The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

On George Soros’ birthday, 12 of August, a march had been planned in protest against a statue being pulled down, in Charlottesville. With such traditionalist overtones, its not surprising that what is called the political right-wing should have made a big thing about it. A ruling was obtained from a federal judge that it had the right to go ahead. The first amendment of the United states protects the right to free assembly.   

The statue was of General Robert Lee, described as:

 A man who despised slavery and freed his slaves (in 1862), a man descended from the Founders of our old Republic and who fully understood what the Founders intended, a man who loved the Union but loved liberty more, a man of a truly Christian and gentle disposition—Lee stands out in our history as one of our greatest figures, respected and deeply admired by such diverse leaders as Winston Churchill and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Yet, he also comprehended what the tyranny of an overreaching Federal government might mean. And he made a momentous decision to stand with his state AND for the American Constitution. 

I’m ignorant of American history so don’t ask me any more. The City Council had voted for tis demolition.

That morning, as the thousands of demonstrators were arriving, the Jewish mayor of Charlottesville declared that the meeting was unlawful. Hordes of black-clad military police in full riot gear started flooding in – these were Virginia state police, not local Charlottesville police. The latter only arrived once it was over.  The black-clad zombie thugs kept repeating that it was an ‘unlawful assembly’. They commanded the crowds to disperse. On whose authority were they doing that?

The crowds who had gathered tried to disperse, but found that the police had boxed them in. They found themselves trapped between Antifa and the ‘police.’ People were getting pepper-sprayed by both Antifa and the police.

Car drives into Crowd Hoax

Here is a video taken by a drone, of the car driving into a huge crowd milling around a road junction. You can see nobody on the four roads, but only a huge crowd at the intersection, not going anywhere. The car number-plate is GVF 1111 while that of his Mother’s car is GVF 1122. these ‘funny numbers’ are a clue to a set-up, a psy-op. You can see how the car drives into the crowd and nobody is injured, just loads of people are milling around it. The car has tinted dark-glass windows, despite which we get a view of the driver, and he does not look like the guy they arrested.

From the fellow arrested, J.A.Fields, we hear no word – as usual in these events. His Facebook page was created the day before on the 11th, and featured a picture of Adolf Hitler: but of course. The photo of the car has its front totally crumpled up, with no drop of blood on it: from the fairly slow speed it was seen driving in  the video, how could it be at all crushed? It’s a pre-crushed car in a hoax scenario and no-one died. 




 Millman Community Centre lied to us about reason for cancellation of Keeptalking meeting, saying police advised them to cancel. Here is police reply to Ian Fantom, group co-ordinator:

Good Morning Mr. Fantom,
Please see the following in response to your below email:-
The Keep Talking event planned for the Millman Centre, Millman Street, WC1 on 09th AUGUST 2017 HAS NOT been cancelled by the Metropolitan Police Service.
The Millman Centre have exercised their right as a private venue to cancel bookings.
The Metropolitan Police Service has no record of events organised by the group Keep Talking attracting public disorder, however persons who have been associated with this event on social media have previously attracted interest from extreme right wing / right wing  groups at meetings/demonstrations which have attracted opposition from extreme left wing groups or where, by their behaviour, they have incited disorder from those opposed to their ideology resulting in localised disorder.
Kind regards
Jacqueline Joyce PC3144CN
Event Planning (Partnership & Prevention)
Central North Basic Command Unit
Kentish Town Police Station
12a Holmes Road
London  (10th of August)


A private, monthly discussion group on ‘conspiracy’ issues? Shut it down!

On Wednesday 9th August the meeting our group was due to have, over the 20th anniversary of the death of Lady Di, was closed allegedly by the police advising that the room booking be cancelled.



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My new book has emerged, well produced by Moon rock books in the USA:   $20 for black and white, $30 for colour.bookcover

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In Tavistock Square, on July 7th 2005, the number 30 bus blew up at a quarter to ten. Right behind it, there was a black Jaguar car, registration plate RMR 1′:  Jaguare at Tavisdtock

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After it turned into a raging inferno, Grenfell tower showed no sign of collapsing. Were the laws of physics somehow suspended?grenfell-tower

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The inquest into the 22 persons allegedly dead from the Manchester ‘terror’ blast, opened on 9th June,  

No victims’ families were present at the hearing but Mr Meadows said they had shown ‘great spirit in the face of overwhelming grief’.

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‘I can confirm that eight police officers discharged their weapons.’Met report

       The death toll has now gone up to 8, on 7th June the day before the General Election, as Xavier Thomas’ body has been found, in the Thames. 

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A white van mounts up onto the pavement of London Bridge, killing and injuring crowds and this is just after 10 pm on June 6th. Then it is seen to have crashed, people see its crumpled-up front, maybe from hitting a lamp-post. Three crazed killers emerge from the van with knives (or, on another version, these were separate from the van). This is the southern end of the Bridge, near to the Borough market.  They start killing people. The police arrive within two minutes and shoot all three of them dead within eight minutes.

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Half an hour before the blast, at 10 pm The Sun put out an article ’Jeremy Corbyn might not have planted a bomb but he made it easier for those who did.’ This is unlikely to be a coincidence and the Manchester police need to grill Murdoch about the indication here displayed of foreknowledge.

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Ms Aysha Frade, born in the UK, married to John A. Frade?

She does not seem to have any birth certificate.

Was it her posterior protruding from the rear of the  53 bus? Bum-2

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