On Sunday 31 March Tony Farrell gave a fine speech to a group of a hundred or so British Muslims. This is the first time that British Muslims have ever listened to a ‘truth’ talk about the London Bombings, apart from Dr Naseem speaking to his congregation at the Birmingham Mosque.

Here is a ‘trailer’ for what the event was supposed to be but the the speaker on this more religious angle did not turn up.

The aim of Tony’s talk he said was to defend these three statements:

*   An understanding of the events that have shaped the last decade or so in the UK are predicated not so much on facts to be learned but secrets to be discovered.

*  Men and women become accomplices to the evil, they fail to oppose.

*    The price men and women pay for their indifference to public affairs is that they become ruled by evil men.

“On the subject of 7/7 itself, former Prime Minister Tony Blair said on the fateful day:  “We know this was done in the name of Islam”. In stark contrast, the Tony who stands before you today sees it very differently. I say categorically that the 7/7 London Bombings were not perpetrated by Muslims – they were in fact inside jobs perpetrated by agents of the state with media connections and blamed on innocent Muslim patsies. Successive UK Governments cover up the dreadful truth.

“The 7/7 atrocities were only done in the name of Islam insofar as the UK satanic state apparatus needed some catastrophic event so that it could blame Islam and  dampen down opposition to their own evil role as the carefully disguised aggressors in the middle east. As it was foretold by the Project for the New American Century and Zbigniew Brezinski Grand Chessboard, ISLAM had to be blamed so that middle-east resources could be plundered without stoking up public outrage on grounds of immorality.

“The truth is that 7/7 has all the hallmarks of an inside job and was a stage managed horror show perpetrated not by four Muslim lads from Beeston Leeds but by the Intelligence Services with all the white might of its controlling media tentacles in order to brainwash the nation into believing Islamic Extremists are a huge threat to our freedoms.  These Satanists boasted to the mantra of “Outright terror bold and brilliant.” Outside of Canary Wharf HSBC on 7/7, two or three young Muslim lads were in all probability assassinated.  Most certainly they were not responsible for SIMULTANEOUSLY blowing up three trains and then a No 30 bus.  They did not kill 52 innocent citizens. They did not blast themselves to smithereens. One of the lads Shezhad Tanweer did not end up in 52 pieces while the person sat the other side of his supposedly detonated rucksack walked away relatively unscathed. No reliable evidence can place them at the crimescenes. Fact.

The new Britain

“Gone was Jesus’ great commandment of love thy neighbour. In Police State UK, the Metropolitan Police Communications Department were unleashing posters indirectly urging  Brits to spy on each other. Spy on one’s neighbour – Muslims being at the brunt of the marketing propaganda campaign.

“‘Don’t worry keep calm and carry on’ was the insipid message being put out by the Met Police to rekindle a misplaced Churchillian spirit against what they – by deceit – wanted us all to see as a common enemy. Young Jihadists and mad Mullahs.

“This spying on the Muslims was often referred to as “Rich Picture”. Gather intelligence on the Muslims especially in University Campuses and in the Mosques. Log anything that deviated from the norm.  Introduce business metrics and performance indicators counting how many intelligence logs we had on you.”

  Arrest Peter Power!

“Warranting immediate arrest is this man of Crisis or should I say ISIS. If ever there was someone who needed to be arrested over 7/7 here is your main man. Peter Power. Visor Consultants. Terror drill specialist extra-ordinaire and front man for the BBC whenever the government sponsored terror threat propaganda machinery goes into full throttle. Check him out on Terror on the Tube.

“The strategy of lie and deny is tried and tested. It worked for the third Reich and its working for the Fourth, the New World Order. It’s vile but it’s well recognised and proven to work – just read what Hermann Goering had to say.”

Tony has now released the sequence of dossiers he has produced for his various trials and legal appeals:  http://www.thefarrellreport.net/report_7__four_bombings___a_tribunal.html including the complete text of his talk quote here.

Mr Arshad organising the meeting commented:

Our heartfelt thanks to Mr Tony Farrell for his talk today. This was an illuminating talk filled with his personal reflections and experience of standing up against the Government’s bogus terrorism agenda which works to vilify the Muslim community and Islam. Mr Farrell’s courageous stance and firm Christian belief for upholding the truth through all aspects of his life, including his work as the Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police, cost him his high profile career of 17 years and resulted in his bankruptcy.

Mr Farrell stands today, a proud and honest voice against lies and oppression, and as an ambassador for genuine interfaith brotherhood. He is an inspiration to us all.