Did anything actually happen here?

Terror event by press release


by guest author Patrick Griffin

 The following is based on some early impressions of the Orlando Club ‘terror event’. It is not meant in any way to be a forensic type analysis but represents the impressions of an ordinary lay person who has been through this before. What I mean is I have read and watched as much as possible especially on the 2 Paris events of 2015 and the Brussels event in March 2016 and I am looking at it through the lens of those happenings. I am also aware of the seeming ‘false flags’ in the US in Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombings and San Bernadino in 2015 and see this Orlando event very much in the ‘tradition’ of those earlier events. (both US and Europe)  To generalize, all of these in both the US and Europe follow this kind of ‘fake terror’ template where few in any real people actually die. This is by way of contrast with the earlier one the most famous obviously being 9/11 and then the Madrid and London (7/7) bombings (I am aware there were others in Indonesia, Mumbai etc but I am concentrating on the US and Europe here) where there is no doubt real people DID die. As Nick Kollerstrom has pointed out this created big problem for the people in power and now they seem to be doing it in another way and it seems to me this event in Florida represents a kind of apex (so far) of this approach.

Orlando Gay-club shooter is an actor – eg, he appeared in a 2012 award-winning documentary, The Big Fix, about the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, his father has CIA connections. Also the much-interviewed ‘eyewitness’ Luis Burbano is a professional actor, his most recent credit being the 2015 music video called “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up” (!!).

June 12th 2 am EDT in Orlando, Florida, The Pulse gay nightclub

Here’s an early video to introduce the scene –

INSTEAD of ambulances they used just regular pickup trucks!! Is that any way to transport so called very wounded people? This harks back to Brussels also it’s like the whole thing is ‘privatized’ and almost outside the regular medical system. Like a bunch of ‘actors’ playing at transporting ‘injured’ people. Here’s a perceptive Aussie view –

I have been watching the news and looking for signs of fakery but what’s weird is we are shown so LITTLE, nothing really, no phone cell pictures, just a bunch of police cars sitting around flashing lights all the time  so that’s one of the ‘bad signs’it’s weird but as I say hard to even suggest ‘fakery’ in that they give you so little to go on. All the hospitals are put in ‘lock down’ I am sure you can get nowhere near the club etc. It actually seems to me and perhaps this is just a bit exaggerated that the trend of these ‘events’ has gradually gone away from ‘real deaths’ to more ‘make believe deaths’ but now they have gone to the next level where really they almost don’t have to do ANYTHING……………..simply give a few press releases and TELL us what happened but we do not get to SEE anything. Pretty simple now it is becoming you have a slavish bought and sold media and a gullible public not so hard to do anymore. Just SAY what happened. I think they were shown up in Paris and Brussels with some of the absurd videos of ‘hurt ‘people including a guy clutching a plastic doll that was meant to be a ‘baby’ that now the strategy seems to be SHOW NOTHING then you can’t be ‘caught’ in anything. This is really becoming a kind of 1984 totalitarian society they will simply TELL us and we will listen and believe them.

Several people have commented quite rightly on the lack of ambulances. This was noted in Brussels also there a bunch of people ‘sitting around’ here you see people being CARRIED by others no ambulances, stretchers etc. And the people being carried don’t look particularly hurt shirts off sporting nice tattoos etc. So I am suggesting we are now reaching another level.  Nick Kollerstrom has written the ‘trend’ is away from real deaths (9/11, Madrid, 7/7 etc) to more and more just staged events with probably little or no ‘real deaths’. But as slick as that was it still presented problems in that the ACTING could be seen through and criticized as ‘bad acting’. I am thinking of the absurdities in both the Paris events and Brussels also – the guy with the plastic toy presenting it as a baby, the numerous impossibilities and absurdities pointed out in these events. So it seems to me we have reached Stage 3 now……………………..where you show NOTHING or next to nothing then nothing can be ‘seen through’ as fakery there is literally nothing to look at.

