Former Senior Intelligence Analyst for Suth Yorkshire police Tony Farrell has sent this letter to his local Council. It alludes to Article 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000 [TACT] which states: 15 Fund-raising.  (1)A person commits an offence if he— (A) Invites another to provide money or other property, and (b) Intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism.

1st August 2012



Dear Sir/Madam


I refer to your letter of 7th March 2012, my summons before a magistrate court on 14th June 2012 for non-payment of Council Tax and your continued attempts to pressurise me into committing a criminal offence under the above act. As outlined in my letter of 5th March 2012, I refuse point blank to pay my council tax. I will not budge on this issue until and unless justice is seen to be done with respect to my unfair dismissal from South Yorkshire Police. Recall that I was sacked for telling the truth when tasked to assess the strategic threat.  In that assignment back in July 2010, I was obliged to cover the threat from terrorism.  As the analyst, it was my assignment and SYP shot the messenger when I told them the truth.

By now it should be abundantly clear to not only your department in Barnsley MBC, but also South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield Employment Tribunal, the Employment Appeal Tribunal, the Court of Appeal in London and the Westminster Parliamentary list that I had and still have reasonable cause to suspect the government’s involvement and concealment of the London Bombings atrocities of 7th July 2005 (7/7).

What is more, South Yorkshire Police come directly under suspicion for their suspected participation in the wider false flag operation which involved the murder of 57 of our own citizens. Shamefully this act of terror was blamed on four innocent Muslims as part of a putrid counter-terrorism strategy which is demonising Muslims in the UK.  The abject failure of my former employer’s to deal appropriately with their Principal Intelligence Analyst on the 5th anniversary of the bombings provides me with reasonable cause to suspect them in the concealment of terrorist activity. That is not all.

More specifically, besides their abject failure to investigate the analysis on offer from terrorism, I would point to three other distinct areas where I have direct reasonable cause to suspect their involvement in the cover up and concealment of monstrous state terrorist crimes against democracy.

  • Firstly, my former line manager Detective Chief Inspector Steve Williams (still a serving police officer) was on the terror drill exercise in London on 7/7.  This much he told me on the fifth anniversary of 7/7 where he candidly described to me how it morphed into the real thing on the day.
  • Secondly in 2005 former Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes led the ACPO team coordinating the England and Wales resources for the G8 Summit at Gleneagles, and played a leading role in the national response (cover-up and concealment) to the 7 July 2005 London bombings. Source 

 Thirdly, Sheffield (home of SYP HQ) was the target for bomb scare incidents on 5th July 2005 and 11th July 2005 – a fact that is far more indicative of being involved in a false flag operation than being a victim of the absurd government story the “Goyim” are continually expected to swallow.

It is sad for me to have to write these shocking things about my previous employers, but I feel compelled to expose the corruption within. Shamefully, South Yorkshire Police continue to conceal the truth about the Hillsborough disaster even after 23 years and have played their evil part in the perverted and unjust decision to imprison mother Vicky Haigh in an extraordinary child abuse case in Doncaster.  Their dirty deeds need exposing as does wider police corruption.

I had a duty of care to tell the truth in 2010 about the terror threat and now I have a moral obligation to withhold my council taxes under Section 15(iii) of the Terrorism Act 2000. If I were to pay these outstanding taxes(which I won’t), SYP knowing full well that I have reasonable cause to suspect them, would be duty bound to arrest me under this Act as a proportion of my payment would go to an organisation that I am on record as suspecting of being engaged in the concealment of terrorist activity. As mentioned in my previous letter, the Home Office have confirmed in writing that there can be no exemptions.

If you doubt the genuineness and the reasonableness of what I am saying, I would invite you to view the DVDs enclosed in the package I will send you or alternatively, I invite you now to read and digest the PDF file attached with this emailed letter which provides stark analysis of the London Bombings sham.

Please do not delude yourself that I can be pressurised into committing an offence under this act. All your efforts will be in vain. Here I stand, I can do no other.

 Yours Faithfully

 Tony Farrell


His letter to all UK Chief Constables and Principal Analysts also just sent out, was as follows:


Dear Sir/Madam,

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing. That was a quote cited by former Chief Constable Richard Wells of
South Yorkshire Police when he was reflecting upon the challenges facing
the service over 15 years ago. Respectfully, I would ask you to pause for
thought and momentarily consider the state of modern day policing with
Edmund Burke’s phrase in mind.

As leaders within the police service, what exactly is it that you are
presiding over I ask myself rhetorically. To mine eyes something seems
rotten in the state of British Policing nowadays. Corruption, deceit and
doublespeak seem rife and when one of its police forces sees fit to dismiss
their longstanding Principal Intelligence Analyst for doing nothing more
than telling the truth about the strategic threat facing the United
Kingdom, then sadly I fear the service is in deep trouble.  Shooting the
messenger was a convenient way of the service collectively doing nothing.
Thus all of you by your prolonged toxic silence allow evil to triumph.
Chief Constables are guilty via inaction as are those Principal
Intelligence Analysts who perpetuate the ignoble lie in their bogus threat

Enabling the one truth became an in vogue mantra in South Yorkshire Police
(SYP) about the time of my stance on the strategic terror threat in July
2010.  May I respectfully remind you that none of you can “Enable the One
Truth”.  Your role is simply to seek out and tell the truth.  Not a single
one of you has had the courage to do that about the terror events in London
during July 2005.  Isn’t it high time you find the truth and speak out

As Chief Constables you hold considerable responsibility in your office,
and I would respectfully ask each one of you to do your duty and
collectively speak out in favour of a proper independent investigation into
the monstrous concealment of state crimes against democracy as perpetrated
almost certainly by agents of the state on 7th July 2005 and 22nd July

By examining the evidence as depicted in Muad’Dib’s stark documentary film
called 7/7 Ripple Effect 2 and by reflecting upon the complementary satire
play entitled “Kollerstrom and Farrell are Dead”, you cannot fail to see
that the official account of the London Bombings is farcical and the
credibility of the government’s position on counter terrorism lies in
ruins. Citizens are waking up to the internal tyranny and the spotlight
will be upon you, if you don’t act decisively for truth.

You are being watched. Your subordinate police officers and police staff
members are rapidly losing confidence in your collective leadership.  Act
now!  The time has come to stop hiding and show your metal and rise up
collectively in the name of truth. Confront the evil within.

Respectfully, I implore you to watch the DVDs attached and reflect deeply
on the grave matters within our midst. Don’t do nothing, but rather do
something for the good of mankind. No longer countenance the perpetuation
of the evil that lies within. Rise up and cleanse the service before you
unwittingly or otherwise move us into a fascist police state.

Tony Farrell
Former Principal Intelligence Analyst for SYP (2003 – 2010)