The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

A man of integrity has stepped forward, to be Britain’s Prime minister.

This is sending shock waves througth the British Establishment. The British Zionist media have been making every effort to blacken his name – let’s quote Gilad Atzmon (17 August):

While Corbyn’s success represents a hugely popular shift within British political thinking, the orchestrated Jewish campaign against corbynhim is there to suggest that once again, Jews set themselves against the people they dwell upon.

The vastly growing popularity of Jeremy Corbyn amongst Brits can be easily explained. Following decades of cultural Marxist, divisive Identiterian politics and Zionist-Neocon domination within the British Left, Corbyn brings along a refreshing ideological alternative. Corbyn seems to re-unite the Brits. He cares for the weak. He opposes interventionist wars. He represents the return of the good old left as opposed to New Labour’s affinity with big money, choseness  and exceptionalism. He cares for the students and the youth. He thinks about the future and promises to undo the damage created by Blair and Cameron. But as Britain sees the rise of a hugely popular ideological movement, many Jewish institutions see Corbyn as an arch enemy. They would prefer to see him gone and have used nearly every trick in the book to discredit him.

In the last few days we have noticed a tidal wave of Jewish institutional opposition to Corbyn. First it was the Daily Mail that attempted to throw Zionist mud in the direction of the man who is destined to take over what is left out of the Labour party. Surprisingly, not a single British media outlet picked the Mail’s dirt for a few days. Eventually the notorious Zionist Jewish Chronicle had to take the gloves off just ahead of Sabbath and lead the battle against the emerging socialist leader.

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De menezesOn July 22nd, 2005, the Brazilian electrician Jean-Charles de Menezes had his head shot to bits while he lay, helpless and (we believed) unarmed, on a tube coach standing at Stockwell underground.

We were told it was the police who did this but it was very likely some more secret hit-team. Just about everything the police told us about tne incident turned out to be untrue.

The police totally lied their eyes out.

There had been speculation that De Menezes had been involved in the electrical wiring of the tube coaches that blew up, that he ‘knew to much’ – but that’s all it was, speculation.

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ViewtyJuly 30th – Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court , Chris Spivey found guilty – and vilified by the national media. Guilty of what? See my letter (below) handed in to the Minitry of Justice on August 12th.

Spivey had earlier put out the statement: “The court case is going ahead tomorrow despite my Barrister stating in writing that I cannot get a fair trial without the witnesses there. Apparently the judge has refused to postpone the case despite the appeal being put in to have the witnesses present… That should tell you what the outcome of this Kangaroo Court will beThe bottom line is that this is a fraudulent court case and the rule of law completely ignored continue reading…

Did America go to the Moon in the 1960s?

Hardly anyone I meet these days seems to believe it.

The few people I meet who do still believe it, addmit that the photos we were shown of astronauts on the moon were somehow fiddled or doctored.

I did a chapter in Jim Fetzer’s new ‘conspiracy’ book entitled “And I suppose we didn ‘t go to the Moon either?” My chapter argued that, yes they did really go!

There are four chapters in that book on this question,  three sceptical that any Apollo craft went  to the Moon, and mine ‘Did they visit the Moon? Doubts about Apollo’ claiming, yes they did.

I debated the issue with Jim Fetzer, on ‘Windows on the World’  - along with other conspiracy theories featured in his book – and as you will note it is by no means clear that I am winning the argument. continue reading…

At a quarter past ten on July 7th, 2005, BBC news had its reporter Anna O’Neill reporting, on the very first eyewitness account of what had just happened in Tavistock Square. She described how she had just been shown some film of the bus blowing up! No-one else ever saw that film, it has vanished from the historical record. The bus blew up at a quarter to ten. Let’s quote her words.

The John Gaunt Show on BBC-London has its reporter Anna O’Neill at King’s Cross

Good morning, Anna  (N.B., this whole sequence extends from 1 hour 18:30 minutes, to 1 hr 21 minutes).

One man has shown her some footage that he recorded on his mobile phone.’of a bus exploding a few streets away’ – some ‘very devastating scenes there, it looks like people lying on the floor’ – she does not say ‘dead.’

John Gaunt returns her to the bus account at 1:19:40 – saying, ‘It was in Russell Square, I believe?’ Anna replies ‘The man himself wasn’t sure’ – he did not know if it was Russell Square or not [it wasn't].   ‘HE SAW THE BACK OF THE BUS EXPLODE’  He had spent some time in Israel. It reminded him of scenes he had witnessed while living over there – i.e. he is implying to the reporter, that this is ‘Islamic terror.’

John Gaunt asks for clarifying of what exactly she saw on the footage. Did she see the bus exploding? She could see ‘THE BACK OF THE BUS WHICH HAD ALL SORTS OF SMOKE AND FLAMES COMING OUT OF IT’  No-one else ever described that. He (the unnamed photographer) had captured ‘THE SECOND AFTER THE BUS HAD EXPLODED.’ continue reading…

Ten years after the London Bombings, what has happened?

First of all, state-fabricated terror appears as the main art-form of the 21st century. The patsies are used, framed and blamed, the perps walk free. We are made to live in fear. The new wars are thereby justified.

