The “next governor of Nevada” David Long Van der Beek has warned about what he claims is a planned terror event at the forthcoming National Scouts Jubilee in July. 

For his text, see:

Two people had come forward to warn him about it, one Intelligence and the other military. It is as a consequence of the Boston Bombing fabricated-terror event that they came forward.  “We have a corrupt government that does do terrorist events” he explained, adding “It’s a Nazi police state.”

A mass casualty terror drill has been planned. He explained how with FEMA, DHS and FBI involvement such events were made to ‘go live’ so that real people died. Their purpose is to sow terror and thereby enable a corrupt central government to grow ever larger, and to wage its pointless, phoney wars.

This broadcast is a real wakeup call to America, a Voice of Conscience which speaks out frankly about the corruption of the central US government. For years the US Government has been trying to start WW3 by attacking Iran, a peace-loving, civilized nation which has not attacked another nation or started a war for 200 years. But, they have not been able to do it. It is most likely that they are planning a false-flag terror event within America as a pretext to stoke up more anti-Muslim sentiment.

Secret terror drills are not announced in advance until they happen, Van der Beek explained. Thereby they cause terror amongst people “and they traumatise the schools.“.  The Nevada Governor Tomlin has already suggested there may be a terrorist attack.

Fifty thousand scouts are coming to attend this event. Why, for the first time in thirty years, have they changed its venue, he asked? It has been moved to a hardly-defensible site out in the mountains, owned by the Bechtel family. These people are corrupted war profiteers, he explained.   It is ‘Chemical/germ warfare’ i.e. disease outbreak and ‘Sociogenic illness’ ie people go mad, that is planned, he explained.

We quote from one view on Van der Beek’s warning:

They moved the location of the Jamboree from an ideal site near a military base and freeway, to a remote, heavily wooded, rough terrained area that would be impossible to secure, with one narrow road for access that can’t be seen from above, as in a helicopter.

I don’t like the sound of what he shares at all. It points directly at bio-terrorism and he names the Bechtels as the worst examples of the human race and calls the reserve “the Devil’s playground”.