De menezesOn July 22nd, 2005, the Brazilian electrician Jean-Charles de Menezes had his head shot to bits while he lay, helpless and (we believed) unarmed, on a tube coach standing at Stockwell underground.

We were told it was the police who did this but it was very likely some more secret hit-team. Just about everything the police told us about tne incident turned out to be untrue.

The police totally lied their eyes out.

There had been speculation that De Menezes had been involved in the electrical wiring of the tube coaches that blew up, that he ‘knew to much’ – but that’s all it was, speculation.

Until last year.

In 2014 the book Spyhunter was published, written  by insider Michael Shrimpton LLB (Hons) of Gray’s Inn, Barrister, with a foreword written in Jerusalem by Dr Robert Kaplan.

On Friday 22nd July Metropolitan police officers very properly shot dead the Brazilian terrorist electronics expert and renegade ABIM intelligence officer Jean Charles de Menezes, as Stockwell Underground Station. He had designed the ‘timers’ for 7/7, 21/7 and Madrid, depositing the timers for 7/7 in Aylesbury with someone known to GO2, and me. (p.616)

The question here arises as to why Michael Shrimpton has not been arrested by tbe police for questioning, or at the very least asked to give evidence at the 7/7 Inquest 2010-11. (GO-2 is a ‘black’ intelligence outfit which operates from the Lambeth headquarters of MI-6, concerned with drug-running etc – see New Underworld Order, C.Story, 2007)

He added,

There was much talk from his family and supporters about him being an ‘innocent electrician’, although they were unable to explain his whereabouts between 2000 and 2002.

He was actually being trained in antinarcotics work at a covert CIA/DEA facility in New York. We do not hand out work permits to Brazilian electricians. The Met have been unable to explain where De Menezes was working, nor the source of the funds he repatriated to brazil.

Michael Shrimpton averred that De Menezes was armed: concerning the alleged ‘bulge’ in his jacket, ‘the bulge was in fact caused by a silenced semiautomatic pistol. I believe this was a specialist Makarov 9mm with an integrated silencer.’  If so, it seems very odd that we have heard nothing about that all these years.

Have we not heard over all these years that the police shot an unarmed man?

De Menezes’ South London address had been found in one of the 21/7 ‘bombers” holdalls the previous day. GO2 ‘were in a panic’ and sent two MI6 agents to Stockwell station ‘to collect the gun and do the clean-up.’ They ‘may even have set up the hit.’

De Menezes also had some connection to Brzilian intel (ABIN, Agência Brasileira de Inteligência): ‘A warning was passed pretty quickly on the backchannel to Brasilia by inter alia myself that their chap’s connection to ABIN was known, along with the fact that he had been trained in New York.’ Shrimpton claims that de Menezes was not an electrician, and that Cressida Dick’s order to shoot him was ‘perfectly lawful.’ Why he believed that, was not explained.

At last, we have some decent info on what happened – and I suggest that the time has now come, for Cressida Dick to be put on trial for the murder of an innocent man, in cold blood. Let us see if she can defend herself.

Shrimpton does have a slightly unhinged reputation. His Veterans Today articles should not be taken too seriously –  he is at present in jail.