In a leaked recording, Netanyahu senior adviser, Natan Eshel, revealed that “hate is what unites” the Israeli right-wing and it “works well on non-Ashkenazi voters”. – says it all, really.

On 22nd February the Guardian denounced our Keeptalking monthly meetings group:

They did not publish my reply:

Letters to the Editor,

The Guardian    23.2.20

Dear Sir,

You have published an article of calumny against our current-affairs discussion group ‘KeepTalking’ (or, 911Keeptalking): ‘UK left activists attended events with far right anti-Semites, 23rd February’. We’re a London-based discussion group that has been meeting monthly for ten years. You report some guy who went ‘undercover’ into it: there is no need for that, we have open meetings and anyone is welcome.You aver that we are far-right anti-semites, whereas we are a-political, neither left nor right wing.

I request that you correct your calumny by advising your readers of our website which has notes on the last five years meetings under its ‘event’ section – let your readers decide if there is anything anti-semitic or ‘far-right’ about our events. For example last summer we hosted the only public debate on whether the Americans went to the Moon, on the 50th anniversary of the event. The video of the debate is up there. Contrary to the impression given by your article, we have never held meetings about ‘the Holocaust.’ But you’re right our group does discuss conspiracy theories: our last meeting had a speaker on James Bond and Ian Fleming.

The title of your ‘exposée’ article ‘UK left activists attended events with far right antisemites’ was valid insofar as our group has aimed to have persons of left- and right-wing persuasion mingling happily together. As to being anti-semitic, may I suggest you come along and speak to our Jewish members, and see if they reckon our meetings are anti-semitic?

I think you should try to be a bit more tolerant, and not try to close down London’s only post-9/11 conspiracy discussion group. Why not try to remember what the Guardian used to stand for?

Yours truly,

Ultra-Zionist Hate groups (David Icke phrase) – warning

Comment by Kevin Boyle: 

“Imagine living in fear of people ‘somewhere out there’ having honest, uncensored discussions about serious issues.

These ‘Hope Not Hate’ people are a mystery to me. I cannot imagine what they hold as truth in their own hearts and minds. 

Maybe it’s like the circumcised thing … some people can be controlled via their subconscious minds. Something like NPCs in a video game. characters who are not in any meaningful sense free … who operate strictly in accordance to a program written into them …??? Is this possible?”

My comment: Hate not Hope are clearly enraged by the existence of our Keeptalking discussion group. They cannot endure the thought that somewhere in town is a group is meeting, every month, to enjoy discussion of current affairs and might be endorsing (gulp!) conspiracy theories! That is simply because they are not capable of doing this. They have a skill of transforming debate into insult – and that is all. That’s all they can do. They enjoy chanting the hate-slogans of Antifa (F*** off, Nazi scum! F*** off, Nazi scum!) and that’s all. 

New Report: Inside Keep Talking, the antisemitic conspiracy theory group

New Report: Inside Keep Talking, the antisemitic conspiracy theory group claims I have ” argued that Israeli intelligence service Mossad was behind 9/11.” – have I? Where did I say that?


The identical Guardian article was re-published in The Observer’ of 1st March, hard-copy edition. Again i wrote a letter to Editor and again they didn’t publish it. So, no right of reply. Apparently Hope not Hate can come into your meeting, PHOTOGRAPH PEOPLE without their consent and then newspapers will publish it. When our speakers are filmed, we don’t allow filming of the audience because some have got REAL JOBS and don’t want such accusations. 

Here they have got Alison’s local MP to accuse our group of racism – which is absurd.

In case you don’t realise how dangerous open minded discussion of current affairs can be –

More venom from HnH: To learn what the ‘Keep Talking’ group tells us about the growth in conspiracy theories and the threat they pose.  Inside Keep Talking – Listen to the Podcast

24 Feb – CST Tweets link to the HNH / CST report PDF on the KTG group

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24 Feb – CST Tweet on how conspiracies alleging that Paul McCartney died in the 1970s or that the moon landings were faked may seem harmless, are only ever one step removed from more dangerous antisemitic narratives.

26 Feb – CST Tweet with video showing Alison Chabloz at a KTG meeting, listening to Piers Corbyn

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Hope Not. Hate! and Searchlight (thanks MG)
Wikipedia : Hope Not Hate : The group was founded in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight (from which it split in late 2011).[4][5]
See also : Larry O’Hara / Notes from the Borderland ( NFTB ) : Searchlight of Beginners
See also : David Irving’s site : A Well-Oiled Disinformation Machine by Paul Cox
It has long been argued / understood that Gerry Gable’s “anti-fascist” Searchlight organisation was / is closely linked to Britain’s security services and the disbanded Special Branch.