On George Soros’ birthday, 12 of August, a march had been planned in protest against a statue being pulled down, in Charlottesville. It was to be in Robert E. Lee Park, recently re-named Emancipation Park. The statue was of General Robert Lee, who has been described as:

 A man who despised slavery and freed his slaves (in 1862), a man descended from the Founders of our old Republic and who fully understood what the Founders intended, a man who loved the Union but loved liberty more, a man of a truly Christian and gentle disposition—Lee stands out in our history as one of our greatest figures, respected and deeply admired by such diverse leaders as Winston Churchill and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Yet, he also comprehended what the tyranny of an overreaching Federal government might mean. And he made a momentous decision to stand with his state AND for the American Constitution. 

 The City Council had voted for its demolition.

America’s political right-wing or ‘alt-right’ had been given permission for a protest march. A ruling was obtained from a federal judge that it could go ahead. The First Amendment of the United states protects the right to free assembly.  That morning, the thousands of demonstrators were arriving, from around 8 am, then at around 11 am the meeting ‘was declared’ unlawful. By whom?


Hordes of black-clad military police in full riot gear started flooding in – these were Virginia state police, not local Charlottesville police. The latter only arrived once it was over.  The black-clad zombie thugs kept repeating that it was an ‘unlawful assembly’ and they commanded the crowds to disperse. On whose authority were they doing that? 

The crowds who had gathered tried to disperse, but found that the police had boxed them in. They found themselves trapped between Antifa and the ‘police.’ People were getting pepper-sprayed by both Antifa and the police. For how the violence started see here. The police do nothing to stop the attacks, mainly of BLM and Antifa against the demonstrators.

The photographer Brennan Gilmore just happens to be there and films it –  he has longtime state department and George Soros connections. CNN interviews him about the event. He had worked as a CIA ‘deep cover’ agent in Africa, then this year became advisor to the Democratic mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia – known for declaring his city a ‘capital of the resistance’ against President Trump. He appears as very central to what happened.

Car drives into Crowd Hoax

Here is a video taken by a drone, of the car driving into a huge crowd milling around a road junction, at 1.40 pm. This is a few blocks away from the square where the meeting took place. You can see nobody on the four roads, but only a huge crowd at the intersection, not going anywhere. The car number-plate is GVF 1111 while that of his Mother’s car is GVF 1122. these ‘funny numbers’ are a clue to a set-up, a psy-op. You can see how the car drives into the crowd and nobody is injured, just loads of people are milling around it. The car has tinted dark-glass windows, despite which we get a view of the driver, and he does not look like the guy they arrested. The latter was seen at the rally earlier in the day, wearing tinted glasses: but the car driver had none.car+driver

Crushed car with faint image of driver.

From the fellow arrested, James A.Fields, we hear no word – as usual in these events. His Facebook page was created the day before on the 11th, and featured – surprise, surprise – a picture of Adolf Hitler. He’s reported to be schizophrenic and under anti-psychotic medication. The photo of the car has its front totally crumpled up, with no drop of blood on it. But a James G. Fields, 32 years old, a seasoned military veteran ‘looks very much like the driver’ (James Fetzer). It would be easy to have two ex-military both from Ohio swap identities.

Use of doubles is an essential sign of a deep-cover intel op. Here is James A Fields standing in the demo that day, with a shield bearing the traditional centuries-old ‘fasces’ insignia – just so we get the message ‘I’m a fascist’:fasces

We see the car rear-end another car then back off, with its crumpled-up front. We see talented acrobats jumping around in front of the car, who look very lean and fit. No one bothers to explain where the alleged ‘victim’ Heather Heyer was in all this. Where was she hit? Nobody even tries to see her.

Detailed analysis shows that two different cars were used and photographed on two different occasions, to make this crash story.

An advert for rent-a-crowd in Charlotte was put out the week before – by ‘Crowds on demand.’ Yes that is a few hours drive away, but could they have been brought over to this event? 

Here we see the rent-a-crowd -and remember this is several blocks away from the demo – but the two cars this guy is about to crash into, they are JUST NOT THERE, are they?rent a crowd 

NB That car is not moving, the tyre-patterns are visible (Ole D points out). Here is a (heavily photoshopped) picture of the ‘acrobats’ jumping around the car – and note all the shoes flying about, this is supposed to be Masonic symbolism (click to enlarge): shoes


The violence in Charlottesville was orchestrated and engineered by the Mayor of Charlottesville Michael Signer and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe?

The mayor (((Signer))) licensed the counter-protests by Antifa and Black lives Matter; allowed Antifa to be armed with clubs and baseball bats, and did not allow the police to form any cordon protecting the ‘right wing’ demonstrators from them:

 Standard police procedure at such protests is to cordon off each side of the protest into separate areas and have a police line between the two groups to prevent violence. This didn’t happen.

A local police officer commented:

“We Charlotesville police were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous! We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away. The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork. We wanted to do our job and keep the peace. But these mother******s in charge really want to destroy America.”

‘Michael Signer works for George Soros. He gets paid by the Soros funded “Center for American Progress” which, like all Soros funded groups, actually pushes for societal breakdown and anti democratic Global Corporatism by a small cabal of banking and Corporate elites.’

‘The police were told to stand down in Charlottesville and did nothing as the war broke out’  – where have we heard that one before?

Summary: those concerned to defend the name of a great american patriot, General Lee, are damned as Fascists, Nazis etc, while violent street-fighting communist thugs become the heroes.  ‘the radical left funded by George Soros is planning more racially-fuelled attacks’ – Jim Fetzer.

 Red Ice taken down

 Henrik, he of Europe’s top-quality Red Ice Radio, was planning to attend the demo, but on his way found i-phone wiped and then his whole site was taken down. These both seem to have happened as he was ‘driving into Charlottesville.’ And that means it happened before 11 am on the 12th – when the riot-police initiated the violence. And that means a deeply-laid conspiracy. The people you saw were only pawns in the game.red ice