This website does not normally grapple with metaphysical issues. 

But, Tony Farrell who was for 12 years the Senior Intelligencer Analyst of South Yorkshire Police, was sacked for telling them that the main terror threat was coming not from Muslims but from our own Government. In an Appeal against his sacking, he stated:

(i) The world faces the risk of the ascent of the “New World Order”.

(ii) The establishment of the New World Order is the goal of a global elite which seeks to introduce a secret satanic ideology to enslave the masses and claim control of the world’s resources;

(iii) The global elite seeking the establishment of the New world Order are intrinsically linked to secret societies such as Free Masonry and include the leaders of the United Kingdom, the United states governments and the international financial institutions;

(iv) The attacks of 7 July 2005 and 11 September 2001 were in fact perpetrated by the governments of the UK and the USA against their own citizens for the purpose of building support for their foreign policy agenda

What attitude should we take towards such a view? Tony Farrell is an ardent Christian. While repecting this, let’s turn to an Islamic perspective. On the no-nonsense, big-hitting  ‘Veterans today’ site, Kevin Barrett gave expression to a simple dualism of light versus darkness, good versus evil:

… after a week of US Marines urinating on corpses, Republican candidates cheering the murders of Iranian scientists, and US officials all but admitting that the real reason for hostilities with Iran is that Iran is one of the last countries on earth with a non-Rothschild central bank…in other words, that Americans are being frog-marched into World War III by Rothschild satanists in order to create a Jerusalem-based global bankster dictatorship…well, I’m starting to believe in this pole-shift thing.

Americans have obviously lost their moral compass. The poles of morality – good and evil – are switching places. Americans are taking evil as their good.  And the good – for example, people in Afghanistan and Iran defending their country and their religion from satanic foreign invasion – appears to them as evil.

Here is a picture of a good man, a good citizen, and a good father. His name was Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. His job involved building nuclear power plants so that his country will survive when its oil runs out – probably in no more than a decade or two.

He was blown to bits by a psychotic killer from a psychotic killer state. The psychotic killer state says Mostafa’s crime was working on a technology that might one day enable Mostafa’s country to build nuclear weapons – which the psychotic killer state already possesses in abundance.

You don’t need much of a moral compass to see who is good and innocent and honest, and who is evil and hypocritical and guilty, in this situation. Yet Americans allow their politicians to openly call for, and gloat over, the murder of good by evil.

As the moral pole shift continues to build in intensity, expect to see Republican presidential candidates knocking each other over as they scramble to be the first to kiss the sulphorous arse of Satan. Expect to see them demanding that the Nuremburg laws of war be re-written so that defending one’s country from invasion is the supreme war crime, while aggression is a universal right. Expect to see them running ads vaunting their status as clients of child prostitution services, each claiming to best their fellow candidates in pederasty …  Expect to see them expressing their support for the US military’s legalization of bestiality by buggering donkeys in front of cheering platoons of flag-waving servicemen. Expect to see them not just calling for torture, but actually demonstrating their love of torture on live TV by gleefully extracting the fingernails of randomly selected victims.

No Conscience

My book made an affirmation about the nature of evil:  ‘The Axis of Evil US-UK is white, from Whitehall to the White House, and its holy-communion taking leaders go about their normal business of stealing the resources, demonising and bombing nations of  darker skin colour.‘ (page 262 in the new, 3rd edition) Phew!

Or, you might prefer ‘Les Visible‘  discussing ‘the Nature of Central Banks’:

The force of darkness is much as Sauron is depicted in The Lord of the Rings… Sauron never has any shape. We only see him as a lidless eye. He takes his shape in the form of the people he possesses and operates through. That’s the same way it is here. In reality, Sauron has no power over those who are not susceptible to him. You have to have the necessary magnetic lodestones inside you to be brought under the sway. (‘Managed perception and the nature of central banks’)

In terms of what can be done, at a political level, we in the UK should demand to be told all MPs who are Friends of Israel, and all MPs who are Freemasons. It is not acceptable that these memberships – which may mean their primary loyalty is not to the wellbeing of the UK –  should remain secret.

Ritual Blood in Tavistock Square?

In Tavistock Square, on the morning of 7th July 2005, there was suddenly blood spattered all around the entrance to the British Medical Association (see image): where had it come from? The number 30 bus stopped about twenty feet beyond that door, I don’t reckon that any blood of its victims could have ended up there. The blood was spattered very symmetrically around that door – and nowhere else.  As such it looked like some sort of ritualistic and pre-planned event.

Disclose.tvLondon 2012 7/7 Olympics Sacrifice Ritual
href=””>London 2012 7/7 Olympics Sacrifice Ritual Video
In the 8.8.08 Beijing Olympics, Britain had a ‘Red Bus’ show – see video above for its symbolism. The 13 dancers with their 13 umbrellas surely signified the thirteen who allegedly died on the 30 bus. The image here shows the bus after its top lifted off, in an obvious reference to the 30 bus exploding on 7/7.

Let’s have one more powerful-but-pessimistic quote from Henry Makow:

A Satanic cult controls the credit of the world and rules through myriad proxies. It is determined to destroy civilisation and institute an Orwellian police state… Mankind is in the grip of a diabolical force that conbstantly strives to legitimise itself through deception…The diabolical powers have been here for a long time. You have discovered their existence only because they signalled the begining of their endgame on Sept 11.

Don’t let them stunt or degrade you by obsessing on their iniquity. Restore balance by attuning yourself to the things you love. Be an outpost of happiness.

Dick Cheney, trying to put a ‘hex’ on some demonstrators:


Pedophile Rings

These seem to be closely connected to whatever it is one means by ‘Satanism’ today. Jimmy Savile seems to have had a lot to do with this in the UK and thereby acquired his fabulous wealth. Here is an American view: an interview with gordon Duff.  who runs the ‘Veterans Today’ site. ‘The most powerful tool that binds much of the [US] government together is child sex… Children as young as five years old, our government specific requests for whatever children at a given age, hair colour etc and they are kidnapped off the street, abused and killed There have been several paedophile Presidents: Bush, both Bushes, Clinton and Dick Cheney.’  I hour, 22 minutes into the interview.

Comment by Jim Stone:

Luciferian power mongers have a rather distinct blood lust, and war is an outward sign of it. The most preferable wars are ones in which two groups who previously had nothing against each other, are whipped up into a fury by a storm of lies produced in the luciferian press, and if necessary kicked into high gear with a false flag attack. 911 was a prime example, in which a nation (Israel) produced a horrible disaster, and then pointed the finger for it at a bunch of goat herders who said NO to an oil pipeline which was to originate in the Caspian region and cross their territory.

In the perfect form of evil, any war, which kills millions and is based on a lie, is a good war. What could satisfy Satan more than having millions of people kill each other for absolutely no reason, other than a lie?

Jim’ll fix it Star ‘Worshipped the devil’

 The President of the United States – Yep!

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