My new post on Veterans Today is doing very well. It’s an old article of mine but at last its time has come. During the life of the 9/11 truth movement in the UK, no-one was allowed to enquire about Israel’s role. That would have been highly ethically-damnable. But now, has the time come, when we may be allowed to discuss the question of who, primarily, perpetrated 9/11? Jim Fetzer has smartened up the article, and put in some videos.

Its got fifty thousand Google links after a few days. That’s ten times more than any post here!

Here are some comments posted on the big-hitting Veterans Today site. There are at present 73 comments, more than any other article of theirs.

Preston James:

I have just read this and it is an excellent article. Probably the best yet ever published on who did 9/11. Obviously the Israelis were allowed to operate as cutouts for the Secret Shadow Government, which is basically an outpost of the City of London Financial District. Of course the USAF and all top military high command were fully in on it. They allow the Neocons to do their dirty work… They always use cutout who are complete psychopaths. They love the Neocons because they believe in the Straussian existential credo and also many have the Zionist mindset which legitimizes mass murder, mass world war and generation of world wide chaos to bring in their NWO Phonex Global Government from the ashes.

Note, Zionism is not Jewish, but many Babylonian Talmudists are into it 100%. Zionism is from the Teutonic Knights, the Hanseatic League, perhaps best viewed as Germanic Teutonic Zionism. As some have hypothesized, the term Nazi came from the union of the Nationalist Socialist Party and Germanic ZIonism. And there is the famous two sided pre-WW2 coin showing the Star of David on one side and the Swastika on the other. The Star of David was never used by King David but is a old Babylonian symbol picked up by the Talmud writers and other occult groups and it symbolizes the merger of two triangles, the upward facing triangle the “beast blood of Lucifer” and the downward facing triangle, the “human blood of the female”. Thus this six pointed star represents the merger of alien (off planet) demonioc beast bloodlines with humans, making the new race of Luciferians. Yes, I agree, this sounds nuts and it is, but this is what these folks believe and live by.

The key to understanding how this hijacking of America could occur by the City of London Bankster Moneychangers is to understand how they hijacked our monetary and distribution system in 1913-14 which gave them all the money they needed to buy off almost all politicians and officials all over the world. As the British Empire waned, it hijacked America and used it as a substitute to continue it empire but in secret as a financial empire. Actually if you want to get technical, the City of london is the main cutout for the folks that really run the world, the folks that run the vatican and the German and Swiss Banking systems too. These are the old black nobility.


For me, and any red blooded American, Netanyahu words “is good for Israel”, which I heard, was more than sufficient to put him on the “persona non grata in the USA ” and refuse him entrance in the USA as Margaret Thatcher did for those Jewish terrorists that blew up the King David Hotel full of British soldiers in WWII. She also placed Soros on the list because with his Gold scheme succeeded in damaging the value of the Pound, as important as the flag to them.

And our Congress gave him a standing ovation???. What on Earth are we doing with all those traitors and collaborators plotting our destruction are we crazy????

Mike Kay:

Mr. Fetzer, Mr. Kollerstrom,

What you have done here is a great service to this nation, and to the world. We can now understand, wholly, the motive, and the operational sophistication that enabled this attack to occur. We also can clearly see evidence of treason, not on just one or two parties, but many.

For any willing to look, we have here definitive proof that government of the United States is compromised to the point of being crippled by a foreign country.

Also, it is clear that the web of wealth, power, and influence are fully behind this condition, with almost complete media complicity.

Even today, the blinders have been fastened on America, and endlessly, the blame the Muslims for 911 song repeats over and over. What an ingenious and evil plan.   – Mike Kay

It should be axiomatic by now. Israel, its assets, elements within the American Zionist’s community, including well-placed operatives within the US Government, the Military (especially the US Airforce), the NSA, the CIA, the Jewish owned media and the Financial community, did 9-11 in all of its aspects. Here we have the happy collaboration of the promoters of Israel in the murder of American citizens (remember the USS Liberty) and treason against the Republic. And still there are no indictments. – Cold wind

Ken Rechtstein:

Thank you Nick Kollerstrom and Jim Fetzer for this contribution of high value content that exposes the bare facts regarding 9/11, and explains how they relate to specific actors and traitors, who to this very day are free to roam, unaffected by the tragedy they planned and executed, even more rich, more powerful, and more connected than ever before to the International Zion Talmudic Mafia in Tel Aviv and London.

11 years have passed since the horrendous crime was perpetrated on US soil by well identified participants, the evidence of Israel participation with own nationals and Zio dual citizens occupying high offices in the USA and taking care of key national security areas, is beyond any doubt, has been very well documented here in VT and elsewhere.

It seems that those in charge for enforcing the laws of this country, protecting its citizens from domestic and foreign enemies are COMPLICIT and subordinated to the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, and this goes for the majority of Congressmen/women and Senators too, not mentioning members of Govt and High profiles persons in charge of National Security, Intelligence, Defense, Domestic and Foreign Policy.

The USA being hijacked, as it is, the question that still remains is : What can be done about it?

An unchallenged, free and protected MAFIA rules the country and much of the western world, through its control of the media and the MONEY. Those criminals have managed to infiltrate-pervert and subordinate every single institution both in the USA and Europe. The Don Netanyahu was given 29 standing ovation by “Politicians” who swore an oath to defend the constitution, the American people and the Country. They turned to be paid hands at the service of AIPAC-ISRAEL and the Wall Street-the Bank of England and the BIS.

Danny Hurley, University of Central Lancashire:

It is absolutley ridiculous now! Many in the UK Govt have had enough, and we know many in the Pentagon have had enough! If you know where to look, you’ll find many within Isreali IDF and policy makers are willing to make a stand. THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW… BEFORE IT PLUNGES THE WORLD INTO NUCLEAR WAR! Isreal should retreat back to its original borders (under the Balfour agreement), stop with the genocide of the Palestinian people, and stop interfering with other sovereignties politics, whether through economic control, media control, false intelligence, false flag operations. IT’S F****** SICK AND IT’S PUTTING OUR LIVES AND OUR CHILDRENS LIVES IN DANGER!

– Thanks, Danny!