Britain’s popular conspiracy-paranormal program Rich Planet was taken off the air last year, following one single anonymous complaint. It claimed to be distressed by an interview about the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, that Richard Hall did with me.

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So Richard Hall lost his slot on Sky 199 with Information TV. Over four hundred people have written in to OFCOM to complain about this decision.

To keep a sense of perspective on this, well over that number of complaints, maybe as much as seven hundred, have been received by OFCOM, about the gruesomely horrific images of the DLR-event at Woolwich, shown on family viewing time by the MSM – again and again and again.

Ofcom have just published their report , entitled “Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin, Issue 246 20 January 2014”, in which Rich Planet TV is found ‘in breach’ of its ‘standards.’

1. OFCOM objected to the shocking pictures, which children might be viewing:

“Broadcasting images of a dead body, especially in such a repeated, prolonged and prominent manner, together with graphic descriptions of violent acts, has the potential to be very disturbing to viewers. Ofcom considers this especially true with regard to under-eighteens,

– but the State put out all this horror! Citizens have had it rammed down their throats day after day. OFCOM is here saying, its OK for the MSM to traumatise citizens with images of bloody horror, day after day, but not OK for a program to deconstruct it.


‘To suggest without any credible evidence whatsoever so soon after the attack that aspects of the killing had been deliberately orchestrated by secret agencies of the state…’

– Hang on, how is it OFCOM’s business to reach the political judgement, that I and Richard D. Hall had “no credible evidence whatsoever” for the views we were there putting forward?

I have repeatedly argued that the entire DLR killing story has the primary characteristic, of absolute physical impossibility.  I actually bothered to go to Artillery road right after the event to check out the entire story, with two members of Kent Freedom Movement, and the video we put out has had ten thousand hits.

See my posts on this topic, Here and Here.

In the second of these, I describe six ‘absolute physical impossibilities’ of the official story.

Can OFCOM really get away with describing this as ‘without any credible evidence whatosever’? If so, are they prepared to debate this claim anywhere? I am. I object to their claim.

I have a Cambridge degree in History and Philosophy of science, which might suggest I have some capacity for discursive reasoning.

I also bothered to attend the Lee Rigby trial at the Old Bailey.

Furthermore, my colleague Morris Herman also went to the Artillery road site, a day or two before I did, and he checked out that the pillar into which the car had allegedly crashed, was totally unscratched let alone bent. The centrally-relevant evidence is here of a physical, material nature, while the human testimony is here (I have argued) secondary.

OFCOM tried to imply that I did not know what I was talking about, in relation to the blood being present or not on the pavement: ” The programme showed an aerial image of the scene of the incident which included what appeared to be a blood stained pavement ” –  then quoting me abut the lack of blood in images (an overhead aereal shot showed apparent blood on the pavement, while close-up on-the-ground shots of the same site conspicuously did not).

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OFCOM’s report claimed,
In our opinion the majority of viewers of these channels would not have expected such potentially distressing images and graphic descriptions of violence to be shown in these circumstances.
I greatly doubt whether this is the case. There were no ‘new’ shocking pictures shown on the Rich Planet program, that had not been aired many times on the MSM.

The level of offence was compounded by the presenter’s agreement with Nick Kollerstrom’s conspiracy theories and the fact that he did not challenge them in any way

OK, so the program presenter agreed with my argument. So he is taken off air.  What happened to freedom of expression?
But, as a general comment, the new People’s Voice TV seems to have a policy, that when discussing an alleged ‘conspiracy theory’ the compere has to disagree! When Richie Allen was interviewing me last month, doing the 7/7 story, he kept saying ‘surely not!’ etc. Iguess that’s the legacy of OFCOM…