The worst act of violence Paris has suffered since the German occupation during World War II, with over three hundred people in hospital… but, Drills were planned in Paris for that very day: Patrick Pelloux, chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, explained on France Info radio that Paris police were prepared because, “as luck would have it”, they’d planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on that very morning, Nov 13,2015.

Here is a response from the day after: “I also knew last night watching KELLY FILE on FOX that the “parade” of “survivors” on camera with Space Blankets looked very fishy – – at least 4 of these people coming out of the Concert Hall were SMILING ? laughing ? would you be smiling after witnessing a blood bath massacre as we’ve been told? People fall back into the same trap and believe the media. Some of it is real. Some of it involved crisis actors….all of it involved the Elite who have been planning this for along time.” – Barbara Joshua. Parisattacks2b

Whatever happened in that music hall continued for one hour before the police started to arrive (Source: survivor testimony I heard on the radio, today the 15th).

A pristine passport found left by a dead terrorist for ID, after he went bang in a football stadium – where have we heard that one before?

Right away, the authorities knew and were proclaiming who had done it. Let’s listen to professor Chossudovsky, on Global Research:

‘Within minutes following the attacks, which were launched simultaneously, and prior to the release of a preliminary report by the police, France’s media went into overdrive. News commentators and intelligence analysts on France’s network TV stated with authority that the attacks emanated from Syria and Iraq…The attacks were described without evidence as an act of revenge and retribution against France for having bombed ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq as part of Obama’s counter-terrorism air campaign.

Are we really meant to believe, that  starving, travel weary, ill & weak people with no money, somehow managed to pull off a military-precise attack in five different locations without anyone in the French forces knowing anything? Here is a thoughtful comment made the next morning:

In the very early hours there were no bloody scenes reported, no eye witnesses telling us what happened, lack of activity from emergency responses (I expect to see a mass rush of emergency calls but nothing) ISIS constantly being blamed, captions in the headlines saying immigrants were shouting for Syria when attacks happened and how emergency measure and tighter control will be needed to deal with this threat. All this to me is the call signs of a false flag event and is very similar to the london bombings. Within minutes it’s all being given to us what happened, CCTV footage seems to be hard to come by, it will most likely be confiscated and kept under national security.

Too right!

The Event was predicted – ” Paris Match on October 2nd predicted a French Style 9/11, “un 11 septembre à la française” – and, get this, it was difficult to avoid:  ”impossible a dejouer”! Judge Trévédic explained in that issue of Paris Match.  ”The attacks in France will be on  a scale comparable to 9/11.″

Shortly before midnight on that same day November 13, France’s president announced drastic police state measures against an alleged terrorist network operating nationwide. He surely did not take that decision spontaneously that evening –  prior to the holding of any cabinet meeting.  His speech averred that jihadists were behind the attacks, but gave no evidence from from police sources to support his claim. Let us notice his words:

This is a terrible ordeal which once again assails us. We know where it comes fromwho these criminals are, who these terrorists are. 

That is almost identical to the phrase Tony Blair used, on the afternoon of 7/7!

 On the Rue de la Fointaine au Roi in the 11th arrondissement a gunman opened fire on patrons inside a cafe. From a Guardian report:

“He was standing in a shooting position,” Colclough said. “He had his right leg forward and he was standing with his left leg back. He was holding up to his left shoulder a long automatic machine gun. It was fully intentional, professional bursts of three or four shots. Everything he was wearing was tight, no zippers or collars. Everything was toned black. A man in military uniform, black jumper, black trousers, black shoes or boots and a machine gun.”

Despite the heightened security around Paris in the wake of Charlie Hebdo, despite the prediction a month before that something like this could happen, a man dressed all in black could walk along a street carrying a machine-gun, set it up, and start spraying restaurant-customers …. and then get away. He killed five or six diners. Needless to say, while shooting he was heard to shout, ‘Allah Akbar!’

French media immediately started comparing the November 13 attacks in Paris to 9/11, intimating that France was at war and that the alleged Islamic State attack was from abroad, i.e. the Middle East. Without debate in France’s National Assembly, a State of Emergency was declared throughout France – lockdown under military law.

The attack included a football stadium at which the President was attending – hardly a coincidence: foreknowledge of his location would have required significant planning and preparation.

There is the wider geo-political perspective: “The attacks will, by necessity, need to be linked to the Syrian conflict to justify the recent appearance of France’s largest warship, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, off the coast of Syria, and the much larger Western military intervention needed in order to save a proxy war that has been all but lost by the West.”-

This large-scale event has to be, state-sponsored terror, but by whom? “The scale of the attack is that of a military operation. It would have required a large group of well trained militants, well armed and funded, with experience in planning and executing coordinated military operations, moving large amounts of weapons clandestinely, experts in the use of weapons and explosives, as well as possessing intelligence capabilities used to somehow circumvent France’s increasingly colossal surveillance capabilities.

