Millman Community Centre lied to us about reason for cancellation of Keeptalking meeting, saying police advised them to cancel. Here is police reply to Ian Fantom, group co-ordinator:

Good Morning Mr. Fantom,
Please see the following in response to your below email:-
The Keep Talking event planned for the Millman Centre, Millman Street, WC1 on 09th AUGUST 2017 HAS NOT been cancelled by the Metropolitan Police Service.
The Millman Centre have exercised their right as a private venue to cancel bookings.
The Metropolitan Police Service has no record of events organised by the group Keep Talking attracting public disorder, however persons who have been associated with this event on social media have previously attracted interest from extreme right wing / right wing  groups at meetings/demonstrations which have attracted opposition from extreme left wing groups or where, by their behaviour, they have incited disorder from those opposed to their ideology resulting in localised disorder.
Kind regards
Jacqueline Joyce PC3144CN
Event Planning (Partnership & Prevention)
Central North Basic Command Unit
Kentish Town Police Station
12a Holmes Road
London  (10th of August)


A private, monthly discussion group on ‘conspiracy’ issues? Shut it down!

On Wednesday 9th August the meeting our group was due to have, over the 20th anniversary of the death of Lady Di, was closed allegedly by the police advising that the room booking be cancelled.



The group has been going for seven years, and it is Britain’s main 9/11 truth group, or one of two of them.  I and Ian Fantom got it going after the main 911 truth group in London disintegrated in 2010. On the 7th, Antifa were planning a demo – see image.

There is only one ‘holocaust denier’ (so-called) who speaks at the meeting and that is me: I wrote the book ‘Breaking the Spell’ about what happened in the German labour camps of WW2. I don’t think we’ve ever had an ‘anti-semite’ speak. Ian has always made the sensible judgments that have enabled the group to keep going all these years.  We’re a group that really enjoys coming together and chatting about conspiracy-related events. So is this the end?

August 11, Jewish News’ carried the headline

Far-right meeting to discuss how ‘Mossad murdered Diana’ stopped on police advice

Secretive ‘Keep Talking’ group’s scheduled gathering in Holborn cancelled by venue after authorities intervene

Adding, ‘A meeting in Holborn where participants were planning to discuss how Israeli spies murdered Princess Diana was cancelled on police advice this week….The event was due to involve several figures known for their extreme far-right views and support of conspiracy theories. ‘

Real Liars from Hell

An absurd, hallucinatory headline ‘Mossad Murdered Diana’ is used to shut down our group.

Our speaker was to have been John Conway, who composed the fine West-end play ‘Truth Lies Diana’ which ran in London for a short time in 2015, and we all went to see it – it didn’t have a word about Jews in it. He was due to speak to us on the title, ‘Diana: Twenty Years On.’

The idea that he was going to claim ‘Israeli spies murdered Princess Diana’ is just defamatory nonsense.

Regrettably, Ian sent an announcement of the meeting to Jez Turner, who runs the London Forum, a British nationalist meeting, and he circulated it. That was all the media needed to brand us as ‘far-right,’ anti-semite, etc

Actually, 911-truth types tend to be fairly left-wing. Our group is and always has been totally non-political. It is being branded as a’secret’ group which I guess means that we don’t advertise and have no web presence, but anyone can come along and we do not ‘vet’ the audience.

The day before on the 8th Millman Community Centre in Camden advised us of the cancellation, saying that they had received advice from the Metropolitan Police “about public order disturbances related to past events involving your group.”

The only public order disturbance our group has ever experienced, was on May 2nd, when Antifa and Hope not Hate barricaded the Diorama Arts Centre building in Euston, physically preventing our members from entering. I was due to speak about the Westminster Bridge event, and so was prevented.  See Here for Ian and others describing that disruption (or here). One of our members,  a 74-year old, was thrown onto the pavement.

The story was too good for the CAA ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ to miss, it now takes the credit. What has a meeting on the death of Di got to do with antisemitism, you may wonder? Never mind ….


A secret meeting of neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers scheduled for tomorrow evening at a community centre in Holborn in central London has been cancelled following intervention from Campaign Against Antisemitism.

The meeting was part of the “Keep Talking” series of meetings organised by conspiracy theorist, Ian Fantom. Campaign Against Antisemitism informed the venue about the true nature of the meeting following a tip-off from Searchlight.

A recent Keep Talking event in nearby Camden saw notorious Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom attempt to speak, before the meeting was cancelled by Camden council, after pressure from activists. Copies of Kollerstrom’s Holocaust denying books have reportedly been on open sale at previous Keep Talking meetings.

According to Searchlight, an invitation to tomorrow’s meeting was allegedly circulated among London’s top neo-Nazis by the far-right London Forum organiser, Jeremy Bedford-Turner. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana.

In March, a landmark High Court judicial reviewaction brought by Campaign Against Antisemitism forced the Crown Prosecution Service to cancel its decision not to prosecute Bedford-Turner over an antisemitic speech to neo-Nazis in July 2015.

The Keep Talking meetings were started in the United States in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The conspiracy theory group has spread the antisemitic lies that Jews were behind the tragedy and that Jews working in the World Trade Centre towers were warned not to attend work on the day of the attacks.

Campaign Against Antisemitism thanks Searchlight for bringing this event to our attention, and we commend the venue for taking swift action in cancelling it.

Jez Turner has not come to our meetings for some time. I wasn’t going to be there, as booked elsewhere, so what is there ‘far-right’ about the group?

North London Antifa posted twisted stories about me to justify their act: I have no connection with any right-wing group and don’t attend such meetings.  They say Copies of Kollerstrom’s Holocaust denying books have been openly on sale at these previous meetings’ I have only one such book, my others are on different topics. The present bookseller of our group Aaron doesn’t want to stock it, fair enough.

Readers won’t need reminding, that the inquest on Di’s death came out with the verdict of ‘Unlawful killing.’ The group will alas never hear about John Conway’s talk – the Powers That Be don’t want you to:

Twenty years on.… Everything has changed and nothing is different, since the unlawful killing of Diana.

I’ll tell you the astonishing secret the media hushed up about David Cameron that could have cost him the election in 2015 which led me to abandon further work on The Diana cover up.

I’ll tell you about standing for Parliament against the chairman of the security and intelligence committee and how terrorism is funded by the same sources who were responsible for the perjury at Diana’s inquest.

I’ll tell you about being one of the co-ordinators of Vote Leave and how the people are still the only battalion in the front line against media lies and why, whatever you think of him, Donald Trump is the best hope for people who believe in the real truth and attend meetings like yours.

Antifa is an explicitly law-breaking movement:

‘Build a culture of non-cooperation with law enforcement. If you have any intention of working with the police, FBI, or other agencies; or if you publically [sic] condemn anti-fascists who break the law: don’t call yourself an anti-fascist. The cops will be Trump supporters; do not collaborate with them’

 They love their moronic chants ‘F*** off, Nazi scum, F*** off, Nazi scum’ where ‘Nazi’ is anyone they feel like targeting, eg Nigel Farage, Gilad atzmon, David Icke etc. 


Max Keiser on why his show has moved out of London – Free speech is not respected there.

A rubbishy version of the story appeared on RT’s website.

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