The site ‘no’ seems to have this story well sussed:

For media hype regarding the ‘white widow’ aka Samantha Lewthwaite, widow of Germaine Lindsey, we quote from a Karen Brothers article,

There is a massive international media focus on Samantha Lewthwaite, the British mother of four young children, in connection with the Nairobi mall bombing. Given the fact that Kenya’s Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku claims that there are no indications that any woman took part in the Nairobi attack — and that ten men have already been arrested for it — the media focus on Lewthwaite is very strange. Interpol has an arrest warrant out for her on a relatively minor and unrelated 2011 charge.

In 2009 she gave birth to third child, Jamal, Jermaine’s Muslim name, and did not identify the father. She subsequently married Habib Saleh Ghani and has had a fourth child.

The Interpol warrant is for a charge from December 2011, when police raided her Mombasa home to find “two of the key components of the terror attacks in London”: acetone and hydrogen peroxide. That charge is stunning and demonstrates that police were trying to tie her to the London bombings.

Her article may be found of GlobalResearch. (NB I can’t actually get to this, my computer jams up when I try to go there, but Karen kindly sent me her article so I’m quoting from it.)

The planted bottles of acetone and hydrogen peroxide is classic, a sure signature that the police are trying to link someone to the 7/7 London Bombings. What would anyone do this these two ingredients? Let’s not even ask.

We wouldn’t mind a bit more detail about this woman marrying and moving to Mombasa, maybe she was hoping to get away from her past? Karen Brothers is pessimistic as to whether Ms Lewthwaite will survive very much longer:

This supposed identification of explosives at Lewthwaite’s home was the start of fantastic allegations that were used to fuel a terrifying manhunt. She was even accused of planning to mount an attack on a Mombasa jail and/or courthouse (accusations that were ridiculed by lawyer Chacha Mwitaas as” from the movies”.) With no hard evidence, Lewthwaite suddenly became a major suspect – even a “mastermind” — of the London bombings, a “top rank Al Qaeda leader”…

etc, (yawn), meanwhile back in the real world,

Comment submitted by Paul:

Ok……so what’s this Samantha Lewthwaite situation all about. I keep hearing in the media, and reading in the papers, as to how she’s been
“linked” to THIS, “suspected” of involvement IN THAT, orchestrated and planned the “OTHER”. If the media is to be believed, she’s masterminded and ordered countless terrorist attacks without being identified at the scene, hasn’t POSITIVELY been identified with or without photographic or video evidence confirming her involvement, hasn’t made any video statement admitting responsibility, and without declaring any intent of further attacks in the name of Islam.
Further, this young woman appears to be able to elude EVERY Intelligence Service, Security Force and Law Enforcement, including
Interpol ON THE PLANET. One minute she’s a Muslim housewife, and now she’s Jason Bourne with four kids in tow. It doesn’t seem right, that a mother with 4 kids is able to stay an international fugitive. Furthermore, it does’nt seem true that with her being white, that Al-Qaeda or the faction that she is “alleged” to be with would turn their WHOLE operational planning and assaults, over to a white woman when they have FAR, FAR more experienced and fanatical leaders who’s ideology is that a womans place is in the home???? She’s the new kid on the block, these Muslim Terrorists and Religious Leaders have been fighting their Guerilla War for a lot longer. Would they   turn their campaign over someone who’s not REALLY one of them? While they stay hidden, would they really expose someone, who sticks out like a sore thumb, and possibly lead Security Services to them.