As George Galloway remarked,  the BBC’s program on alleged Syrian gassing stories was –

not just wrong, but falsified, and falsified with the purpose of propelling our country into war. That’s not what the British public pays its BBC licence fee for – so that it can be tricked into  a war.

(on Russia Today) This concerned its January 30th 2014 program, ‘Saving Syria’s Children’.

The BBC was complicit in the whole fake-news story of Syria gassing its own people. We just saw actors, lousy actors – here even is someone waking up from his own  funeral:

(at 13 minutes.) Nowadays, ordinary Syrians will not talk to the BBC because they are sick and tired of its lies.


How did we get here, so that the British Broadcasting Company is creating – not reporting, creating – absolutely diabolical lies about a foreign nation? Does no-one at the BBC have any shame? Is there no MP who is bothered by this?

        We remember that the BBC has some twenty thousand persons working for it, around the world – its the largest broadcaster on the planet.


Let’s go back a bit. Back to the morning on September 11th, 2001, when two planes were reported as impacting into the ‘Twin Towers’ of New York’s World Trade Centre. Shortly after, the former Israeli prime minister and chief-of-staff Ehud Barak was sitting in the BBC World television studio. This was before the towers had even fallen. He was telling viewers who had done it!  Gosh, fancy that! Yes he was blaming Osama bin Laden and calling for “an operational, concrete war against terror” – before the Twin Towers had even fallen.

Will the BBC please explain to us, how come it had a major Israeli spokesman in its studio, all ready to explain the events of 9/11, before the towers had even collapsed?

That same afternoon, it had its reporter Jane Stanley reporting on the collapse of Building 7 – before it had happened! We saw Building 7 behind her still standing. Then the film faded out, five minutes or so before Building 7 collapsed.

 Will the BBC please explain, how come it was calling for a worldwide War on Terror before the Towers had even fallen, and then reported the collapse of Building 7  – before it had happened?

Is it not time for the BBC to do an investigatory program upon itself, as to how it can apparently be used for the most shocking deceptions to ratify the next war? We urge all TV-watchers to refuse to pay their  BBC TV licence until and unless these events are explained.