New video ‘Kollerstrom and Farrel are Dead’ :

Kevin West’s new film has been specially made to mark the 7th anniversary of the 7th July 2005 London bombings. It includes some of the new footage released by the sham Enquiry into the bombings held in 2010/11 and the subsequent release of more disinformation about what is supposed to have happened that day.

Based on an idea by Tony Farrell, sit back and watch Tony and Nick deal a pack of cards itemising many of the key points overlooked in the discredited and chaotic so-called ‘official story’.

It is a witty, refreshing and sometimes moving reappraisal, giving emphasis to the human cost seldom explored in other films on the subject. The events of 7 7 are delivered with energy by Nick and Tony. Belinda McKenzie also lends a hand to the proceedings — a fighter for truth and justice in the world…

…And look out for a special cameo by David Shayler’s cat, “Eddie”!

For a freely-available video, this is made to a puzzlingly high standard. I guess as an up-and-coming film producer Kevin West reckoned that this was a good way to start. I was summoned one sunny day by Tony Farrell to the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park, having been told to get a short haircut to match his, and to bring some dark glasses. He had some funny ideas about a pack of cards. I never dreamed it would turn out so well.

It was Tony’s vision, and has subtle cultural allusions to about four different themes – see if you get them! Firstly, a play by Tom Stoppard ‘Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead.’ These are two rather clueless courtiers in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In Stoppard’s play, they keep tossing a coin and it keeps coming down heads – so likewise, Tony explained, we would keep doing that until we reached the improbability-level of Peter Power’s terror-drill synchrony.

So I calculated that thirty such tosses would get the one in a billion improbability (p.89, Terror on the Tube). Yes these two courtiers are killed in the Shakespeare play but so is almost everyone else if you recall – but (as Tony reassured me) they stay alive in the Tom Stoppard version.

I wasn’t over-keen having my name in a title like this, especially one with this arcane Shakespearean allusion. Should not his name have come first in the title, in alphabetical order? No, no, Tony assured me, it had to be that way.

Second, the Blues Brothers (no comment). Third the film ‘They Live’ a 1988 cult classic by John Carpender, about how putting on special glasses enabled people to see the ‘control’ orders, which some predator-race was implementing.

Fourthly, the ‘illuminati’ playing-card concept; Kevin cleverly mocked these up, for the ‘Belinda’s Garden’ scene. Tony had in mind the pack of cards used by the US army in Iraq, to ‘picture’ their Iraqi enemy.

Its had 16,000 hits in five days so far which isn’t bad.

‘Brilliant’ – David Icke Headlines.

‘ This is a captivating, imaginative and thoroughly convincing work–quite brilliant in conception and execution!’ – Jim Fetzer

‘I hope this film helps to force accountability for all the lies and evil deeds committed in the name of creating fear and profit. Thanks for all the work that went into making it and for posting it.’ – Andrew Johnson, www.checktheevidence

Also, here is a video of me with Jim Fetzer in Seattle a few weeks ago, I’m the first 15 minutes:

Also, here is the Kent Freedom Movement video of me, Tony Farrell and Belinda at the 7/7 memorial on 7.7.12:

the Kent Freedom Movement have also done a video about me talk reviewing false-flag terror in the 21st century:

Here is an interview I did on the US West Coast recently, with ‘Black Op Radio’

here is one on an Irish radio

New Ripple Effect film 

It’s quite good but rather long,  over two hours. Here is a preview Muad’Dib has accepted my argument that Mohammed Siddique Khan never joined the others that morning, i.e there were just three young menwho met up at Luton, not four. I heard that in Birmingham he has a lot of followers, who may indeed be planning to turn up on November 5th outside Parliament with him….

Tom Secker has released a quite learned analysis of official documents re 7/7:  ‘documents prove that the official story cannot be true.’ His radio interview takes a pot-shot at Muad’Dib! Resist Radio on 3rd July, 55 minutes into his hour interview. I have to add, Tom Secker has also been quite venomous and abusive towards me, even though I arranged a cordial debate with him on Jim Fetzer’s Real Deal radio show. I do try to get on with the different factions invooved in the 7/7 investigation, but obviously I don’t always succeed.