How come people still fall for this stuff?

              Let’s go through it very simply.

1. 22/7, 2016 was the 70th anniversary of the most important date in Israel’s history, when it carried out its first false-flag terrorist attack on the King David Hotel.

2. The Oslo terror event by pro-Zion terrorist Anders Breivik happened on that date, 22/7, 2011.

3. On this day 22/7 in Munich, the main photographer was Richard Gutjahr.

4. He was pre-positioned, and started filming the McDonalds entrance before the action.

5. Ditto for Nice in France six days earlier:  Richard Gutjahr was pre-positioned to start photographing the lorry, before whatever happened there. He was the main photographer.

6. He is married to Mossad agent Einat Wilf, a close confidante of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

That is all you need to know, really. But watch Gutjahr’s film, and you will see the ‘terrorist’ emerge, dressed in black, then a crowd of people emerge stage left. The first guy starts firing blanks, and the crowd rush off. We see no-one shot or wounded, nobody drops to the ground, no blood spurts forth.


  Here you can see the wicked terrrorist on the right, with lousy crisis actors running off stage left, all photographed by Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr.

Wake up, O goyim!