That about sums up my impression of the actual ‘event’ so far……….One thing  I am curious about the OWNERS of the club, who probably would be in on it. Maybe that is a useful thing to pursue. The one owner is said to be the sister of a guy who died of AIDS but the other owner I have not found out anything about. Also I did hear on one video that the club had been sold in March 2016 but I have not been able to find out if this is true or not. If it was that might be very telling like 9/11, Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan ALL involved changes of ownership shortly before their ‘events’. But of course a change of ownership is not necessary but as I say IF that was true it would be very interesting but also whomever is ‘organizing’ these things can of course make deals with existing or long time owners also

So that’s the ‘what’ of the event now to talk a little bit of the ‘why.’ The SIZE of the event is important for propaganda purposes.. I mean if say 5 really died unfortunately in the US that has zero ‘propaganda effect’ we need MORE than that and if you notice the number is stressed all the time.This is the BIGGEST (that is important) ‘mass shooting’ in the US that justified endless ‘talk’and also cements the ‘propaganda value” What is the propaganda………………..Muslims are bad and dangerous maniacs who might and can go off at a moments notice, they are inherently violent and not to be trusted (this is standard kind of Zio propaganda of course and we have seen it many times before esp of course 9/11 and almost every ‘event’ afterwards nothing new there. This guy they are saying attended Friday prayers this seems to be an attempt to implicate devout or religous Muslims you cannot trust ANY of them……………..the ‘victims’ are a persecuted (though not any more) ‘minority’ that are picked on purely because of their difference they are harmless and peaceful (even wimpy) people who are of no danger to anybody except ‘hate filled’ maniacs this is also pretty much Zio propaganda and recalls the holocaust and lots of stuff of that nature. Also here they tie in other ‘minorities’ specifically Latinos in this case so the ‘victims’ can be any of us and the more ‘helpless’ and ‘powerless’ the better as they are being brutalized and terrorized by Muslims. A totally ‘constucted’ kind of a story but obviously with a clear agenda…………….and the 3rd and maybe the major agenda is to separate Americans from their guns. Now I have always been of the belief that Americans have way too many guns and they do. I have never had a gun and have no desire to have one. So on the face ot if that makes sense BUT there is an ‘agenda’ here and I see nobody saying for example the Pentagon of the police need less guns. So it’s only the ‘people’ who need to give up guns and of course this ‘event, is a very good reason to do that. But this is kind of the crux of the matter what IF this ‘event’ is staged………………….where does that leave us? Well guns are not so dangerous they mostly sit at home under the bed or whatever.

This thing about having an agenda of ‘gun control’ always was hard for me to understand also in that I ‘agreed’ with it. Who in their right mind could argue for the right to have and carry ‘assault weapons’. Well it seems on a deep level this is also a Zio concern. To put it bluntly Jews are afraid of a population with guns afraid the people might ‘turn’ on them. This seems highly unlikely in the US but fear never sleeps and if it is true that the Mossad had their fingers all over the JFK assassination and 9/11 for example well then they might have something to fear……………..if only now on a ‘karmic’ level but IF all of this is one day ‘discovered’ well they you never know. This is how I imagine on a deep level the Zionist elite feel. So it seems ‘gun control’ has big roots in that. That said all of these ‘events’ here only cause the sale of MORE guns and people arm themselves up even more.

So to sum up it seems to me we are entering the stage of terror by decree or by press release less and less need to DO anything and as far as the agenda it is the same as ever. But this one is slick in that it combines many many elements.  Gets gays and minorities on board with the ‘war on terror,’ re-inforces the gun control meme and last and as always demonize Muslims………………..why for Greater Israel of course.

Note on ‘accomplice’ –

              On a live ABC News broadcast, producers cut the line immediately after an Orlando eyewitness mentioned a second suspect helping Omar Mateen by blocking the door as panicked patrons tried to escape. I know it wasn’t a coincidence because the same witness gave several interviews to ABC News yesterday, both with local affiliates and even David Muir on the nightly broadcast, and every single one was edited to remove his statement about a second man helping Mateen. 
              This is undoubtedly an unofficial FBI directive to all media, and ABC has chosen to comply. 


For in-depth analysis see  https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/06/15/orlando-gay-club-shooting-the-pieces-that-dont-fit/

The reporter Barbara Liston from Reuters seems to have got all of the details about the shooting before it happened – her post  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nation-and-world/50-dead-53-injured-after-shooting-orlando-nightclub about the shooting went up on June 11th, then that was corrected to June 12 at 2:06 am (Diane Wilson)