A @RudolfGiuliani twitter account ‘not affiliated to the former New York City Mayor’ (Snopes.com) has been suspended. Let’s quote from this now-deleted pic twitter account:

“An old friend called me and asked, are you finally spilling the beans? I replied ‘Yes, down to my last heartbeat’…

They can create any reality they want on TV. If you see “me” on TV denying these Tweets then you will know.

James Alefantis is a child rapist & child killer. They have murdered children. He is protected by W.H., CIA, DHS & media. 

Foxes guard the hen-house at Amber Alert, DHS & child-trafficking units in government. They rape, sodomize, murder & cannibalize children. 

If you have any information on #PizzaGate, please send it to RudySpeaks@gmx.com – we are privately investigating because FBI refuses to.

Our entire government is filled with criminals, child rapists & child killers. I am speaking out now. I may not be long for this world. 

Why would you expect a government of corrupt criminals & pedos to investigate themselves? This goes all the way to the W.H., CIA & DHS.

I have seen the bodies of raped and sodomized children, many kidnapped in Virginia. The cover-up goes to the top, highest levels in D.C.

We need to protect children. Anyone who calls #PizzaGate a “fake” story is likely a pedophile themselves, trying to deflect and cover it up.

CNN is nothing but pure propaganda & lies, and they have disrespected the victims of this terror event. The FCC needs to shut them down.

#PizzaGate is real. Washington D.C. is the center of world’s biggest pedophile ring. Those trying to deflect and deny this story are pedos.

The N.Y. Times, WaPo & ABC News all just deleted the story about the Norwegian pedophile ring bust. WHY? #PizzaGate “

         There seems to be a consensus that this was just a ‘honey-trap for Alt-media –   To bolster the story about “#Pizzagate, a baseless (but complicated) conspiracy theory about a massive pedophilia ring was being run out a Washington, D.C. pizzeria.”  

           Giuliani doesn’t have a twitter account – giving others carte blanche to make up such messages as if by him.

On the night of December 20th, Winter Solstice, did he put out the following ‘Official Statement’ right after ‘his’ Twitter account had been suspended, or again is it fake? HE HAS NOT DENIED IT. Could it possibly be by him, but put out in a deniable form? Could it have been done to salve his conscience, but in a way he does not have to answer for?

I write this morning from my New York apartment, overlooking the city I love. I am pondering my actions from the night before. I am pondering my fate, and what the Lord holds for it. For the first time in my life, I feel fully free. Like a weight has been lifted off my heart. I have finally broken free…

The pedophile ring in Washington D.C is the biggest in the world, with London’s probably coming in second.

While I have never participated in these heinous acts, I know people who have and I know of many who have escaped prosecution. Time is too short to explain why I have remained silent for so long, but I will say that I would have never become Mayor of New York City if I did not “play ball” as it were.

I want the people reading this to know that they must never give up this fight. The media will keep lying. CNN will lie. Fox news will lie. NBC will lie. They will lie, and lie, and lie. They will call he truth a “lie”. They will call real news “fake news”.

Fox news just called to cancel my latest scheduled appearance. If you see “me” on TV denying these tweet, do not believe what you see. The government and media apparatus has technology 20 years ahead of what is available to the public. Technology far, far beyond what the general public has any idea of. They can create a real-time CGI human-like avatar. I have seen them and they are indistinguishable from real life. They also have clones and biometric avatars…

Question your authority figures, for they live to lie to you. They relish the public’s gullibility. You must stand up to them.

On one final note, a word about 9/11. To those who believe the “official tory”, you have been duped. You have been conned. And if you want to look in the right direction, do not look at Saudi Arabia or Bin Laden. That is a nice little distraction. And look carefully at the tower structures and ask questions about how they fell. This is one of the greatest cover-ups of all of history.’

To quote Voltaire – if you want to know who rules over you, ask yourself who (or what) you are not allowed to criticise. Ponder this deeply, and you will find many answers.

          Who wrote this? If this is all just a fake, it’s quite an impressive one. Do post your view…