“Like the terrorists and their supply lines pouring out of NATO-territory into Syria itself, clearly with immense state sponsorship behind them, those involved in the most recent attacks in Paris are also clearly the recipients of state-sponsored funding and training.” (Tony Cartalucci, Global Resarch)

 A prediction was made just one week beforehand, that terror would strike France – as a clandestine CIA attack.

CryingShameThis happened on Friday 13th, and only a few days earlier was Halloween, when the Russian civilian plane was shot down.

Paul Craig Roberts received

a report from European security that there was a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks. Amongst other things, the attack took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveilance This was …a sophisticated attack that targeted a weakness in infrastructure hardware. Such an attack is beyond the capability of most organizations and requires capability that is unlikely to be in ISIL’s arsenal. An attack on this scale is difficult to pull off without authorities getting wind of it. The coordination required suggests state involvement.

Indeed. And this is the only explanation we are likely to receive, as to why shooters should be able to spend a whole hour in a crowded theatre killing people – before police arrived.

Two of the reported dead in the Bataclan music theatre have turned out to be still alive. Police showed up at his family home to report his death.

The claim that this was an attack by ISIl cannot be taken seriously. For a start here is Obama admitting that the US was training and equipping ISIL:

The signature

Quoting from The Times of Israel, the Jewish owners of the  Bataclan theatre, who had had it for forty years, decided to sell shortly before this event – and did so on September 11th. They were quite strongly pro-Zionist, holding Israeli-type events there, and they emigrated to Israel after selling it. The co-owner Joel ‘told Channel … he took a call from the theater at the time of the attack and I could hear the gunfire.’ He added that a member of the Eagles of Death Metal was “hit by a bullet and killed.” “There is blood everywhere,” he said. “It will take three days just to clean that up.” Well thanks for all that info!

So, after selling it, they just happened to be on the phone to the new owners, and he could hear the gunfire.Would the new owners really wish to phone Israel at such a moment? Those who design these events remain hidden, but they cannot resist adding their signature, to their masterpiece,  as it were.

Of course the ‘Jewish community’ in Paris knew of the event on Friday morning. Well you would, wouldn’t you? Of course. jewinsider‘Just Friday, security officials in france’s Jewish community  were informed…’ wrote The Times of Israel the very next day November 14th. But, that paper seems to have had doubts, had they not gone too far? So online that text was altered to ‘for months, security offiiclas….’

That is the signature. Those are the perps. Its the usual story.

The Fateful Date

13.11.15, or 11/13/15 in US terms, a sequence of odd numbers.A year earlier, on November 20th, The Economist published their ‘The World in 2015’ issue. Its front cover was widely surmised to contain Iluminati symbolism. Here is its bottom right-hand corner: economist_magazine_jan2015

Next to Alice are two arrows, with numbers on them,11.3 and 11.5. These have no obvious meaning, but unscrambling them gives the above date, does it not? Nothing else happeend in 2015 relating to these numbers. They are writtenj on arows, indicating somethng lethal. And thet are by the feet of Alice, indicating ‘going through the looking glass’ – alluding to the  mirror-delusion proces where by the State creates the Enemy that citizens hate and fear.

On October 25, 2015, Michael Snyder posted an article predicting that “The World in 2015” Economist magazine cover might foreshadow a false flag event in November – as indeed it has.

View of Ken O’Keefe:

The thing that is most important with regard to the latest manipulation in Paris is not whether it is a hoax or not.  It is however a very interesting issue, that I will not deny.  But the most important matter is that this is a manipulation, staged or not, and those responsible are as always, very easy to identify because essentially they all work for the same masters, whether they know it or not.  Getting caught up in technical issues that are truly inferior to the bigger issue of what is at play is a mistake in my view.  I am in no way saying we should not look at every angle, hoax, not a hoax, Mossad/CIA responsibility, Russia in on it or not, etc., indeed we should, but let us not be distracted by issues that are more of a footnote then a primary issue of the event.  It is an active attempt to manipulate us into yet more war and always it is based on lies, this is the most important matter and we need to guide people to the primary relevance of this fact and not let details marginalise this critical for humanity understanding.

Aside from that it is in my opinion a classic false flag, hoax or not.  It is yet another “evil Muslims did it” manipulation.  Even if those who carried it out are “ISIS” dipshits who were just successfully shepherded to carry out their silly little delusional “jihad”, while probably having no idea at all who they actually work for, it is still a classic state orchestrated false flag.  This is not blow back, which means unfortunate and unwanted; this is most definitely wanted and encouraged if not overtly carried out by our so-called “intelligence” services.  The big white gunman being a pretty good sign of this.  The bottom line is no matter what the details it is just another sad and transparent act that is consistent with the agenda of setting the Middle East alight and fostering a third world war by fanning the flames of a clash of civilisations.  That theme/agenda is primary.  How it ties into Greater Israel is also, in my opinion, hugely relevant and critical for people to learn (18 Nov.)

More emerges about the Drill on that same day –

FRENCH MEDIA GRILLS OFFICIALS OVER EXACT SCENARIO OF NOVEMBER …More footage has come to light where Parisian officials are openly admitting to French media that an exercise was being carried out the day of the Paris attacks…