Are you up to it?

Have a go!

Here is the published list of Bataclan victims –
See if you can locate one single one of these, in the several published concert photographs!


That’s 126 ‘victims’.

We note that nearly half of them are black and white, which is suspicious. To compare them, three of the pictures of the Bataclan audience are shown here (NB click on the images to see them properly)

The second part of the challenge is: can you spot any faces in these Eagles-of-Death-Metal concert audiences, that repeat?

After all, if it’s the same audience, they should be the same people, right?

Here’s an enlarged pic, taken from the side:Bataclanlast-photo-side


And here is a view from the back:


The guy at the front in a black and red check shirt *might* be the same as shown in other pics.

So, that’s altogether five Bataclan concert EODM audience pictures, including those I posted earlier. Do the same people recur in them?