the House of Commons vote on 29 August. Enjoy the fine Commons speech by George Galloway.

the US had demanded that the UN weapons inspectors be withdrawn from Syria saying they are ‘too late’ – ie they should go home before they discover that US/UK stories are a pack of lies. Well its all failed f0r now, that UK House of commons vote took the wind out of their sails.

your comments please! Eg, do you believe Jim Stone that – “There is a good reason to believe the attacks did not happen at all, and were just another Sandy Hook psy op. This is because the perpetrators released the photos of the attack the day before it happened.”

Sources:  John Glaser, Us Defense Contractors Training Syrian Rebels, Antiwar.com, December 10, 2012; Global Research 24 August, ‘Evidence Indicates that Syrian Government Did Not Launch a Chemical Weapon Attack Against Its People.’