The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

NB – see my ‘In solidarity with Alex Jones’ statement.

The grounds given for taking down Alex Jones have been totally vacuous:

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Thomas Mair is in jail accused of murdering Jo Cox. Here is his library card 2011: 

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Q has made a hard commitment that July is the month when the truth is made manifest, with resolution by November.”

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A brilliant (but anonymous poet has summed it all up, so well….

*** from the ‘Syrian Observatory of Human Wrongs’ ***


By Panopticon

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Don’t miss the 7/7 ‘truth’ play now showing at the Oxford pub in Camden, June-July: “Outright terror, bold and Brilliant”. this is Peter Neahey’s 3rd play. It dramatises the plight of the four ‘patsies.’ It is (if I may say so) based upon my book, Terror on the Tube.’

This play will be re-showing later this year. It has dramatic sequences in it, bringing vividly to life the four young men who were inveigled into taking the trip to London town, and how it dawned on them that they were set up: indeed, we wish these scenes had lasted a bit longer. These action-sequences are carefully based upon what was disclosed at the 7/7 Inquest in 2011.  All the people I asked in the audience said they had really enjoyed and appreciated this play. Sir Ian Blair who was then the head of the Metropolitan police makes an appearance, where the format is of a court hearing. It’s an imaginary court, where the innocence of the four young men can be defended.   The play’s author has the central role, in carrying the thread of the story. We are made to realise just how extraordinary a story it was, as the plot twists and turns. Let’s hope there can be some way of getting this drama through to a wider audience.

the Inquiries Act 2005

On April 6th 2005, an shocking Act was passed through Parliament just a few months before, to control any ‘public enquiry.’ Of this Amnesty International said, ‘Any Enquiry would be controlled by the executive, which is empowered to block public scrutiny of state actions.’

the Guardian:

Rushed into law on April 7, the last possible day before parliament was dissolved, the act gives ministers powers to exclude the public from all or part of an inquiry, to control publication of the final report, to restrict the publication of documents, to insist on the omission of crucial evidence from the final report “in the public interest”, and even to sack the chairman or a member of the inquiry panel.

The act abolishes the Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act 1921, which guarantees independence by giving inquiry chairmen a free hand in all important decisions.

Lord Saville, the law lord who presided over the Bloody Sunday inquiry, has told the constitutional affairs minister, Lady Ashton, in a letter that he would refuse to take part in any inquiry allowing ministers to control public access. He wrote that the act “makes a very serious inroad into the independence of any inquiry; and is likely to damage or destroy public confidence in the inquiry and its findings”

Let’s have one more quote about this act, which one could really call the 7/7 Act, from Judge Peter Cory:

It seems to me that the proposed new Act would make a meaningful enquiry impossible. the minister would have the authority to thwart the efforts of the enquiry at every step. It really creates an intolerable Alice in wonderland situation. 

I never heard about this Act, I reckon Peter Neahey has discovered it in the present context.



January 19th 2017: the prestigious high-rise building in Tehran starts to burn and then collapses. It was 17 storeys high.

Does this negate the important 9/11-truth axiom, ‘No high-rise steel-framed building had ever collapsed due to fire’?

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Therapy Session


This is a stressful time, for all of us. You might find it helpful here, to peruse these comments from Off-Guardian, on Friday 13th:

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UK poison hoax


Two people unconscious on a park bench, a doctor arrives and treats them. Half an  hour later, a policeman arrives (Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey), who then ‘catches’ whatever the two, father and daughter, have got (but the doctor is fine). Blood samples are taken, and a ‘Russian’ nerve-poison Novichok is said to be detected. This is also found in the home of the father and daughter, maybe on some clothes. It’s March 4th. No wait, it’s on the door-handle.

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On February 20th, the Inaugural Lecture of the Principal of Queen Mary College (part of the University of London) by Professor Colin Bailey, was entitled ‘The Behaviour of Buildings During a Fire – Why the World Trade Centre 7 Collapsed.’ 

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Her new song, ‘Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine‘ –   or here.

On January 10th, British minstrel Alison Chabloz attended trial (Marylebone Magistrate’s Court), charged by the Crown Prosecution Service. At stake here is the future of British satire. 

The police have already held her in custody for two days and two nights. 

She is incredibly courageous on this matter, not backing down. 

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