Hyde Park September 2005, just two months after the London bombings:

at an anti-war demo with Keith Mothersson. He made the smart poster. He originally took out the URL julyseventh.co.uk, then later gave it to Bridget Dunne’s group in London. He mysteriously departed from this world just as my book came out in 2009, which he had helped me with more than anyone else: God rest his soul. (Thanks Adrian Connick for the photo – Adrian made the  excellent officialconfusion.com site about 7/7) Click on the image if you can’t see it all.

You can see right behind me is the ‘911 truth’ poster. This picture indicates a creative period which lasted a year or so when the large 911-truth group and the small, new ‘7/7 truth group’ managed to get on along together. I’m in between the two posters. How come a research Fellow at University College, London doing some history of astronomy research, came to write the book about the London bombings? I certainly never expected such a thing. Maybe Keith encouraged me. This picture shows that essential space or ambience, in between those two Truth groups, which enabled me to do it.