Paul’s Birthday 18 June:

There is a very old conspiracy theory that seems to be resurfacing.  A couple of years ago, batmanRingo Starr was interviewed and said,  twice, that he was the last of the Beatles: ‘I am the last remaining Beatle.’  (26.5.11) The ‘Plastic Macca’ website here is by Tina Foster: she was interviewed by Andrew Johnson on the topic, ‘Was Paul McCartney replaced in 1966?’ – here. 

Just last week, Jim Fetzer did a two-hour interview with Clare Kuehn on the subject (‘the Real Deal with Jim Fetzer’), which is quite important, and you might want to peruse some of the four hundred comments about it here, probably the most informed debate on the topic yet. Some of you might remember Clare for the excellent lecture she gave at the Vancouver 911 truth conference in Toronto. continue reading…