Richard D. Hall, Britain’s top paranormal investigator, has thrilled audiences with his wide-ranging and fearless investigations, over the last three years when he has been on Sky TV. However, it seems that a single anonymous ‘complaint’ is enough to have his Rich Planet TV removed from his Sky 191 Channel slot, on Showcase TV.

Hundreds of viewers have written in complaining, and I urge people to do likewise, NOW!

OFCOM received the complaint, and has spent a month deliberating whether it has any merit. But before OFCOM has reached any conclusion – and it still hasn’t –  the TV company ‘Information TV’ hosting him has written to him, terminating his contract. They are legally allowed to give him one month’s notice, and have done so now.

On what basis have they dismissed him? It is alleged that one anonymous viewer claimed to be upset by an interview he did with me, about the Woolwich killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, on 22 May this year. But, any good political TV program should expect to upset some people, so what is the problem?

Let us listen carefully to the poisonous lie which has been made public by the TV company, as a basis for Richard Hall’s expulsion from Sky TV: the ‘Offensive Content/Matter’ was –  ‘that the authorities colluded to stage the death of Drummer Lee Rigby and that the death did not occur.’ (Two minutes into Richard Hall’s statement

Obviously, no-one has suggested that. Of course the death was real, of course DLR really died. It is our business to try and ascertain what is true in such a situation, however our opponents have the strategy of finding the most poisonous lie that will do the trick, by arousing the emotion of hatred, in a way that blocks out thought and reason. That as I understand it is how the game is played. By all means listen to my video interview with Richard, to ascertain that no-one is in any way suggesting the case alleged in the Complaint. It is important to ascertain why rational debate does not take place in any British media-debate forum, for what is fairly plainly a fabricated-terror event.

Fred Perkins, CEO of Information TV,  wrote to Richard Hall explaining he was terminating the agreement to broadcast Rich planet TV because:  ‘I’m sorry that, for purely commercial reasons, we can no longer carry Rich planet TV programs.’ He tried to pretend that there was some economic disadvantage in  having OFCOM investigate a complaint.

I’d have thought that this TV program was doing exactly what TV programs ought to do – try and find out the truth. What do you think?

Contact Fred Perkins:

Office tel: +44 (0)20 7131 6693, email

See also Kent Freedom movement on the subject, and my earlier post.