So, Jim Fetzer loses his case, based on the book ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,’ gets sued for half a million,

Father Lenny Pozner sued him for alleged mental distress.

Publisher of Moon Rock Books  Dave Gaherty wrote to me: “the case should’ve been ruled in our favor, as the death certificate used in the book is different from the death certificate in the legal complaint.” I can’t think of any better evidence for JF’s case, than two different ‘death certificates.’ for the child who has allegedly died.

Gaherty was with Posner for 15 hours and ” I made the decision that he was telling the truth about his son.”  That the son had really died – but has no idea how. That made the newspaper headline for this case – that MRB publisher endorsed the plaintiff’s claim (and so avoided being sued). 

Kevin Barrett was there:

“Jim Fetzer was never given the right of trial by jury to determine whether he had or had not committed libel. Instead, an obviously biased judge presided over that crucial first phase of the case, denying Jim’s Constitutionally-guaranteed right to a trial by jury. The same judge prevented Jim from presenting his truth defense, which would have entailed giving Jim full scope to present the evidence that led him to believe his statements were truthful and therefore not libelous.

“The decision awarded more than half a million dollars in “damages” based on the premise that a book presenting an alternative interpretation of a historical event hurt someone’s feelings. There was no tangible connection between the “libelous” statements in the book and any actual damages—loss of income, medical bills, etc. It was all about emotions…

 I think we should be very careful about asserting or insinuating “nobody died” theories about suspected false flag events, for reasons that should by now be obvious.”

So, Jim was denied his right given by the US constitution, to a jury trial. 

Reminder: the FBI’s own crime stats for Newtown showed zero murders for 2012. 

here is Gaherty on TV: 

So, the endeavour to find out what happened at Sandy Hook has been rebranded as “the Sandy Hook hoax harassment campaign.”


Note      Jim averred that a Mr Reuben Vabner has a son by name of Michael Vabner and that he ‘is’ ‘Lenny Pozner.’ Was there afake death certificate?  There was a Noah Samuel Pozner who died, but was not RV’s son, and he was buried in Israel, as found out by  Mona Alexis Pressly. Here is the comment to me by Dave Gaherty who attended the trial: ” Jim brought up Vabner in his questioning of Pozner as well. Pozner was amused. He is not Vabner. Pozner is Pozner and his son, Noah Samuel Pozner is Noah Samuel Pozner.”