Secondly, the Muslims are normally the demonised ‘enemy’ Just occasionally eg at Sandy Hook they are not, but normally they are given ‘the blame.’

Blair immediately told the world that 7/7 was  an Islamic crime, on the same day – just as Cameron told us on the same day who had done the Tunisia shootings – it was IS he said, ‘Islamic State.’

Actors are used. They were present at Tavistock Square on the morning of 7/7, bandaged up much too soon, and were also spotted around King’s Cross, however the deaths were real. In more recent state-fabricated terror since  then, especially after 2012, the ‘visible participants’ have been mostly crisis-actors – as they are now called. continue reading…

Terror events in three countries left 63 people dead on Friday 26th June: in Tunisia, Kuwait and France. This is in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. Friday, 26th June Beach and hotel at Sousse A Wiki site went up quickly, saysing “39 people, mostly British tourists, were killed when armed gunmen attacked two hotels.” – soon this was altered to ‘an armed gunman.’ ”

The Brits were staying in the  Imperial Marhaba Hotel.

Cameron tells us who did it

The day after (27th) Cameron explained that the terror event had been perpetratred by Islamic State Terrorists.  How did he know that? We are reminded of Tony Blair telling the British people that Muslims had perpetrated the 7/7 event, on the very day that it had happened. (NB Isis appears to be run by Simon Elliot, a Mossad agent.) continue reading…

Windows on the World interview – three thousand hits in a couple of days, 56 likes NO dislikes!

http://windowsontheworld.net/video_type/holocaust-breaking-the-spell/  also up on Truthseeker

“This astonishing and brilliant book” – Jim Fetzer

Debate on Non-Aligned Media:kollerstrom-martinez

April 2015.

I’ve done a two-hour debate on Red Ice Radio about the subject of my new book,

Image from Brandon Martinez with kind permission

RED ICE RADIO, Feb 2015: 

We begin our discussion with an analysis of the real physical data that exists relating to the purported existence of huge cyanide gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps. Nick gives details of the numbers and causes of deaths at Auschwitz that were recorded daily and then published, figures that are staggeringly less than the 6 million number that has been seared into the ‘official’ storyline. We talk about the outbreak of typhus in 1942, the delousing chambers that were created to deal with the disease infestation, and how this ordinary hygiene technology was used in an attempt to decrease mortality rates of valuable workers in the labor camps. Nick brings light to the real purpose of the camps and how the horrific stories developed during the nightmare and confusion of war. Further, he’ll explain the lack of any documents or intercepted communications indicating orders to exterminate prisoners, and the reconstruction of history that has created an undebatable transcendental mythos of death by gas chambers. Then, we’ll consider the motivations for perpetuating the Holocaust myth and who has come to benefit from what was certainly the worst collective experience that European Jews have endured. ?”

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Black Arts at GCHQ


British Intel is now skilled in the black arts of deception, character assassination and false testimony -





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French President: The Illuminati did this, Muslims did not do it.

In an astounding broadcast, President Francois Hollandais has has told this to the people of France on national television, on 9th January the day after the Paris terror attacks:

Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam. (‘Ceuc qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslim’)

Listen, O people of France, to what your President has told you! The ‘illuminati’ has always traditionally alluded to the Masonic orders which are very strong in France, to a hidden elite of Judaeo-Masonic bankers.

Muslims did not do it – let’s say that loud and clear, as the opinion of France’s President. This could be a turning-point in tbe history of state-fabricated terror.  

Let’s hope this video of France’s president doesn’t get deleted – so many videos are being scrubbed from Google on this topic. Has the worm turned at last? Are the puppets getting tired of their puppet-masters?

The Turkish premier has made a comparable statement, telling the press on monday 12th January:

Mossad is definitely behind such incidents . . . it is boosting enmity towards Islam. The duplicity of the west is obvious: As Muslims we have never sided with terror or massacres:racism, hate speech, Islamophobia are behind these massacres…. The culprits are clear: French citizens undertook this massacre and Muslims were blamed for it.”

He  linked the attacks to French moves towards recognising Palestine.“Games are being played throughout the Islamic world” he said, and expressed bewilderment that French intelligence services had not followed the culprits more effectively.

Turkey is a NATO member! Mr Erdogan is a former Prime Minister and current President of Turkey.

A Warning from Israel

On December 2nd, the France Parliament passed a resolution asking that France recognize a Palestinian state. Its lower house voted to recognize Palestine, 339 MPs voting in favour and 151 against. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.

One week before the event, Israel informed France that it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s vote on a UN resolution that would have required Israeli forces to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders by 2017.

The News Storypolice car shoe

On 7 January 2015, at about 11:30 am, two masked gunmen forced their way into the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France,  screaming “Allahu Akbar” and killing twelve people, including the editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier, seven other Charlie Hebdo employees, and two National Police officers, and wounding eleven others. (The newspaper had attracted worldwide attention for its scurrilous depictions of the prophet Mohammed.)

That didn’t stop the next edition from coming out, selling a million copies, its biggest sale ever – with of course a frontpage caricature of the Prophet Mohammed.

Figure: Note shoe beside car!  Hope someone gets told off for that. continue reading…

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