At the last meeting of the Kent Freedom Movement, June 27th, speaker Mark Windows commented upon the Tony Farrell Report,  released last April. His comments were as expected fairly critical.

The Report is centred upon the person of Ms Charles Seven. That is the name she is registered under in the Borough of Westminster. At a Mayday demo, she was claiming to know who had perpetrated the London bombings of 2005. Beneath that video she has helpfully written:

7/7 was in reality a media mafia ritualistc satanic witch hunt vendetta to psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse me into not bringing my evidence to court exposing conspiracy to defraud and murder by way of widespread racketeering of trillions using stolen intellectual property and other highly sinister activities from 2003 onwards.

Uh-huh. She is claiming the event was somehow done for her benefit.

I enjoyed doing a video with Tony Farrell last year, a kind of Blues-brothers dialogue about the London bombings. I respected his position as former Senior Intel Analyst for South Yorkshire police.

The respectable UK Column has featured a Tony Farrell – Charles Seven dialogue.

From Tony Farrell’s Report we learn that Ms Seven noticed an advert for a film V for Vendetta in the London Evening Standard on the 3rd June 2005, about a tube train blowing up. Her intuition told her this was going to be for real.* Her intuition also told her, that the same people who had been persecuting her for years, would be behind it! She went to the Marylebone Magistrates Court to try and warn people, but alas they took no notice.

Most of the Farrell Report is not relevant to us here – it’s about allegations of intellectual (showbiz) property theft. We’re here concerned with just three paragraphs, which if verifiable would be of interest:

The Farrell Report, p.175:

Just prior to the 7/7 attacks, Seven had reported her grave concerns about the imminent threat to London Underground not once but several times to the Metropolitan Police. When the police most notably in the guise of DS Stallard just ignored her pleads for something to be done to stop the attacks – appalled by the response and in a desperate attempt to stop innocent people being killed – Seven went to the Marylebone Magistrates Court to take injunctions in an effort to stop the cartel further harming people. Seven also took the issue up with her doctor prior to the attacks.

After several visits speaking to various staff at the Marylebone Magistrate’s Courts, Ms Seven was directed to speak to a court clerk named Charles Reese. He took Ms Seven into a room whereby she was able to discuss the situation in detail and show him a dossier full of evidence. Ms Seven explained that she had a imminent large court case which was set expose many crimes of the media and legal cartel in question, and that she was gravely concerned that they would try to pull a massive stunt as a smoke screen to stop the public knowledge of the large scale racketeering operation which had been taken place since 2003.

Ms Seven explained there was an imminent urgent risk to national security as the latest evidence that she saw indicated the insane people operating in media were now planning to blow up the London trains. Ms Seven showed him evidence of how the media were playing their complicit part in real life crimes. Ms Seven explained to Mr. Reese that DS Stallard was a fixer who by his corrupt actions was in-fact preventing their arrests.

The main problem with this story, is that if Ms Seven intuited the London bombings were going to happen from seeing one or two film-adverts, there would be absolutely nothing she could have told the police – nor would there have been any basis for their taking action. But also, Tony Farrell has given no references to support these claims. He has an Appendix which repeats this story, adding a bit more detail, if you want it:

Appendix A

16) Ms Charles Seven alerts Police officers of her suspicions of the prospect of London Bombings. Ms Charles Seven claims she is told to “Keep her mouth shut” by D/Sgt Stallard.  After Ms Seven saw the advertised publication to blow up the trains in Evening standard 3rd June  2005, Ms Seven notifies Crimestoppers of the perceived threat to London. She explained the dangerous situation and urged them to take action but no help was forth coming. Desperate to stop the criminals in media carrying out the possible attack, Ms Seven went to Marylebone Magistrate courts in London to place injunctions on the legal media criminals. Ms Seven waited to speak to court clerk about putting injunctions to stop the terrorist attack on the tubes.

Ms Seven showed evidence to show proof of the large scale racketeering operation and needed to urgently place injunctions on the parties involved. From her insight, it can be seen that Ms Seven held a prior belief that a criminal network was about to unleash terror attacks on the London tubes as a diversion tactic. Ms Seven believed this was connected to her case.

Ms Seven warned that she and innocent members of the public were in grave danger by the white collar criminals [8 names given]. She explained that these were highly dangerous psychopathic people desperate to keep their colossal proceeds from crime covered up.

Ms Seven explained that the network had fixers such as DS Stallard from Paddington Green police Station and a whole host of people in key positions of Government. Due to the evidence Ms Seven produced about the high level organized crime operation, she was taken very seriously.

Ms Seven was told by staff to wait and explain the whole situation to the courts clerk Mr. Charles Reese. After seeing the evidence, Mr. Reese clearly winded and shocked, took Ms Seven’s concerns very seriously. He asked if she had notified the police. Ms Seven explained that she had been appealing for police help for the last two years and…. etc, etc.

Tony, can we please have a scrap of evidence that any of this happened?

Retrospective prediction is a wonderful thing, but here the evidence has to date from before 7/7.

Way back in 2008 Ms Seven asked to meet me and told me her story for a few hours. It seemed to revolve around herself a lot, without anything I could use re the 7/7 story. But, I felt she really believed what she was saying.

Tony Farrell left the UK once his Report appeared (April 8) and returned in the days leading up to July 7th, with Muad’Dib. He had been due to speak at an event on 11 May Awakened State in Edinburgh, but “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Tony Farrell has had to withdraw from the @awakened_state on 11th May.”

Tony Farrell had released his ‘rebuttal’ to Mark Windows’ criticisms and in the meantime I request that anyone posting here try to stay calm and steer clear of ad hominem attacks.


*  No-one is denying that there may well have been a connection between Warner Brothers filming V for Vendetta on the London Underground, a film about state-fabricated terror, in the months leading up to July 7th 2005, and the event itself: see my book, p.117.