“David Davis, the shadow home secretary, has urged Home Secretary Reid ‘to think again … whether deliberately or not, the government have not told the British public the whole truth about the circumstances and mistakes leading up to the July 7 attacks’.”The Guardian

Author Nick Kollerstrom
Author Nick Kollerstrom


My book, Terror on the Tube, Behind the Veil of 7/7′ aims to open up some degree of public debate over who perpetrated the London bombings, and why they might have done it.

It is far from evident that we have been given any proper answers to this grave question. This site includes additional information, updates and news of recent July 7th developments as the investigation continues. Collectively, we have to use our powers of reason. If we don’t do this, then what Goya described in his painting will assuredly happen: ‘When Reason Sleeps, Monsters are Born.’

‘When Reason Sleeps, Monsters are Born.’

Politicians want to control you through fear, and so they need ways of invoking fear-and-terror, as told so well in the BBC trilogy, ‘The Power of Nightmares’. The best way to avoid this, in my view, is through well-informed thought and collective discourse. Shocking though some of my conclusions may be, we must not flinch from reaching them if they are warranted. In my youth, I would never have believed that the Powers that Be could do such things! I was working as a science historian at UCL adjacent to Tavistock Square, where the July 7th bus bomb went off. It seemed to me, as someone who has lived in London for most of his life, that my training as a science historian was relevant and could be useful for investigating this quite technological type of crime.

Everlasting War – our new millennium

Explaining the meaning of his song, Masters of War, Bob Dylan explained, ‘It’s speaking against what Eisenhower was calling a military-industrial complex as he was making his exit from the presidency.’ The US is arguably now waging four wars simultaneously, if we include Pakistan and the Yemen, although the latter two are experiencing drone (robot plane) attacks upon villagers rather than boots on the ground. The ambition of PNAC, the Project for a New American century, is now being fulfilled: that the US must be able to ‘fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars.’ After composing that document in 1997, the event of 9/11 was organised so that the people would accept its policies. The now-ongoing wars are a putting into practice of that intended policy. This website is not about war or peace as such, it is about the way in which illusion is fabricated by those who desire war. It is about the difference between what is real and what is not, so it is philosophical in nature. When it comes to the reasons for war that are fabricated by those who create delusion, I notice that my fellow-countrymen are no better than the cats which jump at shadows on the wall. They seem to require that fear and terror, Phobos and Diemos, be given to them, and then they will believe what the politicians say. To try and remedy this, I wrote this book. May the spell be broken, may the illusion be shattered!

Most recent 7/7 tube blast image release

Alfred Nobel gained his funds to launch the Nobel Peace prize from his profits from manufacturing dynamite, so perhaps there is a bitter irony in Barack Obama being awarded that prize, while being the ‘commander in chief” of two wars simultaneously. Over two million young Americans have now done service in either Afghanisan or Iraq. Obama is tripling the US troop presence in Afghanistan. He acknowledged this proudly while accepting the prize, and this has an Orwellian meaning. To quote Cindy Sheehan, the ruling class is telling us by giving Obama that award, and in his speech, that “War is Peace” and the only conceivable way to peace is through war. After accepting the prize Obama signed the Pentagon’s seven hundred billion dollar Pentagon budget for the year. Altogether, the US is now spending well over a trillion dollars a year on war and its military.Is it trying to start world war three? Its always brown skin that fries, Muslims that get demonised. At the present time an escalation of war into Pakistan is happening: ‘The chosen strategy is to massively export the Afghan civil war into Pakistan and beyond, fracturing Pakistan along ethnic lines.’ (Source)

To help us remember the meaning of the word ‘peace’, I offer these two quotes, one from JFK and the other from Rudolf Steiner:

“What kind of a peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and build a better life for their children Peace need not be impracticable, and war need not be inevitable. By defining our goal more clearly, by making it seem more manageable and less remote, we can help all peoples to see it, to draw hope from it, and to move irresistibly toward it.- JFK 10 June 1963

” The ideal of perfect peace can never be achieved if even the smallest drop of blood is shed by means of an instrument of war. Perfect peace must come into the world in quite another way! And whoever says he is fighting for peace, and must continue to make war till the enemy is annihilated in order to achieve peace, is lying, even if he does not realise it, and regardless of who he may be! ” – Rudolf Steiner 18 Dec 1916 Dornach.

See: 2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World.

The NEW EDITION of ‘Terror On the Tube’ has a full analysis if the 5-month 7/7 Inquest, and its the only book you can get which will really tell you the truth about what happened on that day. Its published by Progressive Press and is available via Amazon UK