Ole Dammagard has given a shocking talk to the Open Minds conference in Copenhagen, about what happened in Norway – on 22.7.11 with 77 dead (starts 1o minutes into this video, or to 23 minutes if you are in a hurry, or see short version). Ole’s website is lightonconspiracies.com/ – he knows a frightening amount about these matters. He has written the definitive book about who bumped off Olaf Palme, Sweden’s dove-of-peace Prime Minister. Ole has also given an interview on the subject with ‘super-spook’ Chip Tatum, who really does know about the Empire’s death-squads, etc. (or Here, click ‘Chip Tatum’ and then ‘Ole’)

That Open Minds presentation is the best thing yet on this subject. Its probably the most important presentation yet concerning European False Flag terror. He has a load of great live video footage of the event you won’t have seen before. It gives an insight into this topic, that you won’t get anywhere else.

A partial transcript of this interview here follows. (To refresh your memory here are my earlier accounts of this event, here, here and here.)

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Ole here shows us the visual contrast, of the dashing, good-looking ‘knight’ who appeared at his trial, and the killer-thug who was shooting the kids on the island.

An actor is used.

 From Dialogue with Ole and Chip Tatum (these notes of mine may be rather incoherent)

OD meets some character working for Special Forces, identified as ‘Delta Zero 31.’ OD recognises this as Norwegian Delta Team – that was the team which took care of Breivic on the Utoya island, the team that were delayed for more than on hour while he was going around executing people. AB then called in, “My name is Anders Breivic, operation almost complete, I would like to surrender now to Delta Team.” This character was the 2nd person who got onto the island, he was the guy who put the hand cuffs on the shooter.’

CT comments upon the triangle symbol for delta: ‘We have Delta-units around the world’

OD: SFOD/D Special Forces Operation Detachment Delta – ‘There are kill teams that operate well above SFOD/D, that operate in the dark and light.’  CT alludes to Jason Bourne series of movies. Ultra-secret= ‘in the dark’  ‘Dark assets are never shared’ They agree OD has received a threat. despite this, he Ole gave a couple of talks, in Oslo.

OD had already gained knowledge that Delta-Zero 31 was involved in the Norway operation.

OD: After the event in 2011, there has been no reaction from the families – it is just totally quiet, nobody is reacting, no-one was crying for investigtion, we’re talking more than seventy-seven victims, with the official  story being pumped out on a weekly basis [NK – reminds one of 7/7?].

The different photos of AB do not look alike.

He visited prison where Breivic allegedly kept, found it very tiny & ramshackle, but noticed a ‘dead zone’ around it, grass was brown, made OD physically ill. CT says that was a ‘kill zone.’ OD’s impression was, that Breivic was not in the prison. Saw company ‘Evergreen’ near to the prison, with six carports

H gathers that CIA, Mossad and MI6 did it, with backup of Norwegian forces, Norwegial freemasons, they have been stopping any investigation.

An implosion happened in Oslo, not an explosion – people very close did not hear an explosion, but people two or three hundred metres heard a thunder sound, not a big bang. There was an air impact 2-3 sec before the sound came. People 25 Km away could feel the impact and the sound – but not the people near where it happened.  The glass was sucked into the street not blown out. [NK: I confirm use of exotic technology here -THERE WAS NO BOMB in Oslo. I have stated that in earlier articles. Upper stories of big buildings were more damaged than ground level ]

Handful of people in civilian and military clothes, with identical suitcases. The whole area was sealed off after the event, a few real victims on one side of Govt building, crisis actors on the other side.

Just after, five Norwegian soldiers quickly come running, they tell journalists to go away, and collect up some sort of white cable from street level.  Some street works, a ditch dug up, secret cables to govt building. OD belives the suitcases were used to focus the energy-weapon.

CT agrees the suitcases sound like a way of focussing the energy weapon.

There were people in the target area, with helmets and visors. The buildings were being ‘held and shaken.’

Buildings in the blast area have been left and covered up, not renovated.

Later on that morning, on the island, witnesses that said they saw up to five people in police uniforms walking around shooting people.


Goodbye, Torstein

Torstein V.1

Who’s this guy?

After the Oslo event the young Torstein Viddal came over from Oslo and spoke to our group, and I got most of the story posted up on this site from him. He was a pleasant and civil fellow. But recently when I approched him about Ole’s researches he became angry and abusive and told me never to contact him again. “I speak and read Norwegian. You only read English. I’m telling you Ole is BS and probably paid disinfo, yet you for some reason do not want to listen. I suggest you abstain from contacting me ever again.” He would not explain a thing, would not discuss – all he could come out with was this rage, in very short sentences: ” I’m fact-based, and no-one pays me to spew BS disinfo.” Here is a  picture of him

That skinhead-thug type doesn’t look at all like the young man I used to know – here’s what he used to look like:

Torstein V.2

Torstein Viddal